Threat Levels

Threat Levels are WiWi's way of informing players about the dangers of certain circumstances, as well as providing some rules regarding the consequences characters can face.

These designators can be used for both areas and plots, as a means of advising players to the risk of harm that their characters are in by being present. Note that "harm" is defined here as any kind of injury or restriction. Binding or imprisoning a character, even without injury, is considered harm.

Plots can potentially be split into chapters or scenes that are different Threat Levels. The overall plot should be given the highest Threat Level of any part of the plot.

Areas can temporarily change Threat Level by current circumstances (usually a plot). Typically this will be an increase in Threat, not a decrease. If this happens while characters are present, they must be afforded the opportunity to escape the area to avoid the new Threat Level.

Threat Levels are defined both by descriptors and color codes (apparent in a background color behind the descriptor). Blue is "Safe", green is "Quiet", yellow is "Risky", and red is "Deadly". Note that these have no relation to the colors used for zone types.


  • No character may be harmed without the player's OOC permission.
  • PC residences are assumed to be Safe unless otherwise stated. Only staff or the residence's owner can approve an increase in Threat.


  • Harm suffered in Quiet conditions may only affect a character for the duration of the scene (e.g. restricted passage, bumps and bruises, being grazed with a bullet, etc.), unless the player permits otherwise.
  • Most public areas within Mythic Wood and the Reservation are Quiet.


  • Characters may be harmed without player permission, up to and including permanent injuries (e.g. loss of limb, being blinded, damaged organs, etc.).
  • Death can only occur with player consent or staff ruling (the latter only occurring in extreme cases in which a character has no hope of survival).
  • Most wilderness areas (including the northern region of the Reservation) are Risky.


  • No restrictions. Characters are subject to any kind of harm, including death.
  • The deep wilderness (off the grid) is Deadly.
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