Flagrante Curse
Flagrante Curse hp.png [12 Brownies] Scarce • Harming • Object
Incantation (Sorcery): "{$incantSorcery}" ({$pronIncantSorcery})
Incantation (Arendi): "{$incantArendi}" ({$pronIncantArendi})
Training Requirement: Curse-Breaker training / Private study (12 Brownies)
Art: Charms ●●●
Dice Pool: Sortilege + Potency
Action: Instant
Duration: Varies with success

A curse that causes objects to emit searing heat when touched, burning flesh and other materials as well. An Impervius Charm against heat offers some degree of shielding. There is no outward sign of this curse's use until the object is touched.

Roll Results

  • Dramatic Failure: {$dramFailure}
  • Failure: {$failure}
  • Success: {$success}
  • Exceptional Success: {$excSuccess}
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