Full Body Bind Curse
Full Body Bind Curse hp.png [15 or 25 Brownies] Rare • Moving (Bind/Bonds) • Body
Incantation (Sorcery): "{$incantSorcery}" ({$pronIncantSorcery})
Incantation (Arendi): "{$incantArendi}" ({$pronIncantArendi})
Training Requirement: 3rd Year Duelling (15 Brownies) / Private study (25 Brownies) / R.C.M.C. Beast Division Training
Art: Charms ●●●●
Dice Pool: Sortilege + Potency -3
Action: Instant
Duration: Varies with success

This tricky spell paralyzes the target, causing the victim's arms and legs to snap to together, the entire body going rigid. Even the jaw snaps shut, preventing speech. The victim can still hear, see (straight ahead), and feel. Also called the Body Freezing Spell.

Roll Results

  • Dramatic Failure: {$dramFailure}
  • Failure: {$failure}
  • Success: {$success}
  • Exceptional Success: {$excSuccess}
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