The last step in creating a character is to set up a Wiki page for other players to easily learn about a character and identify ways to connect with them for RP. The Wiki is a required part of character creation and getting started is extremely simple.

To create a new character page visit Create a New Page. Click on New Character for instructions on how to set up the page.

A basic template is available for the character’s page. It includes places to enter a character’s name, age, and description as well as some additional information that others can use to identify ways to connect ICly for RP. This is where character history, relationships, and everything else goes.

Below is a rundown of all elements to include on a wiki page.

Basic Details

  • Title: This is the page's title, which should automatically be filled in.
  • Portrait Image: Add the file name for your character's profile image. Instructions for adding images to a wiki page are available under the New Character instructions on Create a New Page.
  • Character Name: Provide the character's full name, and any nicknames you might want to add.
  • Portrayed By: Put the full name of the actor or actress you've chosen to portray your character.
  • Origin: It's multiple choice - choose your character's Origin.
  • Birthday: Select your character's birthday on the calendar and don't touch the automatically generated text field.
  • Role: Select from the drop-down menu the role that best describes what your character does.
  • Affiliation: Choose the character's affiliation. Check the drop-down options from the Affiliations menu at the top of the page for more details on each one. Type "@@" for no affiliation.
  • Title: Include the character's official title. Type "@@" for no title.
  • Resources: Set the character's resource level according to their Resources merit.
  • Home: Add where the character lives on the Grid. Example: G-3-1. This is the [[location:g-3-1|Rocklin Estate]]]. G-3 is the Grid location and 1 reflects that it is 301, the first house on that list.
  • Work: This works the same way as Home does, except it reflects the location where the character works.


In this wiki field, you can just copy and paste your character's description from the MUSH, or you can also create something a bit more detailed.


Figuring out your character’s back story is probably the most important part of Character Creation. It doesn’t have to be a novel, but it should touch on all the key aspects of a character’s life that have helped make them who they are today.

Remember that some character concepts require brownies, so be sure to check the Wiki for any restrictions.

Story Hooks

This where you can add a bullet-point list of specific aspects of your characters that might hook other characters into a scene. Consider ways in which other characters might already be familiar with yours. It can relate to where they go to school or work, what their faction is, one of their hobbies, or something else entirely. There are almost endless possibilities.


Include relationship boxes for the key people in your character's life. This can include both key non-player-characters (NPCs) and player-characters (PCs). Sometimes entries for a relationship are written like a character's own private thoughts about the person (written in first person). Entries that want to play things a bit closer to the chest might instead read more like a set of public information about a particular relationship.

Other Information

This is where the photo gallery and any additional sections can be included.

Check other player pages for examples.

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