Imperturbable Charm
Imperturbable Charm hp.png Scarce • Warding (Impairment) • Object
Incantation (Sorcery): "{$incantSorcery}" ({$pronIncantSorcery})
Incantation (Arendi): "{$incantArendi}" ({$pronIncantArendi})
Training Requirement: 6th Year Charms / Dept. of Mysteries Training
Art: Charms ●●●
Dice Pool: Sortilege + Protection -2
Action: Extended (1 minute)
Duration: Lingering (1 scene)

Creates an invisible barrier around a target object (usually a door) that is sound-proof and repels minor impacts (such as knocking or throwing small objects against the target). The barrier is not strong enough to resist impacts that could cause actual damage to a typical wooden door.

Roll Results

  • Dramatic Failure: {$dramFailure}
  • Failure: {$failure}
  • Success: {$success}
  • Exceptional Success: {$excSuccess}
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