Sheriff's Department

Employees of the Sheriff's Office

The town of Mythic Wood has no police force of its own, relying instead on the Coos County Sheriff's Department to enforce the law. There is a Sheriff's Office in town, run by a Chief Deputy. The actual Coos County Sheriff rarely appears in Mythic Wood.


The Sheriff's Department has jurisdiction over the entire town of Mythic Wood and the surrounding territory, except for the Reservation. At least, that's what the law states. The truth is more complex.


The mobile home park on the west side of the city is run by the Iron Brigade. While no law grants them jurisdiction there, the town government and the Sheriff's Office realize that an attempt to force the issue would lead to a dangerous conflict. The IBMC is essentially the local militia, and they have the manpower and firepower to back up that claim.

The Lestrange Family and the Celestial Dusk, to the east, consider their territory a sovereign nation, and its residents will violently defend their territory against incursions of almost any kind. Unfortunately, just what territory the Lestranges and their followers consider theirs isn't entirely clear, which has led to a number of conflicts.


Status: Sheriff's Department

Civilian Employee: Not a law enforcement officer, but a civilian working for the Sheriff's Department. This is primarily office workers handling the daily workings of the department, but also includes paid informants.
●● Deputy Sheriff: The lowest ranking officer in the Sheriff's Department. Commonly called simply "Deputy".
●●● Detective Sergeant: A higher ranking officer that works primarily in the field. There are only two Detective Sergeant positions in Mythic Wood. As such, this Status rating requires 25 Brownies and staff approval.
●●●● Administrative Sergeant: An officer that works largely as a supervisor and coordinator. When manpower is short (which is almost always), an Administrative Sergeant may do field work. There is only one Administrative Sergeant position in Mythic Wood. As such, this Status rating requires 40 Brownies and staff approval.
●●●●● Chief Deputy Sheriff: The highest ranking Deputy in the Mythic Wood office, answerable only to the County Sheriff. This rank is not available to player characters.
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