Miranda Koroslev
Portrayed by Disa Braun
Name: Miranda "Randy" Koroslev
Birthday: March 12, 1995
Origin: Wizard-born
Role: Merchant
Affiliation: Mythic Records
Title: Shopkeeper
Resources: ●● Comfortable


This young woman stands five feet and eight inches tall, with ghostly white skin, pale green eyes, and a slender, subtly curved build with slightly pronounced shoulders. Her hair is dyed a vibrant blue and hangs wildly, adorned with lengths of fabric and faux dreadlocks. Electric-blue eye make-up and a septum ring complete the image.

Her shoulders are bare, and only a metallic blue PVC corset covers her top. She wears a collar with a ring hanging from it. A black skirt hangs around her hips, concealing the tops of the tattered and hole-filled black nylons on her legs, which disappear under a pair of black knee-high platform boots.


Daniel never felt quite right in his own body. Even as a young child, he instinctively knew that he was really a girl. He frequently got into trouble for dressing up in his sister's clothing; Lisa, his sister, didn't mind so much, but his mother wouldn't stand for it. She blamed it on the lack of a strong paternal figure, as Daniel's father died in a tragic plane crash when he was an infant. As he grew older, Daniel delved deeper into rebellion and his mother's disapproval. As early as middle school, he became involved in minor drug dealing. Though he used some recreationally, his dealing was primarily a means of illegally acquiring estrogen and hormone blockers to stave off male puberty.

At fifteen, Daniel discovered Portland's underground music scene. He had always had a talent for music, and quickly took to this whole new musical world, especially anything with an electronica or industrial vibe. After meeting a group of German cybergoths he became enamored of their aesthetic. Emulating their style, he put together a new, female look and started calling himself "Miranda" in the scene. In the dim lights and frenetic atmosphere of the clubs, the costume couture made it much easier to blend in as a girl.

A new look, combined with a new love for the techno-industrial sound, gave birth to yet another identity: the musician, "Silikon". Miranda began creating a distributing her own tracks online, developing a small fan-base. Miranda was reborn, though still living the lie as Daniel. But her talents would serve her well, and the day of her eighteenth birthday, she left home to start a new life.

Naturally, it wasn't as easy as she'd hoped. Miranda ended up in a tiny, mold-ridden loft apartment with four other people. Still, there was a certain glamor to the tragedy of it all. She made rent by selling music and performing occasional gigs. But she needed more, as transitioning to a female was not cheap. Sadly, this meant returning to drug dealing. She focused on cannabis and the occasional "party pills", justifying to herself that it wasn't as bad as meth or heroin. But the law did not take such a forgiving view of the situation, and she narrowly escaped arrest when her supplier was raided.

Miranda's close call gave her a good scare. When an opportunity to get out of town presented itself, she jumped on it. Her father's uncle, whom she had never met, passed away and left everything to her. "Everything" consisted primarily of a failing record store and a house in a little town she'd never heard of. It sounded like as good a place as any to stay out of sight for a while. She intended to squeeze whatever she could out of the record store's remaining inventory, sell the house, and return to Portland with a nice little nestegg after the heat had died down. She never expected to fall in love with her new home.

Something about Mythic Wood was compelling. It wasn't like other small towns. It was a strange blend of the past and the present, the traditional and the progressive, the comfortable and the mysterious. Beyond the allure of the town itself was the family history she began to discover in the store and her great uncle's home. She found photographs and diaries that told her more about her father, who apparently also lived there before meeting her mother. Despite her best laid plans, Mythic Wood soon felt more like home than Portland ever had.

Story Hooks

Connections, leads, and goals that can potentially generate role-play.

  • Music Is Life: Miranda's whole world revolves around music. She runs Mythic Records, which deals largely in vinyl LPs, but also some CDs and music memorabilia. She also makes her own techno-industrial music under the moniker, "Silikon", and distributes it online. She had a small fan following before coming to Mythic Wood in 2017.
  • Trans: Though it isn't readily apparent due to a number of medical treatments, Miranda was born biologically male.
  • Health Nut: Randy is big on living a healthy lifestyle. Though she's been known to partake in drug use and alcohol, she treats these things as occasional excesses. Otherwise, it's vitamin-infused health smoothies, very little red meat, even less processed sugar, and plenty of exercise.
  • Ignorant of Magic: Though wizard-born, Miranda was not raised by her wizard parent, and has no idea that magic is real. Sure, she's seen weird things, but nothing she can't brush off…yet.



Eddie Koroslev
(Deceased) Apparently, Eddie was my uncle. I never met the guy, but the more I learn about him from his diaries and people that knew him, the more I wish I had. It seems like we had a lot in common. Why didn't he ever come to me when he was alive?


Nice kid. He's got music in his soul. Gotta respect that.


That girl can make a fuckin' mind-blowing salad.


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