Unlike many grids on other games, there really is no @digging and describing new places. Every property that can be used by PCs and either owned or rented is all there. Like in real life, a property that is there is bought and used, there is, of course, chances for re-modeling. But if a place has been established, it magically doesn't disappear because the owner/renter moves out or leaves the game. Nor does a small shack become a mansion in the same place. Continuity is very important to this game's community. The Building Staff is extremely willing to make sure that everyone gets what the want balanced with continuity and theme.

There is no coded realty system in place and if you want your character to have a property, speaking with Staff during character creation about where your character will/would live on approval is a good start to getting settled in smoothly. There are lists of what places are for rent or sale on the Residences for Sale or Rent and the Commercial Businesses for Sale or Rent pages. Once a place is chosen, the current description will maybe need a bit of remodeling. Sometimes it's just a magical fit. If there are tweaks needed, please put in a +request with the updated descriptions using the form below:

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