Riley Running-Deer
Portrayed by Caitlin Dwyer
Name: Riley Running-Deer
Birthday: Jan 12, 2003
Origin: Native American
Role: Student
Affiliation: Walker Middle School
Title: Student
Resources: ●● Comfortable


Morgana is tall and slender young lady with light brown skin and soulful brown eyes set into narrow eyelids. Her hair is long and a light brown in color, laying on her back as straight as a pin. She is still growing into herself, and while she has filled out in some areas, others are still thin and gangly. Around her neck is a long silver chain that is tucked under her clothing. Occasionally a sapphire colored charm peeks out when the necklace falls out of its hiding spot. She is wearing a beautiful violet blouse, with clean lines and accents of black on the lapels. She is also wearing a tight pair of jeans, cinched about her waist with a black belt.


Born and raised in Mythic Wood, she has found her life in the town to be comfortable and normally without worry. Her father, a dark wizard who wanted to keep his Dark Arts a secret, misled her mother as to who he was and what he did. Her mother was very loving, giving, a stark contrast to the life her father really lived. Whether the young girl knew it or not, her father's darker side did have it's influence as she entered elementary school to begin her education.

Now she has entered the beginnings of Middle School, recently enrolled and moving in to new surroundings. As she enters this part of growing up, she's finding conflicting attitudes boiling up inside of her.

Story Hooks

Connections, leads, and goals that can potentially generate role-play.

  • Dark Wizards watching perhaps their newest member:
  • Regular Middle School teen angst:


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