Roles are a kind of general category for the part a character plays on the stage of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Your character will likely have an occupation that is more specific than Role, and this can be listed on your +finger under "Title".

If none of the Role categories seem to fit, "Other" is an acceptable choice. If you feel that there is a category of Roles that should be represented, feel free to bring it to staff and they will consider adding it to the list. One role must be picked with Two Roles being the maximum.


Practitioners of the liberal arts. Examples: scholar, author, museum curator
((Tag: role:academic ))


Supervises and manages operations and workers. Examples: office manager, school principal, mayor
((Tag: role:administrator ))

Animal Worker

Works with animals. Examples: trainer, breeder, rancher, veterinarian
((Tag: role:animal-worker ))


Practices some form of creative, physical art. Examples: painter, sculptor, graphic designer
((Tag: role:artist ))


Provides spiritual or religious guidance to others. Examples: minister, preacher, medicine man, rabbi, imam
((Tag: role:clergy ))


Does menial office work. Examples: receptionist, mail room worker, data entry operator
((Tag: role:clerk ))


Makes a living by breaking the law. Examples: thief, gangster, mugger, hustler
((Tag: role:criminal ))


Cares for the household and children. Examples: stay-at-home parent, nanny/governess, babysitter
((Tag: role:homemaker ))


Reports or comments on important events. Examples: reporter, columnist, newspaper publisher
((Tag: role:journalist ))


Performs physically challenging work that requires little or no specialized training. Examples: field hand, construction worker, factory worker
((Tag: role:laborer ))

Law Enforcer

Upholds and enforces the law. Examples: deputy Sheriff, forestry ranger, FBI special agent
((Tag: role:law-enforcer ))


Heals the sick and injured. Examples: physician, surgeon, nurse, field medic
((Tag: role:medic ))


Sells goods for a profit. Usually does not make goods. Examples: shopkeeper, traveling salesman
((Tag: role:merchant ))


For those occupations not on the list. Examples: Lestranges
((Tag: role:other ))


Uses survival skills. Examples: hunter, trail guide, survivalist
((Tag: role:outdoorsman ))


Entertains by performance. Examples: dancer, singer, musician, actor, comedian
((Tag: role:performer ))


Practices skills acquired through specialized schooling. Examples: lawyer, accountant, architect, civil engineer
((Tag: role:professional ))


Studies the physical sciences and performs experiments. Examples: physicist, botanist, medical researcher
((Tag: role:scientist ))


Guards and keeps watch to protect valuables or people. Examples: night watchman, bodyguard, bouncer
((Tag: role:security ))

Service Worker

Works in a service industry, often directly with customers. Examples: sales clerk, waiter, cashier, cleaner
((Tag: role:service-worker ))

Sex Worker

Performs sexual acts for pay. Examples: prostitute, exotic dancer, phone sex operator
((Tag: role:sex-worker ))


A learner, still gaining needed skills. Examples: middle school student, high school student, college student
((Tag: role:student ))


Instructs others in learning new skills and knowledge. Examples: Kindergarten teacher, school coach, college professor
((Tag: role:teacher ))


Repairs, maintains, and possibly designs machines and technology. Examples: auto mechanic, computer technician, mechanical engineer
((Tag: role:technician ))


Works with hands at a trade or craft. Examples: farmer, welder, carpenter, cosmetologist, firefighter, gardener
((Tag: role:tradesman ))


Moves goods or people, typically by vehicle. Examples: taxi driver, bus driver, mail carrier, bike messenger
((Tag: role:transporter ))


Relies on charity and survival skills.
((Tag: role:vagrant ))

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