Name: Sean C. Riley
Nicknames: Spice, Spicey, SeanCee, SC
Birthday: September 28, 1977
Location: Oregon, USA

About Me

I'm Sean, and I've been gaming since about 1990. I was a Game Master from my very first venture into the world of RPGs, and I was terrible. Hopefully I've learned a thing or two since then about running interesting games.


“A tour de force.”

Some critic that was actually talking about a movie


BooBear, my wife

...f*** off, PirateSpice...You're a f***ing a**hole small ego inconsiderate oversensitive a**wipe, PS, and you are also the most f***er-up [sic], pathetic admin I have ever had the misfortune of knowing.

EvilFerret, my biggest fan

Gaming History

Characters on Witchcraft and Wizardry

Cady Harmon Kendra Lee Mercy Morgan Soleil Cassidy Sybilla Mulciber Thorn Running Wolf Ty Paris Violet Rocklin Zoey Callahan

Other Games I Have Played


I don't have a vast MU* resume, but you may have known me under these characters elsewhere:

Sweetwater Crossing

  • Luther: Former slave, turned handyman
  • Gabriel: Newspaper man
  • Darcy: Veterinarian

Witchcraft and Wizardry: The Age of Grindelwald

  • Hephaesta: Inventor of wondrous magical technology
  • Lucian: Slytherin Animagus with a chip on his shoulder
  • Gideon: Scottish Hit Wizard
  • Oberon: Big jerk, and one of the founders of the Knights of Walpurgis

Game of Bones

  • Rona: "The Lady Bravo"; master swordswoman from Braavos
  • Thane: Valyrian Steel Archmaester
  • Xhabo: Criminal enforcer and master of the Court of Thieves

City of Hope

  • Silikon: Cybergoth musician and cyberpsychic hacker
  • Glitch: Glass Walker street shaman
  • Thorn: Ronin Garou bounty hunter


Guild Wars 2

  • Julziya Okoye: An Elonian "witch doctor" with unnaturally long life
  • Kaylen Dane: A Seraph living in the shadow of a legendary father
  • Neirdre: A sylvari with a deep love of learning and new experiences

World of Warcraft

So many characters, but here are some of my most notable:

  • Crogur: A sergeant of Stormwind's army and commander of the unit of misfits, Anduin's Irregulars.
  • Corduin: A human berserker, tortured by his past
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