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The Southern Oregon Tribal Alliance — alternatively called SOTA, the Tribal Alliance, or simply "the Tribes" — is a federally recognized Native American tribe of Hanis Coos, Miluk Coos, Coquille, Lower Umpqua, and Siuslaw people in Oregon. Though these tribes are the most populous, SOTA welcomes First Nations people of any tribe.

While members of SOTA can be found living all over southwest Oregon, the largest concentration can be found on the Mith-Ih-Kwuh Indian Reservation. The Res is named for the region itself; Mith-Ih-Kwuh is Miluk for "Morning Star", a reference to one of the many legends connected to the land. Not all members of the Tribes live on the Res; there are plenty of tribe members living within the borders of Mythic Wood itself. Though the more modern residential area of the Res is somewhat removed from the town, most locals think of it as part of Mythic Wood, and people come and go freely between the two settlements.

Deeper into the northern lands of the Res, the rare visitor might feel that they've stepped back in time. It is there that one may find tribe members living a lifestyle long forgotten by most, looking to the land to provide food, water, and shelter. This isn't to say that modern influences are nonexistent, but they are rare. There is almost no sign of modern technology, which has a tendency to malfunction in this territory; a sign of the spirits' disapproval, say the shamans.

Blood Quantum

It is important to note that most members of the Tribal Alliance are far from pure-blooded American Indians. The "blood quantum" — the degree of Indian blood in a person's ancestry — required by the Tribes is only 1/16th. So the vast majority of members are not immediately recognizable as American Indian by their appearance.


SOTA is governed by a Tribal Council. Five elders sit on the Council, each voted into office by the Tribes. Elders serve a five year term, and their terms are staggered so there is an election each year for one of the seats.

The Tribal Council is the ruling body of the Tribes. They legislate tribal law and hold court when it is broken. Only three members of the Council need to be present to hold court, but all five must vote on legislation.


For the most part, people of the Southern Oregon Tribal Alliance speak English. Most of the historic languages of the various tribes are extinct. There have been efforts to revitalize the Coquille, Coos, and Siuslaw languages, but there are few that speak any of them fluently, and therefore few opportunities to practice.

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