RP Etiquette

RP Etiquette

There is no universal code of conduct for MU*es. Everyone has their own expectations for what is considered polite/rude based on their own values and experiences. Here are some things we encourage from our players. They are not hard and fast rules.

  • Ask before joining a scene in progress.
  • When joining a scene, ask for a current "set". If you have questions about something not stated (e.g. weather), inquire about it before assuming anything.
  • If someone asks to join a scene, try to find a way to work them in if you can.
  • When joining a scene, try to integrate into it. Don't shift the focus and make it all about you.
  • If you really want a private scene, use a RP Room or a private location like a personal residence.
  • Don't lurk (see below).
  • We aim for OOC transparency here, but that does not grant anyone the right to give their characters information obtained via posted logs, character backgrounds, or any other OOC means. Keep a clear distinction between what you know OOC, and what your character knows IC.
  • Ask before posting logs containing sensitive/private IC information.
    • Note: Staff-run logs will automatically be posted so everyone knows what's going on. If you do not want something posted, we can discuss it.


Do not leave character bits "lurking" in scenes that you are not active in. Do not enter a scene that you are not planning on being active in. Please leave a scene if you find that you are unable to join or continue to play in it.

This is in accordance with RP Etiquette. It is also because many people use +brownie/here to award brownies to everyone participating in a scene. But inactive bits are not participating or contributing to the scene, and shouldn't be receiving brownies just for being in the room.

We understand that it occasionally happens by accident, often when a player goes AFK. If you believe you've encountered an accidental lurker, let staff know and if we're available, we'll move the character bit.

One common exception to this is a logging bit. Often, a player must leave a scene, but it is agreed by all that they may stay to continue logging the scene. This is fine, as is leaving a bit around when the player is expected to return. We're more concerned about those that aren't actually contributing, and getting brownies they haven't earned.

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