(2019-01-04) Milkshakes and Memories
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Summary: Rev takes Lyra to get a bite at an old haunt. The two quickly connect as long-lost sisters over their mutual father-figure.
Rating: PG
Date: January 4, 2019
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Lyra Young Reverie Stargazer

Lyra waits out on the street until Rev gets her Corolla going. Butch’s house isn’t far. It’s one of the larger and nicer manufactured homes in the trailer park. Leaving her bike parked in the garage, she heads back out to the street and gets into Rev’s car. She peeks up at its walls and ceiling. Been a while since she’d actually ridden in a car. She forgot to wear her seatbelt.

That ceiling? That fabric is loose and bagging downwards at their heads and she can even see where Rev attempted to staple gun it up probably out of pure frustration. Maybe the temper runs in the family. Rev does notice the seatbelt though and she says in that deep mezzo voice that makes her seem all the more sure of herself, "Safety, Lyra. Belt," because Reverie is going no where until that is on. Once its clicked into place she is not quite the best driver in the world when it comes to 'safety' but she handles the car EXTREMELY well. "How long you know the old man?" She asks out of conversation, "What are you…fifteen?" She asks curiously as well.

Lyra flushes at the reminder. One that she’s heard from every adult she’s ever ridden with. But she’s quick to listen and buckle up. The question deepens that flush of hers. From the look of her, fifteen isn't a bad guess. But she shakes her head. “I turn nineteen in June. And I’ve known him since I was born. I used to-“ She pauses, hesitating. But this is his daughter. She deserves to know anything and everything about her father. “I used to call him Uncle Rabbit when I was little. And when I did, he started wearing this patch.” She points to the white rabbit patch on her arm.

Rev gives Lyra a real look but says nothing about the age at first as they speed their way through town with the streetlights occasionally offering a view of the other. Eyes follow her hand though as she looks to the scruffy, and a little dirty patch. "Rabbit…" There is a huffed laugh, "If he was the rabbit from Monty Python, yeah." But her smirk softens a little and she glances again at Lyra. "He loved kids…its no wondering he took to wearing it. Probably a sense of pride for being noticed." Rev looks a little sad for a moment perhaps nostalgic before she sucks in a breath, flexing her hands not he steering wheel. "Nineteen..in June…girl you don't look older than fifteen," she runs her hand up to her bangs to drag them out of her face before she laughs. "You are going to get carded or the rest of your life."

Lyra can’t help but smile with an impish laugh at the Monty Python reference. “Yes. That’s definitely him.” But then Rev circles back to her age, and biting her lower lip, she slides a bit lower in her seat. “Yeah, I know. When I was fifteen, people said I looked twelve.” She huffs with frustration. “Uncle Rabid – I think he understood I was growing up. But yeah, he loved kids. And I think that’s how he always saw me. But… but he was the best. Always so full of fun. Always had time for me. He was the best.” Head bowed, she picks at a worn out spot on the seat of Rev’s car.

"Sorry, kid," Rev says, "you are always going to look younger to me…nothing wrong with it. Use it while you can. Its a blessing. Get away with SOOOO much more when people automatically think you are innocent. I used to be able to shoplift anything when I was younger.." There it is. Rev's shining glory in the world of crime. "People did not think I coudl boost cars either. Too bad for them," she grins as she pulls up to the diner, finding a parking spot out front she turns the car off and sits there a moment. "Yeah…he was good like that. Always knew what to say and do. Made you feel invincible and important." There is a long sigh before the click of her seatbelt sounds as she removes it. "But we can talk about da inside over fries and shakes..yeah? Seems like I got a kid sister I never knew about." She pushes her door open, grabs and old beat up leather purse and slams her side closed. "Give it a good swing, the door does not always latch." Then she will lead the way inside to get them a booth.

Lyra takes that life of crime Rev mentions rather in stride. She grins and murmurs, “Maybe you. But I don’t think “Butch’s granddaughter” could get away with as much. I wasn’t just any kid.” Her smile grows as Rev’s reminiscing resonates with the man she knew too. But her young features couldn’t get any brighter when she – Rabid’s daughter – refers to her as a kid sister. She untangles herself quick from the seatbelt to climb out of the car. And like she tells her, she gives the door a good slam before following her inside. “The chocolate malts here are the best. And the fries. McDonald’s are great, but these are the /best/. And you can’t get them anywhere else. Best reason to stay here in Mythic Wood. Though I guess… there’s a lot of adventure out there too. That’s almost as good as fries.” She settles down across from Rev, her eyes fixed on the woman's features.

"Ahh there you would be wrong, you should be able to get away with a lot more if your clever," Rev is an enabler apparently and plops down into the booth as the praises are laid out about the food and she motions to her, "Then order for me, they got a monte cristo or a rueben sandwich here right?" Cause that is what she's going to take.

"So Da took a liking to you..even gave you Mich. Tell me all about him, what did you two do?" Because nothing like learning about a childhood you never got through a younger you. She leans into the table a little and smirks a bit at Lyra. "Did he take you up to the springs? Did you go diving? I was a horrible diver, but I got better."

Lyra hides her grin behind a hand, but she can’t stifle her impish laughter. The waitress arrives with water just as Rev’s telling Lyra to order for her, and she probably heard most of what the woman wanted. But Lyra still repeats it. For herself, she gets a small burger. And their largest order of fries to share. And of course, two chocolate malted milkshakes.

“Uncle Rabbit was the best. When anyone else might tell me to stop or get down from there, he just let me be.” Lyra tears open her straw and uses it to sip her water.” He offered to take me driving, but I preferred taking our bikes anywhere we went. I like the wind. Even when it’s cold and hurts. We went to the springs in the summer sometimes, but not that much cause I get cold so easily.” She plays with the white paper wrapper, twisting it into knots. “We spent most of our time together in the garage. He taught me a lot. Even if I was underfoot, or causing trouble when I tried to be helpful, he was always patient.”

"Thanks," she says to the waitress as she reaches for a water and takes a few healthy gulps. Setting it asidenshe tilts her head and resting her arms on the table she continues to lean in. "So how's your grandad, ol Butch?" Talking about her dad is hard at the moment so switching gears helps. "Been a good long while. Still stern as ever?" She crosses one leg and her foot bobs under the table. She pulls a small caramel from her purse and the tosses Lyra one that slides across the table to nearly fall in her lap. "Bet he fed ya sweets." Rabid, the enabler of sweet tooths everywhere.

“Yeah. Maybe worse than you even remember. I’m not sure,” says Lyra with a rueful little grin. Her eyes light up as Rez tosses her a candy. She’s a bit like a kitten trying to catch a bug under her paws. But she manages to trap it before it falls in her lap. “Yes. Oh my god, so many sweets. It’s amazing I still have my teeth.” She opens the caramel right away and pops it into her mouth. “So good. Thank you, Reverie.”

Settling a bit lower in her chair, getting comfortable, Lyra watches Rev with a shy smile of growing adoration. “You know… you’re a /lot/ like your old man. Not just the candy. It’s like… you’re a song that echoes his. It’s like I feel him in you.” She bites her lower lip. “Does… does that make any sense?”

"Sounds like Butch, he ages like a sour wine," Rev says and then smirks a bit across at her while she gathers up the gold foil wrapped blissful joy that is the caramel. "Yeah…he did love to give me pixie sticks and let me loose on my mom. Remember those big long gigantic ones at he fairs? Yeah…I think he had stock in those." She smirks and then nods her head, "Rev is fine, Reverie …haven't heard someone use that name in quite a while." Not that long ago - mainly during her stay in jail.

"I am? Good…of the two of the people that made me I hoped to be more like him…it comes with the territory. I have a temper like him too but …I don't think you have to worry about that." She nods her head, "I suppose it does, he kinda does live in me in a sense, you know?" She looks thoughtful and then sits back. "I ..I didn't get to see him for the last twenty-four years of my life." She glances then at Lyra. "Glad he had someone looking for him and glad you watched out for Mich too."

“Rev,” repeats Lyra with a nod. She has started ripping the straw paper into tiny pieces. There’s still a shyness in the subtle tension of her shoulders. But Rez is winning her over hard. “And now that you’re back, I- I can watch out for you too. Like… um… until the power is back in Rev’s house, you can stay with us, if you want. You could probably sleep in my brother’s room. I’ll ask grampa, but- but I’m sure it’ll be ok. And I can tell you about anything you need to know. And- and I’ll even bring you cookies.”

Giving her an encouraging nod for the use of her abbreviated name, Reverie lofts a brow at the last. "I suppose, yeah. I got to find a job, still need to eat," she says and then the offer. "You want me to stay at Butch's house…" her voice trails off and she sits back, "you know your grandfather scared the living crap out of me when I was younger and now you want me to sleep at his house." Butch inspired a lot of things in Rev, but sadly not enough caution before she left. "Cookies…can I make requests for a specific one?" Malts are brought and she reaches out for her's, eating the cherry off the top and then spooning some of the whipped ream into her mouth before she answers, "Snickerdoodles.." There may have been a bit of cream still in her mouth when she said it. "I like you, Lyra. Though I think…we need to put some colored streaks in your hair."

Lyra takes a long sip of her malt. Too long. A sudden brain freeze makes whimper with pain, eyes squeezed shut. But she recovers quick enough. Grinning over at Reverie, she giggles. “Sure. But only if /you/ put them there.” It’s so strange. They met barely an hour ago, but it’s as if she really is meeting a long lost sister. “And don’t worry. Grampa scares me too. But it’ll be alright. You can even stay in my room if you want. And I’ll /definitely/ make you some snickerdoodles. I’ve got a good recipe for those.”

A smirk plays at Rev's lips and she rumbles out something about Butch and nightmares before she sips at her malt. "Oh a sleep over," she says after swallowing. The food is not far behind - really the place is the best. She reaches for a steaming fry first and then wags it at Lyra. "I am glad we could settle on snickerdoodles being the best…" she dunks her fry into her malt and eats it, quickly chewing on it and then sucking down som water. She's pretty quiet during eating - because eating but she will talk and stop once she starts to get her fill.

Lyra follows the woman’s cue and focuses on eating her own food. Except she keeps peeking up at Rev from across the table, watching her. The burger is gone first. It came from the kid’s menu and was pretty small. Then she squirts ketchup onto her plate and starts in on the rest of the fries. Just as Rev looks like she’s almost finished, Lyra can’t keep quiet any longer. “So are you back then? Like… are you going to live here now?”

Past a mouthful and fan of fingers Rev smiles, "Aye..I am. Thought it was time to put some roots and why not here.." Where she knows people and they know her. "But if I am going to be sticking around you need to see the magic of this." She grabs the mayo she requested and dumps it on the side of the fry plate and then squirts ketchup into it. Using a fry she mixes it with swirls to make it pink then eats the fry. "Mmmmm magic."

It makes pink ketchup? Lyra gives it a tentative try. “Ooh! This is good,” she says, snagging another fry. After a few more in quick succession, she giggles. “I think I have much to learn from you.” Settling back in her seat, she continues munching on fries at a slower pace. “Mythic Woods is the best place to put down roots. At school, a lot of my teachers said I should go off to college. Just for four years. At least. But nope. I’ve got roots. And they’re too deep. Luckily, they took me on at Eos. And that program – it’s probably better than any degree.”

"It is the ambrosia of the Gods," Rev says. She continues to dip and eat the fries one by one. "You do have very much to learn from me padawan." Another fry chomped on as she leans into her elbows on the table - absolutely no manners this one. "Eos…what the heck is that?" A brow arches, "And how do you get taken on without college?" Rev reaches for her malt and takes a big pull before she sits back and smooths her hands to her pants, dashing grease and salt onto the jeans.

“It’s this tech company that decided to make Mythic Wood its headquarters. The entrance to it is just down this road, actually.” Lyra indicates the street outside with a french fry before she dips it into Rev’s special recipe ketchup. “But so… I applied for one of their fellowship positions in my last year of school. Cause… I want to get better at mechanics. I want to learn how to design a bike that will be safer and more reliable than any on the roads now. And they took me on. Been there about six months.”

Rev makes a hmph when its explained and she's in the midst of drinking more of her malt. More fries are then grabbed and she considers that Lyra has told her. "A tech company so you can build a safer bike. When you get done with it I get to take the first test ride," she says, waving the fries in the air at her 'kid sister'. They have been avoiding talking about the death of her father and Reverie keeps it that way. "So you are a mechanic too eh? Did da help you with that too?" She munches down on the fries and then licks her fingers clean before sitting back and letting what she has eaten digest.

Lyra has no trouble avoiding Rabid’s death either. “Well, I’m not a real mechanic. I still just tinker. Work on my own bike mostly. And help with little things. But yeah, Uncle Rabid got me started. I was kinda accident prone, but he always made time for me. Do you know mechanics too?” She gazes over at Rev, bright and hopeful. There’s still so much she doesn’t know.

There is a warm, fond look that crosses Reverie's face when Lyra talks about Rabid. "Yep, though I did a lot of learning on my own. But Pa definitely started the love for all things that have gears. She starts to steal the crunchy fries -her favorite. "You have to show me what you know…I plan on fixing up that old garage out back from Pa's." Yep that house is still Pa's.

“Ooh, that’d be great. The garage at the HQ gets so hectic sometimes. And, even if I am grown up now, I still get underfoot sometimes. Let me know if you need any help. Or- well, I could ask some of the guys to help. Cause I’m probably not good for much lifting. But I’d be very good at asking them to help you.” Lyra grins a bit before taking a sip of what remains of her milk shake. “Is that what you might do? Work as a mechanic? I wouldn’t even need to ask them. You’re Rabid’s girl. You’d be able to work there.”

Rev taps the long spoon from her malt against the table in thought, something crossing her expression. "It's been a long time, Lyra," there is that rueful smirk she's known for. "A VERY long time. I am Rabid's daughter but no longer a little thing they all take care of." That was taken up by Lyra and there is not jealous there, just fact. "Let's see how things roll with Butch first. I thought I might bartend…then see if there is a spot at the shop open. Easier to poor beer and work most places. The Brigade is a tight knit family…I am a stray strand," she sits back and starts to draw a breath and stretch. "Tonight? Tonight is for seeing if Butch has it in his heart to let me crash."

Lyra grows solemn as Rev lays out the facts for her, bowing her head slightly. But still, it would seem her optimism (or naiveite) is resilient indeed. “I know he will. He lets me have friends over. And I want you over. You can stay in my room. It’ll be fine. And… and I also have a friend who works at Vera’s Saloon. And at the Bachelor’s Club too – they serve drinks there. I can introduce you. It’ll be alright.”

Rev gives her a grin and she reaches over to pat her hand. "Look at you, your the Brigade welcome wagon all rolled into one delightful package. All right, Lyra, everything will be a-okay as you say it will. Let me pay and we can go give Butch a blast from the past." She removes her hand and will dig into her purse, laying money down even before the bill comes out. "You always tip…tipping separates the rich from the poor. Rich people don't tip because they have never done service in their life." Eight dollars is set out separate from the change that is likely to come from he bill pay. She scoots out of the booth and tips her head towards the door with a wink. "Back to Hunchback.." what she calls her hatchback.

Lyra blushes with bright little smile. “Ok.” She nods and slides out of their booth. The tip impresses her, and she nods at Reverie’s sage advice. Hugging her jacket closed, she scampers out after her into the cold. “Next time, it’s /my/ treat. Okay?”

When they reach Butch’s house, there’s a light on inside and the garage door is closed – not like Lyra left it. Sensing Reverie’s apprehension, Lyra tries to gently take her by the hand and leads her inside. The first thing Butch wants to know is where Lyra has been. After that question comes, “And who’s this?” He’s as gruff as ever – even worse as Lyra had warned. At the young girl’s pleading, he yields. But he puts a strict time limit on her stay with them. If it takes any longer to get old Rabid’s house ready, she’ll need to shack up with another member of the Iron Brigade.

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