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Magical Hot Potato on Brooms! The ultimate goal is for a team to get an explosive ball into a cauldron filled with a neutralizing potion before it explodes so that team receives a point. Teams are divided equally into two teams of eleven at the beginning of the game. Any player in possession of the Quod when it explodes must leave the field of play. After an explosion or score, a new Quod is brought in.

Quodpot System (WIP)

Everyone's initiative is only rolled once for the entire game.
Initiative is Dexterity + Composure + 1D. One die is rolled and that result is added to the combination of Dexterity and Composure. Everyone's total results are compared, the highest result goes first. On a tie, each of the players rolls the one die again and whoever gets the higher number wins the tie.

Falling off a broom does Bashing Damage to the unlucky flier. Bashing wounds normally heal at a rate of one point per 15 minutes.



Originally this game began with buttons. Before The Trials, witches and wizards alike had a fad of wearing very remarkable buttons to jazz up their outfits. Buttons that sparkled, twinkled, chimed when rubbed, changed size, color and/or shape, only imagination was the limit. When the fad faded and the enchanted buttons were replaced with simpler versions again, the fancy buttons became collectibles for the children.

While the Statute of Secrecy and early America's own stricter lines in the sand between the Magical and Non-Magical, places like Ilvermorny and Winchester and other little pockets of All-Wizarding-Communities through the states kept this game alive.

Across America, the rules vary depending on the community, the rules listed below are the rules that are generally held to in Mythic Wood.

  1. Decide on if the game is "For Keeps" or not. This means that winner gets to keep the captured spangles they get through the game.
  2. Spangle collections are gone through and each player (to a max of 4 players) selects and starts with the same amount of spangles as everyone else. To a grand total of 12 Spanglers in a stack.
  3. All the chosen spangles are stacked together face down on top of each other in a single column.
  4. Who goes first is either just politely settled on, or decided with a game of Wand-Parchment-Bezoar (Rock-Paper-Scissor).
  5. The Popper, a special spangle that's usually a bit sturdier than the others, is then thrown down onto the stack of Spanglers in such a way that their enchantments all activate and go busting into an array of different effects before settling on the game's surface once more.
  6. That player keeps the Spanglers that landed face up.
  7. Spangles are then re-stacked and the next player takes their turn with the Popper.
  8. The game continues thusly until there are no spangles remaining in the stack. Whoever has the most Spanglers when this happens is considered the winner.

Spangles System (WIP)

((Plan is to have this be a coded lil game.))
Each player has a Spangler Pouch, these pouches upon creation have 10 randomly generated Spangles inside of them and 1 randomly generated Popper. Like a booster pack. They also have a number before them for ease in the game's commands.
+spangler/start</keeps> - Starting the game without the /keeps means everyone gets their Spanglers back at the end of the game. Adding /keeps after start means that the face-up Spanglers are added to their winner's pouch.
+spangler/place #,#,#,#,#,# - In a 2 player game, add 6 Spanglers. In a 3 player game, add 4 Spanglers. In a 4 player game, add 3 Spanglers.
+spangler/popper - Only 1 popper must be in the pouch and it's this Popper that's used in the game. It's thrown down on the stack a Dexterity + Athletics -1 roll is done in the background. A failure means the popper misses the stack and the turn is over for that player. On a success, the coded effects go of.
+spangler - This gives details of the active game, who's playing, who has what amount of Spanglers.

Spangler Description Template (WIP)

A/An <color> <material> Spangler an inch and a half in diameter. When activated this Spangler is known to <effect>.

Colors (WIP)

((The Color list is heavy in WIP mode. I need #| put in front of every color name. Then ## after every color name. Once that's done, I need the color hex codes for this colors from:
put in in between the # and | so it looks like the few at the top that has been completely done.

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