Babbling Curse
Babbling Curse hp.png Common • Altering (Impairment) • Mind
Incantation (Sorcery): "{$incantSorcery}" ({$pronIncantSorcery})
Incantation (Arendi): "{$incantArendi}" ({$pronIncantArendi})
Training Requirement: 3rd Year Charms
Art: Glamers ●
Dice Pool: Sortilege + Precision {$modifier}
Action: Instant
Duration: Varies with Success Level

Causes target to babble incoherently whenever they try to speak. Any attempt to cast magic with a vocal incantation while under the effect of this curse will result in a magical backlash, as if an Embarrassing Failure had been rolled.

Roll Results

  • Dramatic Failure: The spell fails and the caster can not speak coherently for an hour per failure.
  • Failure: The spell fizzles and fails.
  • Success: Lasts for a day, or until countered with a Good Success or better.
  • Exceptional Success: Permanent, or until countered with a Great Success or better.
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