Meaghan Lowrey
Portrayed by Catherine Bell
Name: Meaghan Lowrey
Birthday: December 23rd, 1987
Origin: Blig
Role: Merchant
Affiliation: Nevermore Metaphysical Shop
Title: Proprietor
Resources: ●● Comfortable


A fairly tall woman, Meaghan stands at five feet ten inches. Her skin is lightly tanned and olive toned, and she has brown hair that falls to her shoulder blades in loose curls. Brown eyes and thin lips that are rarely seen without a smile and a laugh complete her visage.

While a bit more modern than those that live in Haven, she still leans toward natural colors and fibers as well as small, understated jewelry. She favors long skirts and sleeveless tops and constantly smells of the cacophony of herbs with which she works.


Michael and Eileen Lowrey were a couple of new age enthusiasts who had successful jobs in the business world but dreamed of something more. Eventually they packed up and moved to the small commune of Haven in Mythic Wood. It was there, on December 23rd, 1987, that Meaghan Lowrey was born. While Eileen thrived in Haven, Michael swiftly found the simple lifestyle not to his liking and moved back out to the city from which they came, leaving Meaghan to Eileen. Within a year of his departure, a horrific car accident left Meaghan fatherless.

Raised in Haven, Meaghan took after her father more than her mother would have preferred, leaving her discontent in the commune, wishing to experience more of the world that she only tasted at school. When Meaghan in her teens, Eileen developed early onset Alzheimer's, degrading swiftly until her death when Meaghan was 21. With the entirety of her parents' wealth now at her command, she moved out of Haven to the town proper and bought an old home, renovating it into a shop and opening Nevermore Metaphysical Shop.

Story Hooks

  • Haven Refugee: Having left Haven behind her, Meaghan still finds reasons to return to the commune on a regular basis, whether it is bringing herbs to someone or visiting a friend, she hasn't completely left.
  • Plantlife: Meaghan is renown in both the blig and magical communities as being an herb master. Have any questions about what to buy? Come to her!
  • Pescatarian: Some habits from Haven still hang on, and Meaghan is a firm believer in the ills of red meat.
  • Entrepreneur: She built her shop from the ground up, and is always willing to help someone learn the books.
  • Boss: Looking for work? Nevermore Metaphysical Shop is hiring a part-time clerk.


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