Name: Becca Riley
Nicknames: Boo
Birthday: February 22nd, 1978
Location: Oregon

About Me

Born in Oregon, raised in California, returned to Oregon and never leaving again! Mother of two daughters. In 2005 the eldest of the two was the only casualty in a car accident when a DUI in an RV jumped the divider and slammed into the car she was in with her cousin and grandparents. January 30th is the anniversary of this tragedy and it still affects to this day, so it's a general warning that this date might find me in bad sorts. My youngest gem is an amazing young girl who has Autism. She is high on the functioning spectrum but there are still occasional times where she and other RL occurrences drag me AFK before I can give warning. We call her Sage on the internets. Even if you know her real name, please use Sage when talking about her on-game. My husband and I married in 2000

I have 3 cats. A male tabby cat that we call Prince, fullname Prince John Riley. He got his name because when he was a young kitty he would suck on his thumb while on my (his mummy's chest) while his other paw rubbed at his ear sometimes. So we named him after the Disney's Robin Hood's Prince John. Buttercup is a petite little torbie. She was a room mate's cat that I adopted after he moved to India. She is named after Princess Bride's Buttercup. (Her previous owner also had a panther cat that was called Westley, but we could not afford 4 cats so he was adopted out.) Last but not least is Angel, she is a Tortie with what is known as Tortietude.


Battlestar Galactica: Unification 2016 - Present

  • Cassie - A Nurse aboard BSG.
  • Oliver - A Cook aboard BSG with a Cylon leg.

Witchcraft and Wizardy: Age of Grindelwald 2012-2017

Before Dawn's Early Light opened there was the Age of Grindelwald. I was owner and head builder there as well. I played a LOT of characters and NPCs there, so many I don't want to spam this page so I will just share my player page that contains all the alts for that game.

  • Boo - Head Builder, Admin and Game Owner

Game of Bones 2013 - Inactive

  • Jessilyn - Madam of the Bawdy Bard.
  • Yacio - Braavosi Merchant Captain of Moondancer.

Sweetwater Crossing 2010? - 2013?

A western MU set in a small fictional town of Sweetwater crossing in Wyoming. I played Rebecca, Prudence, Jessibelle, Horse, Jacob, July, and Archie.

Cajun Nights 1999 - 2005

I was Head Builder, Tenshi for a couple spans of time. Cajun Nights was a World of Darkness game set in New Orleans. I also played, Kirston, Rochelle, Tim, Siobhan and several other alts that came and went and I don't remember well enough to name them.

Firan 2000 - 2012

Because of the roster only format of the game, that was a Greco-Roman Fantasy setting, it's hard to name characters and to have people know which duration of time I played the certain character. I had one original make Old City character by the name of Eryx. I sporadically played characters such as Bashikki, Zakaro (if you ever wore the military armor, I probably made it!), Gemma, Zaqik … to name a few out of dozens. ;P Names escape me, I played a Haffie that was killed in a mob attack when he went to save his true love from them. I played a Bonduin(sp?) kid Taimo(?) for a time. A chef. … … …

Characters on Dawn's Early Light

Briar Tully Cameron Walker Dave Callahan Naomi Kuroda Parker Reed Penny Booth Shelly Bundy Uma Hanis
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