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Mental Merits

Common Sense (●●●●)

Danger Sense (●●)

Eidetic Memory (●●)

Encyclopedic Knowledge (●●●●)

Holistic Awareness (●●●)

Language (● or ●●) [Special]

Effect: Your character has learned to understand, speak, and read a language other than his native tongue. Normally, a character may know a total number of languages (including native language) equal to his Intelligence. These are prices as one-dot Merits. Additional languages above one's Intelligence are purchased as two-dot Merits.

The languages of magical Beings can be learned, but are much more rare. As such, there are Brownie costs attached to these purchases:

  • Giant: 75 Brownies (25 Brownies for giant-kin)
  • Gobbledegook: 20 Brownies (Free for goblins)
  • Mermish: 50 Brownies

Meditative Mind (●)

Unseen Sense (●●●) [15 Brownies]

Prerequisite: Blig; Wits ●●

Physical Merits

Ambidextrous (●●●)

Brawling Dodge (●)

Prerequisite: Strength ●● and Brawl ●●

Direction Sense (●)

Disarm (●●)

Prerequisite: Dexterity ●●● and Weaponry ●●

Fast Reflexes (● or ●●)

Prerequisite: Dexterity ●●●

Fighting Finesse (●●)

Prerequisite: Dexterity ●●● and Weaponry ●●

Fighting Style: Boxing (● to ●●●●●)

Prerequisite: Strength ●●●, Stamina ●●, and Brawl ●●

Fighting Style: Kung Fu (● to ●●●●●) [50 Brownies]

Prerequisite: Strength ●●, Dexterity ●●, Stamina ●●, and Brawl ●●

Fighting Style: Two Weapons (● to ●●●●)

Prerequisite: Dexterity ●●● and Weaponry ●●●

Fleet of Foot (● to ●●●)

Prerequisite: Strength ●●

Fresh Start (●)

Prerequisite: Fast Reflexes ●●

Giant (●●●●)

Not to be confused with the species known as giants, or with giant-kin (those with giant blood in their veins). Available at character creation only.

Gunslinger (●●●)

Prerequisite: Dexterity ●●● and Firearms ●●●

Iron Stamina (● to ●●●)

Prerequisite: Stamina ●●● or Resolve ●●●

Iron Stomach (●●)

Prerequisite: Stamina ●●

Natural Immunity (●)

Prerequisite: Stamina ●●

Quick Draw (●)

Prerequisite: Dexterity ●●●

Quick Healer (●●●●)

Prerequisite: Stamina ●●●●

Strong Back (●)

Prerequisite: Strength ●●

Strong Lungs (●●●)

Prerequisite: Athletics ●●●

Stunt Driver (●●●)

Prerequisite: Dexterity ●●●

Toxin Resistance (●●)

Prerequisite: Stamina ●●●

Weaponry Dodge (●)

Prerequisite: Strength ●● and Weaponry ●

Social Merits

The following Social Merits are not available in Witchcraft and Wizardry: Barfly, Mentor

Allies (● to ●●●●●)

Contacts (● to ●●●●●)

Fame (● to ●●●) [New dots x 100 Brownies]

Inspiring (●●●●)

Prerequisite: Presence ●●●●

Resources (0 to ●●●●●) [Special]

Effect: Resources represents financial assets and income.

Purchasing Resources ●●● or higher requires the expenditure of Brownies and staff approval, in addition to the Experience cost. The third, fourth, and fifth dots require Brownies equal to the new dots x 100. This means that going from Resources ●● to ●●● costs 300 Brownies, going to ●●●● costs an additional 400 Brownies (700 total), and ●●●●● costs 500 Brownies (1200 total).

X Destitute: You have nothing. No home, no job, no prospects.
Poor: Struggling, living paycheck to paycheck.
●● Comfortable: Lower middle class, getting by with a small savings.
●●● Prosperous: Upper middle class, with a large savings and some luxuries.
●●●● Affluent: Quite well-off, able to afford nice things without many financial worries.
●●●●● Rich: The 1%, living in opulent luxury.

Retainer (● to ●●●●●)

Status (● to ●●●●●)

Prerequisite: Varies (see below)

Some organizations and groups have prerequisites for Status. Here are some sample prerequisites. This is not a complete list. Check with staff to determine if your Status has a prerequisite.
Clerical Standing Prerequisite: Academics Skill Specialty: Religion
Diplomat Prerequisite: Politics●● and Persuasion ●●
Licensed Professional Prerequisite: Academics Skill Specialty: Law (private investigation), Science Skill Specialty: Demolitions (building contractor)
Medical Prerequisite: Medicine ●●

Striking Looks (●● or ●●●●)

Wizard Merits

Wizard Merits are magical in nature, and may be only be taken by wizards

Animagus (●● to ●●●●●) [300 Brownies; 250 Brownies with Arendi paradigm]

Prerequisite: Transfiguration ●●●●; Resolve ●●● and Survival ●●● with Arendi paradigm

Varies with animal type

Arithmancy (● to ●●●●●)

Effect: Arithmancy is the study of the magical properties of numbers, which in turn allows an arithmancer to describe magic in numerical and formulaic terms. While it does include some elements of mathematics, the similarities to Muggle maths break down fairly quickly.

Though not an Art itself, Arithmancy does require a fundamental understanding of magic. Therefore, your Arithmancy dots cannot exceed your dots in Sortilege.

Arithmancy is a vital part of magical theory, and therefore essential to the creation, modification, and refinement of spells. (MORE TO COME)

The most practical use of arithmancy is as a tool for predicting and refining the behaviour of magic. An arithmancer can prepare for a particular set of circumstances, working out the numerological equations ahead of time to determine precisely the best time and location to cast a given spell. Spells are, in essence, magical formulae. Arithmancy allows a wizard to take a spell's formula and apply variables that are otherwise left open to various circumstances. (MORE TO COME)

Artifact (● to ●●●●●) [New dots x 50 Brownies]

Beast Speech (●●●) [100 Brownies; 50 Brownies with Arendi paradigm]

Effect: Beast speech is the magical ability to communicate with animals. There are a variety of beast speech "languages", each linked to a particular group of similar animals. The most notorious is Parseltongue, made famous by Salazar Slytherin for speaking with snakes. Usually, one must be born with the ability to speak to animals. But unbeknownst to most, the shamans of the American Indians have been known to acquire the ability through a vision quest involving a totem animal spirit.

The beast speech languages are:

  • Chirpwarble: Avians
  • Cloptrop: Equines
  • Cudmumble: Ruminants (grazing animals; e.g. cattle, sheep, etc.)
  • Glurblurble: Underwater animals and amphibians
  • Hisskratch: Felines
  • Parseltongue: Serpents
  • Scaleform: Reptiles (but not serpents)
  • Skweek: Critters (rodents, bats, opossums, beavers, and other small prey)
  • Wuffrowl: Canines and bears

Divination (● to ●●●●●)

Effect: Divination is one of the most hotly debated fields of magic. Some wizards suggest that it isn't magic at all, but merely the ability to interpret the signs provided by the universe about fate and destiny. The hardest skeptics dispute even this, saying Divination is nothing more than vague predictions that can be easily interpreted to suit events when they happen.

Those that study the art know that it is more than this, but they also know how difficult it is to use accurately. There is a lot of interpretation required, which is a skill developed over years of dedication to the craft. The best diviners learn not only to read the omens and portents, but also to trust their own instincts when it comes to deciphering them. But even then, divination is best performed for strangers, as foreknowledge about the subject can taint the diviner's ability to objectively interpret the signs.

Divination is not a doorway to the truth; it is a window, through which slivers of truth might be glimpsed in the form of clues. It is still up to much more mundane methods to piece those clues together and realize what they mean. Sometimes, the very act of divination leads to its own predictions coming true.

Though not an Art itself, Divination does require a fundamental understanding of magic. Therefore, your Divination dots cannot exceed your dots in Sortilege.

The subject of a divination is determined in two parts: focus and topic.

The focus is a person, place, or thing. It is the focus's fate that is being read. To read a given focus, that focus must be present. If the focus is a person, it's possible to divine that person when not present, if in possession of a treasured belonging (e.g. a jacket worn every day, a Ravenclaw's favorite book, a child's doll, etc.).

The topic is the circumstances being examined. The available topics are:

  • Danger: Reveals information on a subject's peril, the nature and severity of the danger, when it might take place, etc.
  • History: Reveals information on the subject's past.
  • Prosperity: Reveals information on the subject's wealth prospects.
  • Relationships: Reveals information on the subject's interpersonal relationships.

To perform a reading, roll Wits + Divination, difficulty 7. For each success you may ask a single yes-or-no question related to the focus and topic. A wizard may only attempt to divine a given topic once for a given focus, waiting a full month before that combination can be tried again. A failed roll simply means the diviner cannot interpret the signs, or there is some disturbance obfuscating the subject's destiny. Additionally, if the diviner is the focus, the Divination roll is made at +2 to difficulty.

EXAMPLE: Professor Mopsus wants to divine about Professor Flint's future wealth. The focus is Professor Flint, and the topic is Prosperity. Mopsus rolls Divination, and gets two successes. He can now ask two yes-or-no questions about Flint's money prospects. Examples might include: "Will Professor Flint get a raise in the next three months?" or "Will Professor Flint be able to afford the antique flying carpet he desires?"

Healing Hands (?) [?? Brownies]

Legilimens (● to ●●●●●) [250 Brownies; 300 Brownies for natural legilimens]

Prerequisite: Wits ●●●

Metamorphmagus (● to ●●●●●) [300 Brownies]

Occlumens (● to ●●●●●) [200 Brownies]

Prerequisite: Resolve ●●●

Sacrificial Protection (●●●)

Effect: Sacrificial protection is an extremely powerful ancient magic which is formed when a person sacrifices himself or herself for a family member, out of love. The sacrifice creates a lingering protection in the blood of the person who was saved. As with most ancient magic, sacrificial protection is not completely understood by most wizards.

Seer (●●●) [500 Brownies]

Unusual Patronus (●●●)

Prerequisite: Patronus Charm.
Effect: You are capable of producing an unusual corporeal Patronus, beyond the normal animal forms. For example, a magical beast such as a dragon or griffin. When you manifest a corporeal Patronus, it replenishes one additional Willpower point.

Wand (0 to ●●●●●) [Varies]

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