Penelope Parker
Portrayed by Margot Robbie
Name: Penelope Parker
Birthday: Oct 10, 1990
Origin: Part-Veela
Role: Entrepreneur
Title: Business Owner & Florist
Resources: ●● Comfortable


She has a face like the moon, pale and somehow wavering. One could get the gist of her features, but none of it will stick in their mind beyond an impression of beauty. Her long hair wafts around her like captured sunbeams, its tendrils straight and falling to the small of her back. The hair is normally up in a ponytail when she's working, bet left to hang when she is not. Her eyes are a deep color of blue, not like the ocean but a sense that sapphires were set there at her birth. Finally, lips of deep red provide the final touch to this face, the lipstick applied perfectly. High cheekbones, a strong jaw, and delicate chin all lend to the beauty of this woman.

Today she is wearing a beautiful dress, cut close to her petite form, and giving a sense of propriety and fashion along with function. The blouse of the dress is a red and white checkered pattern, white plastic buttons binding it together. The buttons of the shirt are buttoned all the way up except for the top two, allowing for a low cut appearance, but not enough to reveal anything inappropriate. Her pants are a dark blue pair of jeans, flowing loosely around her long and toned legs. A brown leather belt cinches the pants to her body, a silver clasp holding it in place. A pair of black boots finish the ensemble, a small strap around her ankles clasped with the same silver clasps as her belt.


Penelope grew up in Colorado in a small town just outside of Denver, near a large lake. She was born to a handsome Wizard father who had been assigned to the area by MACUSA as their local Auror. It was in this capacity that he saved the life of a beautiful Veela who, in turn, came to love him dearly. Their love produced a beautiful child, a young Witch with a heart of gold.

If it was one thing people knew about Penelope Parker, it was that she was inseparable from her closest friend Kayleigh. While the other girls in the area displayed jealousy and spite, Kayleigh was the only one to befriend her. The two hit it off well instantly! Adventures were had all the time, and it appeared that Penelope was the one always coming up with them. Penelope appeared to drag poor Kayleigh along, and it appeared that she was coming along because she didn't want Penelope to go alone, and everytime she went, Penelope's bond with her grew tighter. As they grew up, Penelope was proud of the fact that she and her best friend managed to get accepted into Ilvermony and even sorted into the same house, of Thunderbird. While there, they continued their little adventures while also working hard on their studies. After all, if you're going to be learning witchcraft and wizardry, you might as well have some fun while you're doing it!

When graduation day came, the two friends finally had their paths diverge into separate roads. Penelope went off to be an Auror, heading to New York City to join MACUSA. Her time fighting dark wizards was exciting and adventurous, and she was paired up with a senior partner who took the beautiful girl under wing. Eventually Penelope fell in love with her partner, though she never openly admitted it. Little flirtatious things such as baking cookies, or laughing at bad jokes was as far as she got. A fateful night she was asked to dinner, ready to move forward, but it was not meant to be. They were led into a trap by a group of dark wizards bent on revenge and her partner was killed. Penelope barely escaped alive, and she would not be the same.

Penelope went searching for herself for a moment, lost for a while. Then she received an Owl from her dearest friend, Kayleigh, stating that she had found a place of peace and had become content. Kayleigh left New York, turned away from being an Auror and went to join her friend in peace.

Story Hooks

Connections, leads, and goals that can potentially generate role-play.

  • A former Auror who has made enemies amongst the dark wizard community:
  • Protector of the seed vault which contains rare magical seeds:
  • A big heart, she's always willing to help her newly adopted community:


Kayleigh Casteel Kayleigh Casteel
Best Friend and Confidante
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