Atmospheric Charm
Atmospheric Charm hp.png Common • Altering (Weather) • Area
Incantation (Sorcery): "{$incantSorcery}" ({$pronIncantSorcery})
Incantation (Arendi): "{$incantArendi}" ({$pronIncantArendi})
Training Requirement: 7th Year Charms
Art: Charms ●●●●
Dice Pool: Sortilege + Potency {$modifier}
Action: Extended (30 Minutes)
Duration: Varies

Alters the atmospheric conditions in a immediate area. Generally used indoors as a form of climate control, similar to air conditioning. Once cast, the effects of the charm will continue until the spell is countered or its duration expires.

Roll Results

  • Dramatic Failure: The spell backfires. +Roll Defense for damage.
  • Failure: The spell fizzles with a minor shock.
  • Success: Mild atmospheric alteration (e.g. adjust the temperature a few degrees, slightly more or less humidity, light breeze). Effects last for up to a month.
  • Exceptional Success: Heavy atmospheric alteration (e.g. unbearable heat, biting cold, wind, frost, light rain). Effects last for up to a day.
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