Name: Casey
Nicknames: Tree
Birthday: December 19th, 1985
Location: Florida

About Me

I'm known locally as "the girl with the dog", since I have a service dog that goes everywhere with me. I have Bipolar Disorder, the symptoms of which he helps me out with. I'm not afraid to talk about my Bipolar, so feel free to ask if you have questions. During tax season, I work at H&R Block as a receptionist.

The Dog


His name is Nitro and he's a 4 year old German Shepherd (as of 2017). He's what's called an alert dog, which means he lets me know when I need to take medication. This keeps me from having severe panic attacks in public. He's changed my life: I couldn't leave the house by myself prior to getting him. Now I am independant and even have a (seasonal) job. I got him from an organization called Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs, which I do a lot of volunteer work and fundraising for.


I play a MUD called Aetolia when I'm not on WiWi. MUDs are a LOT different than MUSHes, if you've never played one before, so if you try Aeto you're in for a ride. I play Arbre Aquila.

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