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Herein is an archive of the many scenes and plotlines played out here on Dawns Early Light. Logs and Plots should appear here automatically when you create them.


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(2019-01-04) Milkshakes and Memories — Rev takes Lyra to get a bite at an old haunt. The two quickly connect as long-lost sisters over their mutual father-figure.

(2019-01-04) A Prodigal Daughter’s Return — Rev returns to Mythic Wood and runs into Lyra, who knew her father well. Together they face the pain of a still too recent passing.

(2018-12-21) Winter Festival Parade — The whole town comes out, setting aside rivalries and joining together for the annual parade to celebrate the winter holidays.

(2018-12-09) Of Butterflies and Sheep — When Lyra discovers a sketchbook containing a portrait of herself, she finds a new friend in the artist.

(2018-11-10) Attitude & Gratitude — Mercy and Beau finally arrive safely in Mythic Wood. Mercy shows Beau how grateful she is for his help.

(2018-11-09) A Bad Night in Portland — Mercy is in trouble and turns to Beau for help, inadvertently setting both of their lives on an entirely new course.

(2018-10-19) Friday Night Fights — A game night for the Rocklin Ravens turns into a confrontational encounter and a strange night.

(2018-08-10) Working Late — Lyra is burning the midnight oil at Eos, and unexpectedly runs into the company founder.

(2018-07-04) 4th of July Pool Party — The town celebrates Independence Day at the public pool.

(2018-06-08) National Blueberry Day — It's National Blueberry Day, which makes it a good excuse for everyone to go out picking blueberries.

(1997-11-07) Goodbye, Running Wolf — The Iron Brigade gives 18-year-old Thorn a proper send-off as he is about to leave to join the Army. 10-year-old Reverie sneaks in to say goodbye.

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