Caroline "Trip" Tripwell
Portrayed by Ryan Newman
Name: Caroline "Trip" Tripwell
Birthday: July 30th, 2000
Origin: Wizard
Role: Student
Affiliation: Rocklin High School
Title: Senior
Resources: ●● Comfortable


Trip stands at five feet six inches tall, with pretty features to make up for her lanky build. Her skin is rosy, constantly touched by the sun, and her hair is a long mess. Reaching down her mid-back, the brown strands are always windblown and free around her shoulders, quite frequently getting into her eyes. She has plump lips and a straight nose, with foggy blue eyes. Along her arms and legs she has various small scars from a life spent outside.

Trip is constantly seen in blue jeans and spaghetti strap shirts. Her jeans are torn from her haphazard way of living, though her shirts tend to be in good condition. She favors jewel tones, like sapphire blue or emerald green shirts. On her wrist she wears a beat up watch and a black hairtie that never seems to get used.

When mutated into a coyote, she has tawny and gray mottled fur, white around her jaws and a black nose. Her eyes are foggy blue, her ears are over-large, and her legs are scrawny. Behind her sticks out a bushy, bottlebrush tail of brown.


Trip was born into a prominent wizarding family in Mystic Woods and her education into magic began early. Even before she showed signs of the skills, her parents had her flying around on a toy broom learning to play Quidditch with her older brothers. She was practicing with a wand before the age of five, leaving her ahead of the curve with most of her studies at school.


As a student, she did well, caring about her grades and working hard to achieve high marks. Time not spent studying, however, had her out in the woods, playing with her brothers and the other kids of the neighborhood building forts and playing tag. This pasttime left her constantly cut and bruised, her jeans ripped and hair a mess.

In school, she showed a special inclination toward Transfiguration and in her eighth grade year she convinced her teacher to train her to become an animagus. It took constant practice every day after school, but by the time the year was up, she had learned to mutate into the form of a coyote. She still needs constant work, however, as she finds being startled and nervous hinders her ability to take, and keep, that form.

Story Hooks

  • Animagus: Trip is one… albeit not a very good one. Although she doesn't advertise this fact, it's fairly common knowledge that she's the "Coyote Girl".
  • Tomboy: If you like to play out in the woods, chances are you've run into Trip there.
  • Transfiguration: Trip is good in school in general, but excels in Transfiguration, and is always willing to help tutor students having difficulty.


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