Name: Sean C. Riley
Nicknames: Spice, Spicey, SeanCee, SC
Birthday: September 28, 1977
Location: Oregon, USA

About Me

I'm Sean, and I've been gaming since about 1990. I was a Game Master from my very first venture into the world of RPGs, and I was terrible. Hopefully I've learned a thing or two since then about running interesting games.


“A tour de force.”

Some critic that was actually talking about a movie


BooBear, my wife

...f*** off, PirateSpice...You're a f***ing a**hole small ego inconsiderate oversensitive a**wipe, PS, and you are also the most f***er-up [sic], pathetic admin I have ever had the misfortune of knowing.

EvilFerret, my biggest fan

Gaming History

Characters on Witchcraft and Wizardry

Other Games I Have Played


I don't have a vast MU* resume, but you may have known me under these characters elsewhere:

Sweetwater Crossing

  • Luther: Former slave, turned handyman
  • Gabriel: Newspaper man
  • Darcy: Veterinarian

Witchcraft and Wizardry: The Age of Grindelwald

  • Hephaesta: Inventor of wondrous magical technology
  • Lucian: Slytherin Animagus with a chip on his shoulder
  • Gideon: Scottish Hit Wizard
  • Oberon: Big jerk, and one of the founders of the Knights of Walpurgis

Game of Bones

  • Rona: "The Lady Bravo"; master swordswoman from Braavos
  • Thane: Valyrian Steel Archmaester
  • Xhabo: Criminal enforcer and master of the Court of Thieves

City of Hope

  • Silikon: Cybergoth musician and cyberpsychic hacker
  • Glitch: Glass Walker street shaman
  • Thorn: Ronin Garou bounty hunter


Guild Wars 2

  • Julziya Okoye: A Elonian "witch doctor" with unnaturally long life
  • Kaylen Dane: A Seraph living in the shadow of a legendary father
  • Neirdre: A sylvari with a deep love of learning and new experiences

World of Warcraft

So many characters, but here are some of my most notable:

  • Crogur: A sergeant of Stormwind's army and commander of the unit of misfits, Anduin's Irregulars.
  • Corduin: A human berserker, tortured by his past
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