Name: Arthur Campbell
Nicknames: Ace, Swind
Birthday: February 4th
Location: Barcelona, Spain; CET (CEST in summer)


As you can see, I'm the Fox: Outfox The Fox

"Then, you haven't heard of the easy road to success?"
John Worthington Foulfellow

"Luck's like that. A window of opportunity can open and close in the blink of an eye. It's whether or not you can jump on the chance when it arises that determines a man's fate."
Luxord, the Gambler of Fate

"Just a little innocent ballyhoo to grease the wheels of enterprise, that's all."
Nigel West Dickens

"The world is very different for those who cannot see beyond what is placed before their very eyes."
LeBlanc, the Deceiver

"A successful swindler has to be a great salesman even more than a great actor."
David Suchet

About Me

Tricking wooden boys since 1940: An Actor's Life For Me

  • University student: Library and Information Sciences (lots of time required)
    • Best time to find me, if available: From 6am to 6pm PST
  • Amateur writer: I love the ins and outs of a good mystery!
  • Time traveller: Most likely, you'll see me between the late 1800's and early 1900's

"At the service of science, of knowledge, of life!" - Nigel West Dickens


Witchcraft and Wizardry: The Age of Grindelwald (1940-1942)

  • Augustus: (1871-1955) Shadow Weaver. Second character, a well-connected yet humble Slytherin with quite a career as a counterfeiter.
  • Fifi: (1888-1971) Queen of Romance. Significantly contributed in her development, but never played.
  • Perpetua: (1900-1991) Inventor of the Lunascope. First roster character, briefly played.
  • Laurean: (1924-2001) Young Maestro. First character, an over-analytical and melomaniac Ravenclaw with earnest appearance and passionate soul.

Characters on Dawn's Early Light

Edwin Pearson Giovanni Blanchard


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