Theme Overview

Witchcraft and Wizardry: Dawn's Early Light focuses on the inhabitants of Mythic Wood, Oregon: a small town in the wizarding world's version of the United States of America. Mythic Wood is a strange place full of legend of mystery.

Despite the prevalence of magical phenomena there, the town is inhabited by both wizards and muggles. The local culture is an eclectic blend of small town Americana, Native American influence (due to the Reservation next door), a community of ecologically-minded free-thinkers, and the most unlikely presence of the corporate headquarters for an up-and-coming technology firm that is taking Mythic Wood into the future.

Inspirations for the theme of Witchcraft and Wizardry include:

  • Harry Potter (books) — The events and characters of the books are considered the canon history of this game. Please note that this does not include Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.
  • Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (films) — The look and style of the films is a common reference point for the visuals of the wizarding world. That said, some elements are overridden by the books (e.g. the appearance of werewolves).
  • Witchcraft and Wizardry: The Age of Grindelwald (MUSH) — The original Witchcraft and Wizardry took place in WWII-era Britain. While official canon takes precedence over the events of that game, it is still the spiritual ancestor of this one, and elements may be used and incorporated into the history.
  • Gravity Falls (TV series) — An animated series about a secluded town in Oregon where all manner of strange, supernatural things occur. Sound familiar?
  • Twin Peaks (TV Series) — A surreal detective story with elements of soap opera that takes place in a small town where strange, inexplicable things are fairly commonplace.
  • Stranger Things (TV series) — This series perfectly balances on the intersection of the supernatural and science, with a healthy dose of mystery and conspiracy woven in.
  • Longmire (TV Series) — This show gives some idea what the interactions between the town and an Indian Reservation might be like. Things aren't quite as divided in Mythic Wood, but culture clashes are still bound to occur.
  • Eureka (TV Series) — A secluded, northwestern town populated by colorful characters where impossible occurrences are just a part of daily life.

The "rating" of the game is PG-13, with shades of R.

The game begins in 2018 and runs on a 1:1 time ratio.

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