A character's Origin is his or her species or ancestry. The character's origins determine at the most basic level what they are. Standard origins include Wizard, Wizard-Born, and Muggle. Restricted origins include several types of Magical Beings, which cost brownies and require staff approval. More details on each of these origins are available in the sections below.

Use the following code to set a character’s origin:

+stat/template <Wizard, Wizard-Born, Muggle>

Standard Origins

A player may freely choose any one of these standard Origins for a character.


Wizards are humans born with the ability to use magic. They are essentially the same as muggles (non-magical humans), with slight physiological differences that allow for their interaction with magical forces.

In many parts of the world, wizards are distinguished by "blood status" — a measure of the degree of "pure" wizard blood versus muggle blood. Such distinctions are largely unrecognized in the United States of America, and many wizards couldn't say with certainty if they are half-bloods or pure-bloods.


A wizard-born — sometimes called "wizborn" or "squib" — is a non-magical person born to at least one wizard parent. While they have no magical ability themselves, they can perceive magical things that are hidden to muggles. Also, they do pass on the "magical gene" to their descendants, which is where muggle-born wizards come from. Note that a non-magical child of a wizborn is a muggle, not another wizborn (despite carrying the gene).


A muggle is non-magical person with no wizard parent. Though once knowns as "no-majs" in America, the term has fallen into disuse in favor of the original British word. Muggles are ordinary humans with no supernatural abilities, and usually no awareness of the wizarding world (though player characters are often the exception to this). They live their daily lives, interacting with machines and technology that baffle the average wizard (and which some wizards tend to think they invented to make up for their lack of magic).


Restricted Origins

These Origins are available only with staff approval and the expenditure of Brownies.

Actors for Non-Humans

House-elves do not require an Actor. Neither do goblins, though staff is willing to work with a player on some photo manipulation to create a convincing goblin.

The others do still require Actors, but be advised that staff will be particular about the Actors used to represent certain species.

Age limits on images will be lax for part-giant characters of student age, as young part-giants often look older than they actually are.

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