(2018-12-21) Winter Festival Parade
Details for Winter Festival Parade
Summary: The whole town comes out, setting aside rivalries and joining together for the annual parade to celebrate the winter holidays.
Rating: G
Date: December 21, 2018
Butch Young Caleb Jeansonne Cameron Walker Casey Hopki Everett Rocklin Fjord Knudsen George Weatherall Kelby Knight Lyra Young Naomi Kuroda Portia Rocklin Saoirse Knight Shelly Bundy Violet Rocklin Zoey Callahan

Location: Daisy Street at 3rd Street
Daisy Street runs north and south and it intersects with 3rd Street which heads to the east and west in a plus (+) shape here. This intersection is the heart of the town's government system. To the southwest is the historic City Hall. Across the street, on the Southeast corner is 3rd Street Park which is the town's largest park. Northwest of the intersection is an Office Building that typically has at least one lawyer for hire. The Mythic Wood Sheriff's Office and jail are to the northeast, one of the town's largest construct. Along the street, lamps that are hung with baskets of flowers and seasonal banners that all have Mythic Wood and Daisy Street on them illuminating the area quite well after dusk. Wrought iron numbers of the corner addresses are nailed into the posts at eye-level if driving.

Setting: Winter Festival Parade - Fair Break in some typical Rainy weather for the week.

Every year there is a Holiday Parade on Winter Solstice where those wishing to participate can walk down Daisy Street down the middle of town and often toss peppermint candies or a more rare treat; plastic decorations to commemorate the event to go home and put them on display. At 3rd street is considered the choice seats/spots to watch the parade as it's also because the big live pine tree outside of the Sheriff's office that is decorated with ornaments the kids of all three schools have made is lit for the first time after the parade is done and everyone circles back to the location.

As they have since the first winter home after World War II the Iron Brigade Motorcycle Club are at the head of the procession. At the front of the slow rolling hawgs that rumble and roar as their riders show them off is the President of the Club, Butch Young. Stony and looking like the candy cane in the corner of his mouth is a cigar and the Santa hat over his helmet is not there he gives the occasional rev. The stoic man's way of greeting the public. The festive changes to his usual outfit most likely put there by the young woman sitting on the bike behind him, his granddaughter Lyra.

The rest of the club is a mixed bag, most of them are similar to Butch, rolling through like they were on patrol. Leaving the candy throwing and the waving to the women riding on bikes behind them. Shelly Bundy is one of those women and she is dressed up in a leather version of them cheap sexy Mrs. Claus outfits that has some mothers covering their children's eyes as the biker chick gives under-handed tosses of individually wrapped little candy canes. "Happy Holidays!" They are going slow enough that she's not going to fall by any chance, but that doesn't keep her from cuddling up frequently and wrapping her arms around the torso of the biker before her, Caleb Jeansonne. He at least smiles to the crowd and gives little juts of his chin in greeting and even sometimes waves his free hand.

Casey Hopki is among the crowd at the third street corner, standing where she can have a clear view of the parade. In her hands — and strapped around her neck — is an old digital camera she borrowed from her grade 6 journalism teacher, and she bounces a little on the balls of her feet in excitement as the parade approaches.

As soon as he gets close enough for her to see the candy cane cigar in Butch's mouth, she giggles and raises the camera to take a picture. And then she continues, catching as many of the riders as she can.

When she spots Shelly and Caleb, she gives an extremely excited wave with both hands, and she's smiling happily.

Lyra adjusts the Santa hat over Butch’s helmet to keep it from sliding too far to the side. Under her leather jacket she’s festive, but in a far different way than her best friend Shelly. She wears a sweater knitted full of dancing reindeer. It goes well with the striped stocking cap pulled over her own helmet that makes her look like Santa’s elf. With an impish laugh, Lyra grins back off at the crowd and tosses another few candy canes into outstretched hands.

Catching the glint of Casey’s camera, Lyra leans out from behind Butch to flash a bright smile at the girl. She waves a candy cane in the air before tossing it right to her. “Merry Christmas, Casey!” she calls.

Fjord recently returned from a walk about. He rode off alone and has returned equally alone. He does however seem to be in better spirits.

The Sergeant At Arms rides a bit closer to the front of the pack on his vintage Harley. Though the Navy Vet doesn't smile there does seem to be a light to his eyes or is it just mischief.

Mustang nods and gives a wink to the crowd as he adjusts the fake Santa beard on his chin he chews on a candy cane and goes back to his thoughts.

Having long since left her father and brother behind (and worrying, no doubt), Zoey Callahan weaves through the gathered crowd. The skinny redhead is not quite as nimble as she would like to think, bumping into several spectators before finding her destination.

Casey's camera view is suddenly filled with freckles. "Hi, Casey! Takin' pictures?" Zoey giggles, peering into the lens as if it would allow her to see her friend on the other end of the camera.

Shelly was just tossing candy canes towards her sister and the crowd and winces when she realizes they are heading right for the back of the head of her red-haired friend! "Oh shit! Sorry!" Shelly winces a bit more when he curses in the middle of a "family friendly" parade. She gives Caleb's neck a little nip and that seems code for him to pull over.

Shelly hops off the bike quickly, tugs at the mini-mini leather skirt down over the red Mrs. Claus briefs she's just flashed the whole town with their white fur lining. But they are quickly hidden, she scampers over to Casey and Zoey and gives them both one of the rarer tosses of the parade's specially made ornaments. "Sorry! Here, specially for y'all." Casey's cheek is given a kiss but a wolf whistle from Caleb and she waves bye-bye to them and scampers off.

Guilt still lingers for what she did and she jokes about it with Lyra shouting to her friend about the mishap, "Here have a candy concussion for Christmas! Gawd. Oops!" She plants her face in the back of Caleb's cut to hide for a moment before she returns to gently tossing candy underhanded towards the crowd.

"Mustang! You should be throwing business cards!" She smiles over to him. For being the village bicycle and dumb blonde stereotype, she does have some business sense!

Mustang chuckles at what Shelly says. He turns to her for a moment and speaks.

"Shelly I dont think these folks would like getting pelted in the face by my business cards. And what's more, they know I'm the best tattooist in town." He shouts to her over the roar of the bike.

He nods his head tossing a few baggies to her with goodies and his business cards. He nods to her and gestures for her to toss them.

"It was great idea but i was a step ahead of you here darlin." Mustang teases her playfully before revving his engine again.

Casey manages to catch the first candy cane coming her way, then waves back happily, "Merry Christmas, Lyra!"

She brings the camera up again, to take another picture, when Zoey appears. She giggles as she lowers the camera, and says, "Hi Zoey! Yep. Want…"

Casey doesn't see the candy cane coming at Zoey to warn her. But soon after her sister's there, and giving them ornaments! "Thanks, Shelly!" She gives her sister a quick hug before Shelly has to return to the bike.

Once Shelly has returned to the bite, Casey looks back to Zoey, grinning again. "I was gonna ask if if you wanted to split my candy cane, but guess I don't need to now."

Zoey rubs the back of her head where the airborne confection struck her. "The candy cane split me instead!" She giggles, taking a moment to admire her ornament, then giving Shelly a frantic wave of gratitude. "Thanks for the headshot and the loot!"

Lyra’s features brighten further when Casey’s older friend Zoey pops up next to her in the crowd. But before she can ready a candy-cane for her, Shelly’s own toss pops her right in the head. “Oh!” she squeaks, covering her own head in empathetic pain. But Zoey seems alright.

With a sympathetic laugh, Lyra shakes her head at Shelly’s guilty joke. “Aww, you’re alright. It’s super easy to miss. And these candies can’t hurt too much.” Catching Zoey’s frantic wave of gratitude, she points at the girl and says, “See? No harm.”

As Shelly tosses some advice to Mustang, Lyra tilts her head to peek over at him. Though curious, she doesn’t let her gaze linger. Instead she glances back over at Casey and Zoey as Butch’s bike slowly passes them.

Casey giggles again at Zoey's joke. Spotting Lyra looking their way, she grins and gives a thumbs up.

Then she starts unwrapping her candy cane, getting one and open and sticking it in her mouth. Only then does she lift her camera to start taking pictures again. Talking around the candy cane, she says to Zoey, full of optimism, "I think I'm going to get enough good pictures for both class and my blog!"

Noticing Lyras curious yet short lived gaze he gives her a smile. Well its a smile for him at least and nods a greeting.

"Don't remember who i am darlin'?" He asks in his typical way over the roar of the bikes. Mustangs bike keeps pace with Butch's though keeping in his spot in formation.

"I can't blame ya if ya don't. I've been away for a while. The name's Mustang." He calls out in a polite greeting before giving his throttle another good pull.

As the bike procession rolls on, it is only a minute later that they've reached the end of the parade, can dismount and hurry back to join the crowd at third street for the rest of the parade.

Coming up behind the bikers, filling the town with loud mediocre renditions of the catalog of Christmas songs is the Rocklin High School's Marching Band.

Lyra flashes a bright smile at Casey and Zoey as the younger of the girls gives her that thumbs up before her grandfather rolls on past them.

As they near the end of the parade, Mustang’s friendly greeting draws Lyra’s attention back to him. She watches him with noticeable shyness, in no small part due to the proximity of her grandfather. He’s been known to disapprove of the younger members of the Brigade chatting her up. She casts a hesitant peek up at the back of Butch’s head before nodding. “I remember you. And that vintage scoot…” She glances at his bike before returning to his scarred features.

As the procession slows to a halt. He kills the engine and drops the kickstand climbing off his bike he shakes his head in a vain attempt to get it to look stylishly messy.

"Well glad Im not forgettable." He says back teasingly. "As for the vintage scoot, it's been in my family for two generations before i got it. My father got it from his father and now it's mine." Mustang states simply.

Once her family in the Iron Brigade has passed, Casey is able to put more of her attention on conversation, and asks Zoey while taking a couple of pictures of the high school band, "What are you hoping for, for Christmas? I hope I get a new bike, so I can get around easier. Already have some RWBY stickers to put on one."

Though she's past the age that most kids stop believing in Santa, everybody who knows Casey well would know that she's quite stubborn about it. After all, magic is real, as are elves. Why wouldn't it all be real? So, while she would never hope for such an expensive gift at any other time of the year, it seems rational enough to her now.

After the marching band passes comes several 'floats' that the local businesses have put together. Sometimes working together like the one that is a flatbed tow truck of the local tow company that has been decorated with plexiglass aquariums complete with fish. Several men from the tow company and from Joey's Aquatics, the local fish hobby shop that can be found in Birch Shopping Plaza are pretending to be all bundled up and ice fishing as the bed of the truck is covered in fake snow with a snow flecked Christmas tree and everything. The aquariums around the edge of the truck hiding the wheels from view so it looks to all the viewers like a cross-cut shot like in some movie with the fish in the water below and the fishermen uptop.

One other business is involved in this float, in beautiful finery and full make-up are several geisha giggling and cheering on the fisherfolk. It's a whole production that a fisherman pulls out a fish from the tank and a geisha dances the tray over to Naomi Kuroda of Nihon Gardens Sushi Restaurant and Tea House, the tray is slide into place and then magically (not actually, just prestidigitation and angle tricks) when she pulls it back up it's a tray of mini-maki rolls of avocado, salmon, tuna, or cucumber. This tray gets passed back to a geisha that in turn passes them out to the other geisha and they all are helped down to pass out free sushi, and menu pamphlets along the road to those wanting.

Lyra hops off the back of Butch’s motorbike, once he brings it to a stop. Mustang still has her attention. Stuffing her hands in her pockets, she approaches him and that vintage scoot with a little grin. “That’s amazing. I’d love to look inside it sometime…” She starts to approach. But the marching band is coming in behind them, filling up the area at the end of the parade. After almost getting knocked over by a tuba, Lyra steps back and points off into the crowd. “Hey, I’m gonna go watch the rest of it.” She pauses, casting a quick glance over at Butch before scampering off.

Lyra weaves through the crowd. It’s hard to find them, being so short. But at last, she manages to spot Casey and Zoey still watching the parade. “Hi!” She pops up between them both. “I saved some chocolates.” From her jacket pocket, she pulls out a hand of mini Reese's peanut-butter cups. These are Christmas-themed, wrapped in red and green foil.

Shelly and Caleb vanished for a bit to park his bike in an alleyway. But soon enough she comes out of the little nook adjusting her Mrs. Biker Claus skirt and makes sure her hat is back at it's jaunty angle with a high side ponytail of blond curls coming up out of her head on the other side. Reaching back to tangle up her fingers with Caleb's she starts to weave back through the crowd as well to pounce on Lyra, give her cheek a kiss and then give Casey another big hug. "Sorry again about the projectile peppermints!" She offers to Zoey. "What did we miss? Oooo free SUSHI! Bougie!"

Casey snaps another picture and then lowers the camera again to look up to Lyra as she arrives. Grinning, she says, "Hi! Ooh, Reese's, thanks!" She reaches to grab one, even though she's still got her candy cane.

Then, her sister arrives. She hugs Shelly back, and says, giggling a little, "Chocolate's better than sushi." She waves to Caleb as well, still smiling.

Zoey gives Casey a wide grin, endeared by her little friend. She's certainly not going to be the one to pop her Santa bubble. "I'm hoping for the Akira boxed set. The manga, not the anime," she clarifies. Of course she already has the anime…on DVD and Blu-Ray.

Lyra's appearance earns a bright smile from Zoey, and she impulsively throws her arms around her tutor for a tight hug. "Hi, Lyra! Ooooo, choooocolate." She eagerly snags a few, but leaves an equal number for Casey, of course. "What about you, Lyra? We're talkin' about what we're hoping to get for Christmas." But then Shelly appears in her sexy Mrs. Claus getup. Zoey boggles at Shelly's barely-clad bottom with wide eyes and a not-quite-stifled impish grin.

Lyra laughs with impish delight as little Zoey squeezes her. She gathers the girl up in a hug of her own and spins her around before offering out the chocolates once again. “For Christmas? Umm… I dunno. I mean, I used to want money, but- I’m making some money of my own now.”

Shelly’s sudden pounce makes Lyra squeak. Her shining smile turns ever brighter at her adored friend’s kiss to her cheek. After Shelly has finished hugging little Josie, Lyra wraps her arms tight around the older girl’s bare midriff to squeeeeze her.

At the mention of chocolate Lyra’s eyes sparkle at Casey. “Oh! Oh yes. I mean… sushi’s good. But chooocolate. Mmm. No doubt. Especially if it’s milk chocolate. Bitter can be fun, but something like Belgian chocolate is the best.” She pauses and grins back over at Zoey. “Maybe I just want chocolate for Christmas.”

Casey grins at Zoey's wish, and says, "That would be cool! I hope you get it. Will you let me read it if you do?" She can't help but giggle, though, at Zoey's shock with her sister's costume.

When Lyra mentions wanting chocolates for Christmas, she grins, but looks thoughtful for a moment without saying anything.

She snaps a couple of pictures of the parade, and then looks back up to her sister, smiling happily. "What about you? What are you hoping for?"

With Shelly concussing people along the route, Caleb's lips are quirked into something of a lazy smirk, even as they pull over and make amends, with Shell's thigh given a warm pat as she hides her face against his back. Though soon as their role in the parade comes to an end, Caleb's hog is tucked away within an alley, allowing both he and Shell to join the fray on foot.

Sauntering from the alley, Shell adjusting herself, and Caleb looking like the cat who got the cream, or more candy, way more candy than anyone should, Caleb finds himself guided as her hand takes his and their fingers entwine. The parade taken in, his other hand free to adjust his biker's helmet, adorned with felt reindeer antlers, while resisting the urge to smudge the red dot upon his nose.

Course, with Shelly offering further apologies, Caleb grins at Lyra and looks to Zoey and offers brightly, "Quite the shot huh? I gotta say I was…" He glances to Shell and clears his throat a little, "…in no way impressed, apologies. Yeah, and float sushi? That's gotta be the good stuff." His voice a touch deadpan as he steps behind Shell to wrap his and her entwined arms before her, drawing her into a light embrace against him as he watches the floats drift by, that and a return nip to her neck this time.

Fjord takes his time parking his bike before catching up to the others. He spots Caleb and moves through the crowd. "Yo Caleb how goes Brotha?" He calls out before looking to Shelly. Mustang gives her a nod.

After he looks around and sees Lyra, Casey and Zoey. He gives them all a smile. "You girls seem to be having a nice time, yall enjoying the parade?"

"Sure!" Zoey nods to Casey. "Just as long as you promise not to crease the spines." Zoey is a stickler about how her comic books are handled.

Zoey gives Caleb a smirking giggle. "Candy cane to the brain!" As Fjord joins the little party and Zoey finds herself now surrounded by rather attractive bikers, she makes a point to stand a little taller, shoulders back, even trying to set her hip at a sassy angle to mimic Shelly.

Shelly is a happy holiday Shelly with best friend and old man snuggles at the same time. Happy Sandwich Shelly! Her little sister is given a scandalized gawking. "You're lucky I love you!" Chocolate is better than sushi!? Then everyone turns on Sushi and she pouts and pops a piece of maki into her mouth. "Hey a girls gotta get sushi when she can!" Caleb is given a little 'hint hint' butt bump backwards against him. "But you know, what about Chocolate Sushi!?" She giggles and has a pooched out cheek and bounces in Lyra and Caleb's collective arms. "I like this! Not cold whatsoever. Group snuggle!" She reaches to nab her sister and Zoey and Mustang when he has joined them and pulls them close and then giggles spritely and dubs this group hug, "Shelly Sushi!" But then the geisha are all wandered far away and she pouts and makes grabby hands, "Sushi! Come back! I'm the only one that loves you!"

Lyra grins back up at Caleb and offers her best friend’s man a cheerful wave. “Hi Caleb!” she says, grinning up at him like a little sister might. She seems at perfect ease with her arms around Shelly’s waist at the same time as his are just above hers. Her nose wrinkles at the suggestion of chocolate sushi. “Mmm… nooo… That’s going too far. I like sushi, but… No.”

Lyra glances over at Josie and Zoey with a little grin. Catching how Zoey imitates the tilt of Shelly’s hip, she can’t help but grin with a sparkle of mirth in her eyes. She removes one arm from around the scantily clad Missus-Clause to welcome little Zoey into the group-squeeze. But as Shelly tugs Mustang in too, a sudden shyness makes her half-hide against Shelly’s side.

Oh sweet butt-bumps, Caleb lets slip a heated little sigh as he eyes the departing float, "Uh huh… uuh… just remember, Shell now owes you… you can call on her any time to make sure you're okay." Caleb offers with a wink to Zoey and a grin to Lyra, "And likewise you Lyra, it was so close, I can't imagine the flashbacks you'll be having. Even a hint bit woozy, just make sure she pays for her amazing aim, could take weeks to pay off that debt." Caleb grins widely, even letting slip a short husky huff of a laugh, before nuzzling Shell's ear and giving her a squeeze.

"Brother, can't complain." Caleb replies warmly, nodding to Mustang as he joins the group of sushi debating festival-goers, "You? And hell, we sure looked good out there, and the crowd mostly survived Shell's candy throwin'." Though there's but a glance towards the departing sushi, and with Shell's plaintive whimper still ringing in his ears something clicks, "Oh… oh!" Caleb disentangles himself, gives Shell's barely covered bottom a firm swat, musses up Lyra's hair, and pushes away in an instant, "I'll be back!", pointing to each and all, Caleb starts off towards the departing sushi at a half dash through the crowd, felt antlers bouncing atop his helm.

Casey grins to Fjord, nodding emphatically as she swallows a bite of chocolate, before saying, "I am! It's been awesome!"

She nods quickly to Zoey, then, as well, and says, "Of course!" She may not care much about the condition of her own comics, but she's always careful with Zoey's. Her attention returns to Shelly and she starts to giggle at the thought of chocolate sushi. The giggles grow louder as she's pulled into the group snuggle, and leans into her sister happily. "I have to take pictures," she complains without any trace of seriousness. Though she's generally a cheerful girl, this whole parade — and likely the holiday season in general — might as well be Disneyland for how happy she is.

When Caleb offers Shelly's help to Zoey, she comments, "Zoey's my best friend, Shelly would help her anyway." She grins again, though, as Caleb runs off to find her sister more sushi.

Shelly rolls her eyes and grumbles adorably, "Somebody else is lucky I love him." Oh such a glower she gives Caleb and to punish him for continuing to give her grief about her aim he does not get any more butt bumps! But he does give a whopper of a kiss in a 'shaddap!' way. But then he's giving her a spank and running away after the sushi, she assumes to get her more and she gives all huddled around her a big sappy hug and, "Awwww, he lurves meee!" Then after a squirm of the hips recovering from the spank and a giggle she nods to affirm that Zoey, "Most indeedy!" would be helped no matter what, but then a blonde moment strikes. "Help her with what?" Sushi, chocolate, chocolate sushi, comic books, head trauma via candy flinging, parades, the IBMC representing Holiday HAWTness, a damsel in distress in need of help, it's just a subject too many! Can't compute!

Lyra squeaks with a little laugh as Caleb ruffles her hair through that fuzzy-knit hat of hers. “Hey!” she protests though clearly pleased. Once he’s gone, she shifts over comfortably against Shelly to make room for others. “You can take pictures from here, Casey,” says Lyra with an impish grin. “Thooough… you might have ‘bits’ of her in your shots. Course, that might mean you can just straight sell ‘em. Get money for aaaall the sweets.”

It looks like poor Shelly doesn’t know what Zoey might need help with. And before the younger redhead can answer, Lyra interjects. “Homework! It’s the Algebra. It’s got her in a hammerlock.” She pauses. “So clearly, she needs distraction,” she adds with a spark of impish mischief. “You’ll take her… to a fair, right? There’s got to be a winter fair somewhere.”

Fjord is pulled into the hug and looks very awkward and uncomfortable. "Ummmm…..Shels ya know I aint much of a hugger." He says to Shelly with a bit of a nervous chuckle and then he looks to Lyra with smile as she gets shy. "Come on now I stand beside your grand dad and have known you since you were little and yer gonna get shy now?" He teases her playfully giving Lyra a bright smile that reaches his eyes.

He then looks at Zoey and Casey smiling at them each in turn. "Im glad you are enjoying yourselves." He says with a laugh trussing their hair when the hug is relinquished. "Im pretty great Brotha. Alright see ya when you get back." He says chuckling as Caleb runs off.

When the subject turns to homework he rolls his eyes playfully. "All work and no play is just dull and boring. Whas life without fun and adventure?"

Zoey squeals in delight as she is buried in a group hug of bikers and besties. This is what Christmas is all about…or something. Lyra's suggestion for Shelly's debt to her (an idea Zoey is immediately on board with) has Zoey perking up excitedly. "A winter fair? Cool! Like with rides and stuff? Or like a craft fair?" She meets most proposals with equal enthusiasm.

Shelly lifts her hand like she was some great-aunt to try to give Mustang's cheeks a squishing that would pucker out his lips. "You are just the cutest." She also croons and then hip checks the biker. "Think it of keeping me warm." She gives him a flirtatious wink and then is back to joining the conversation of helping and fairs and it's right back to confusion town. "UUhhhhh, sure!" Clueless but spritely Shelly agrees to do whatever seems to be making the girls so excited. She's a pleaser! It has been a whole split second since Caleb's left and she's already looking around in the direction he ran off to. "Where's them cute lil antlers!? Caleb!? Suuuushhhiiiiiii!!" But really, she just wants her own Shelly Snuggle Roll to be complete again. "My butt's cold!" Without him. The exasperated sighs of many of the soccer moms and good church folk around them are ignored by the town hoochy, as usual. "Ooo look!" She bounces and smiles and waves excitedly to the next float that comes rolling down Daisy Street.

Sushi. A sidestep here, a slink through a crowd or two there, and Caleb catches up with the float doling out seemingly delicious float-grade raw fish. Keeping pace, those fine antlers all of a bounce, Caleb manages to not only attract the attention of one of the ladies atop the float, but bag some of that raw fish also. That at the very least allows him to stop a good distance from where Shell's chilly butt awaits both him and the foreign delicacy she desires and deserves. And sure, just in case she wasn't joking, there's a few wrapped chocolates in his pocket.

With something of a saunter, the returning huntsman, the victor with his spoils, Caleb approaches the group he left, and most likely spends more than a few moments admiring Shell's poor cold bottom on his approach, "Well…" His voice ringing out as he pops a rolled piece of something black, white, and colourful in the middle in his mouth, "This ain't bad stuff." Chewing as he draws close, Caleb pops a piece towards Shell's lips, nips at her cheek, and holds the tray of rolled raw fish, rice and other things he has little idea about before everyone else present about Shell, his beautiful little beacon, "Help yourselves all, it ain't bad, really. Though that piece there… I think is still alive."

Casey grins, and says, "That's perfect! A great way to pay back for a candy concussion." She giggles a bit, again, at her sister's call for sushi.

When she points out that there is a new float coming, though, she brings her camera up again quickly to take more pictures.

She doesn't seem to have much interest in the sushi when Caleb returns, though she gives a wrinkled nose and a giggled, "Ew," to the mention of one of the pieces still being alive.

Fjord laughs and shakes his head. "Shel I'm pretty sure your Ol' man wouldn't like me keeping you warm" He teases with a playful wink in return. When Caleb returns with the offer of sushi he just holds up his hands shaking his head with a chuckle. "Nah brotha I'm good. Even when I was all over the world with the Navy I never developed a liking for it. Just can't do raw fish. Steak though that better still be mooing." Fjord gives a hearty laugh at all of this.

"So what should we do after the parade?" He asks with so typical Mustang style mischievous grin.

Lyra’s shyness just gets worse at Mustang’s teasing. She doesn’t answer, just hiding closer against Shelly. But when Caleb returns triumphant with a tray of sushi, she giggles and joins Casey’s camp in wrinkling her nose. If it really were alive – that’s a sign that it’s fresh. But she’s always been a little wary of sushi. Mustang raises a good question about what to do after the parade. Though Lyra doesn’t quite answer him directly, she does glance at the other younger girls and says, “Should we go looking for any candy that got dropped? That way… you know… nothing goes to waste and we keep the streets clean.”

The the stately but beautiful restored mint colored 1953 Bel Air convertible that comes up not far behind the bikers has the Knight family seated within its back seats and up on the rim of the convertible itself. They have grape flavored candy canes and are tossing them out with waves that could rival that of a beauty queen. Aura knight with her blonde hair styled in a gorgeous wave of hair has her hand up and is smiling so bright her pearly whites can be seen at the back. Mister Knight is seated beside her, as the Elkhorn Winery banner is marched behind them by a couple of workers while others are running the edges of the crowd with buckets of goodies. The banner proclaims their heritage to the town and offers free wine tasting in the new year! Rupert for all his smiles looks a little stiff and reserved as he often is in his navy blue pinstripe suit. Kelby is there with them, seated in the front seat in a bright red dress and gold cardigan as she calls out to those she knows.

It is not long before they are pulling off to end their participation and up Kelby gets in gold sparkling tights, heels and that fifties cut and flare red dress. Her hair styled up in a bun with a fifties swoop jostles a bit as she clack clack clacks her way out of the car with a pair of cowboy boots. Audra says, "Be careful darling..don't run..those tights will snag!" She declares in worry. "She will be fine," Rupert replies dryly though his eyes fall to those cowboy boots an a single eyebrow arches as lips thin in distaste.

Kelby huffs out a breath, tugging off her heels and tossing them back in the car before she shoves her feet in white gem studded cowboy boots. "Yes yes, I will be careful! Love you both…I have to go help Cam!" She is off then, running past the Iron Brigade and back through the crowds with a flash of full skirted dress in her wake as she dodges through people to get to the rear of the parade where the natives are getting ready.

Naomi drew interest in the fact that a reindeer biker came specifically looking for more Sushi. She is the one that hooked Caleb up with a tray so long as he promised to consider one of their Date Night Packages. Good for the next coming holiday of Valentine's Day! But she carefully makes her way to give the Aquarium and Tow Truck collaborators some hugs and Happy Holidays before the woman in nice warm layers upon layers of kimono with crystal snowflake dangles on her numerous hair pins in her black waxed and perfectly traditionally quaffed hair shuffles back towards the main event on 3rd Street. Much taller than she normally is because her wooden sandals give her another 3 inches.

"I know exactly what my Ol'man does and doesn't like." Shelly pokes her tongue out at Mustang and then she wags her eyebrows playfully. "Ain't that right Monkey?" She greets her man back into the fold and gives him a deep kiss, "You're forgiven." For teasing her about beaming Zoey with candy. Shelly squirms and giggles happily. "Now I know what the pole feels like." Ahhh stripper humor, keeping it classy! Gobbling up the piece of sushi she bounces again. Happy Sushi Shelly! "More for me!" She squees when everyone else turns it down. Lyra's wholesome suggestion makes her giggle more, "Girl Scout." Shelly looks around stretching to see where Butch is at before she'll bend down to give Lyra a kiss. "Mmm, Sushi kisses!" She winks and gives Lyra another quick smooch before she'll lean over to make a silly face to photo bomb at least one of her sister's pictures.

Fjord is chuckling when Kelby runs past. He turns quick as a shot and reaches out grabbing her arm softly. "Yo Kelbs wheres the Fire? You ain't gonna stop and say hi to me?" He asks playfully. "It's been a long time Kelbs." mustang says softly releasing her arm.

He stops and waits for her to look at him though he still has a smile on his face. His scarred features showing the battles the man has fought. "I've missed ya Kelbs truly." Mustang says offering a hug to his old flame.

Lyra flushes when Shelly calls her a “girl scout”. But that sweet little smooch to her lips floods her cheeks with warmth. She tries to hide how bashful it leaves her with a laugh. “Sushi kisses? See, again… chocolate. Chocolate would be better.” She glances back over at the younger girls. “Maybe some of the floats are tossing out those.” As Mustang catches Kelby Knight by the arm, Lyra can’t help but glance curiously at the woman.

Good thing Kelby is no longer in those heels when Fjord grabs her arm. As it is the dressy boots still slide a little and she whirls a bit to turn and face him. "Fjord," she says, partial surprise on her face before her smile blossoms with a curl of bright red lips. She has to angle and turn a bit more when he goes in for the hug and her own arms slip around him covered in their glittery gold cardigan. "It's good to see you." She gives him a squeeze and releases him, straightening up as her hands fix the cardigan at her neck. "I have to get back by the others," she makes a motion with her thumb towards the rear of the parade. "Wearing two hats today, but we should catch up, soon." She grasps his arm and gives it a squeeze before she takes a step back without turning, giving a twiddle of her fingers in the air at him.

That back step Kelby takes bumps her into another and she has to laugh a bit and excuse herself before she is off running again. Quickly disappearing from sight she is soon appearing at the rear of the parade and approaching the Native population with a bright smile she angles for a certain one amongst the dressed as Coyote and sneaks up to give him a hug from behind. "Hello Mister Walker."

Coming up just behind the Elkhorn Winery procession is a rather large pickup truck, pulling an even larger flatbed trailer. The truck is dark in color and recently washed, with just one occupant—the driver, Reginald Knight, a man in the later end of his fifties, well groomed and sharp looking, though not nearly so refined as his younger brother, Rupert. The trailer he’s towing has been converted to a makeshift float, of sorts, decorated with actual, thick-grassed sod, a few panels of wooden fencing, and a life-sized plush sheep. The sheep has a belled collar around its neck, and is chewing on an ornate banner that reads “Bellwether Books”. Nestled in the bed of the truck, in front of the trailer, is a model barn, large enough to look similar to a truck-bed camper, there appear to be books stacked up to the windows, and a few spilling out of the barn doors.

Sitting atop a bale of hay in the flatbed is an older woman, Siobhan Knight, also in her fifties, with short red-grey hair, though she’s wearing a headscarf wrapped around her for warmth. With her is a young woman, Saoirse, who looks about sixteen or seventeen, also with short red hair, along with a pair of striking blue eyes, and a freckled face. She’s dressed in blue overalls, a flannel shirt with the sleeves rolled up, and some yellow rubber boots (mostly just to look like she belongs there with the rest of the float decorations.) The young woman occasionally smiles and waves at the gathered townsfolk, though she doesn’t recognize very many of them from their limited and mostly preoccupied time in town. She would wave timidly at her cousin Kelby if she were to catch her eye. What she does do is spend most of her time reaching into a burlap sack and pulling out miniature stuffed sheep, each one with a belled collar around its neck that reads “Bellwether Books”. She tosses these to anyone that looks like they might appreciate something plush and squeezable.

Speaking of plush and squeezable, Caleb settles back in against Shell, returns that kiss with a certain fervour of youth and grins as his far better half proceeds to scoff the sushi with a certain vigour that only raw fish and rice can surely provide the nutrients and energy for, "I gotta say this is a damn fine parade… not a bad little town we have, think we can grow old here Shell." He pauses but for a moment, "Though a mooing steak does sound good brother." Fjord's suggestion certainly giving giving Caleb's stomach good reason to rumble, and good reason too to bop Fjord on the upper arm by way of a salute and a distraction.

The new float however does draw the eye, not that Caleb has read much beyond technical manuals of late, however those little stuffed sheep being tossed into the crowd certainly draw a grin, "Hey! Over here!" He shouts gesturing to Zoey, Casey, Lyra, and Shell who are far more likely to visit Bellwether Books than he, but are clearly deserving of an adorable stuffed sheep also, "If you bounce one or more off of Shell's head, bonus points." The last few words spoken loud enough for those nearby to hear, that and Shell gets a gentle squeeze against him, for surely she'll get her revenge. Worth it though.

Lyra glances off at the parade as Caleb takes particular interest in the next float. It appears to be farm themed. And book themed? And to the crowd they’re tossing… stuffed sheep? Her eyes widen. She. Wants. One. Abandoning her hold around Shelly’s waist, the girl steps out to the very edge of the street, just as they’re passing. And lo! She happens to know that freckled girl in overalls. “Seeeelkiiiieee!!” she calls in a squeal of excitement. Bouncing at the edge of the street, she waves her hands in the air. “Over here! Toss one here, Saoirse. Toss all of them.”

Zoey is drawn immediately to the Bellwether Books float. That store is life. Many hours have been spent slaying dragons, exploring distant galaxies, or being romanced by impossibly beautiful vampires amidst its shelves. She bounces up alongside Lyra, waving her arms excitedly at Saoirse. "Sheep me! Ba-ah-ah-ah! Polymorph!" Because clearly she expects everyone to understand a World of Warcraft reference.

Saoirse glances toward the shout with a soft smile, and immediately notices Lyra, who’s one of the few faces she recognizes on a personal level. She does, however, recognize Zoey, though she’s never learned her name. Her expression brightens a little bit extra and she reaches into her sack, trying to find the most adorable set of sheep, which she then tosses toward Caleb, Lyra, Zoey, and the group…Her aim is surprisingly good. She calls out in a lilting Irish brogue “Lyra! How’s the craic?” Her ‘float’ is not traveling so quickly as to make calling out impossible, but it does give her a limited time to decide whether or not she wants to abandon her mother and their little flock to clamber down and say ‘hi’. Siobhan’s expression is mostly unreadable regarding the leather-clad group with Lyra, though her gaze looks a little bit longer and more carefully at certain members of the group and their clothing, or lack thereof. Her glance isn’t disapproving, but it is critical.

Fjord watches as Kelby runs off. "Yea well catch up later Kelbs." He calls before turning back to Caleb as he feels that arm smack. "Gods man I hate to see that girl go but love….." He leaves it unfinished remembering the kids being around he sees the next float coming down and watches sheep being tossed.

"Doesnt it brotha a good mooing steak by far better than raw fish stuff." He teases Shelly. Than he leans back and drifts into his thoughts for a bit.

Bouncie, bounce, bounce. Lyra bounces along with little Zoey until she catches the sheep that Saoirse throws right to her. "Thank you!!" Hugging it tight to her chest, she spins around in delight. "Ooooh!! It's so fluffy I'm gonna daaaiii!" She giggles, nuzzling her face into it before scampering over to Shelly. "Look! Look, I got a sheep! I'm going to name her Miss Floofles."

Whirling back around, Lyra waves back over at Saoirse. "Hey! Come 'round over after you reach the end, ok?" She grins over at Zoey. "Have you met her yet? You need to meet her." Glancing over her shoulder, she adds, "Casey, you too. She's super nice. Works at the bookstore. Though you probably guessed that."

As Shelley photobombs her picture, Casey burst into giggles, and says, in a voice that's more of a playful complaint, "Hey!"

Then there is someone throwing out plush animals. Even better than getting one of the stuffed animals, however, is getting a picture of Zoey catching one of them. She turns and steps back onto the street just slightly so she can try to get what she thinks is the perfect angle to catch the picture.

After that, she smiles up to Lyra and says, shaking her head, "I haven't met her, yet. I mostly go to the library."

Zoey is captured on film with her mouth wide open in a laughing grin, her long red hair flailing wildly as a stuffed sheep falls into her outstretched arms. It's a perfect snapshot of her vivacious spirit.

"Mine shall be known as the Dark Lord Woolrath, Master of the Blood Flock!" Zoey intones in as deep a voice as she can muster. With a giggle, she bounds after Lyra and Casey. "Who are we meeting? Oh, the bookstore girl? Yeah, I know her. She's sold me books." Clearly she is very tight with 'the bookstore girl'.

One of the little lambs has rolled uncaught onto the sidewalk before Naomi and she makes sure to hold her balance on top of those high sandals and very carefully lowers herself down so that she can pick it up, brush it off and places it on the top ledge of her obi before she puts her arms out to either side of her to keep her balance as she rights up to a stand. "Happy Holidays!" She greets those that watched her little feat of plushy acquirement. Her eyes widening overhearing the naming of the lambs. "Goodness, those are some wonderful names! What do you think I should name mine? Obi-one Kabab-i?" Being rather extroverted and talking with strangers has Naomi blushing and bowing in greeting to them. Though really if she weren't in the sandals, she'd probably have run away already. Damn footwear making her sociable!

Shelly is still drooling over the Elkhorn Winery old car. "Oh baby, I want one!" She bounces and gives him eyes like she did that had him going and getting her sushi. They beg him to go steal that 'stately but beautiful restored mint colored 1953 Bel Air convertible' for her. When sheep start to rain down she acks and protects the sushi! "Oooo, who was thaaaAAaaat?" Shelly croons in the most immature 'Kelby and Mustang sittin in a tree!' manner at Fjord before she stuffs her face with another piece of sushi her man got for her special like. "What's Book!?" She giggles, "Ohhh, I think I remember those! Like at school." When people stare at her she rolls her eyes, "Gawd, I'm kidding! I know what a book is. Just haven't used one in EVER!" Cause thank you Eos!

Towards the back of the procession there is Cameron in traditional garb warming up with the rest of the singers and dancers. When Kelby comes up to him he's hitching the elk hounds up to their mushing sleigh that is on wheels and super lightweight. But he's also looking up and to the very back of the procession but then Kelby is sneaking up and he startles a little and then chuckles and turns around to hug her and give her a rather big smooch. "Hey! There you are. Ready for your second hat to wear?" He picks up the traditional hat those of the Northwest Tribes tend to wear and he puts it down on her head. "There you are…" He whispers something against her lips before he gives her another kiss. Kelby is then helped onto the sleigh at the musher's spot. "Just tell them to 'Keep to the Line. Ho, and Mush. Just like we practiced. Great Spirit you look amazing." He praises after wrapping her in a cloak that his mother used to wear for this event. "Mush'm baby." He fist bumps his right hand Hand, Miguel (on roster!) who is strolling down along with Kelby's mushing sleigh with one of the Walker Ranch Elks with a red foam nose attached to the halter Miguel has a hold of.

After making sure the Walker Ranch people are set up, Cameron tilts his head back and gives a yipping howl of a coyote and with that the drummers begin to drum and the singing begins. There are two main groups, both dressed in masks and hats and blanket-like cloaks that are all painted, woven, or carved with the tribes representations of Coyotes and Ravens mostly. But there are also some wolves, whales, and seals also in the procession of those representing the SOTA Reservation. (Example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ybRJidm-kHQ)

Kelby gives off a soft little laugh as that hat is plunked down on her head and she does her best to make certain it sits right. Adjusting it just so she glances up at him for confirmation. "I am sure fit and flare red dresses are what the moment calls for." She grins against his lips when he speaks and she shows a big wide swath of teeth. A soft laugh and she wrinkles her nose at him. Setting herself into place there is a grateful sigh as the cloak is settled about her shoulders. "I will do my best, Cam. See you at the other end," she makes sure she's not about to trip on anything but her hand lifts to the wheeled sled and glances up at Miguel. "Thank goodness you are here," she admits and feels like her head is about to be swallowed by the hat.

Elias has his own Raven set on and as Cameron moves to join them, he chuckles, "Walker!" He calls. The taller native lopes his way and is grinning, giving a toss of his dark hair back over his shoulder with a wide roll of them to set his cloak about his broad figure. "Ready to do this?" OF course they are but he gets a pat on the back and angles his head towards the crew. He lines up and readies himself to fall into step with the others. "Cloak fit her?" He calls over, suddenly thoughtful before his eyes are ahead for that sushi float that he couldn't get to. Hopefully there is enough left later.

Fjord is brought back from his thoughts by Shelly's teasing quip. "Huh…what? Oh her….thats ummm….thats Kelbs….I mean Kelby Knight….my…well my high school sweetheart." He says softer than he intended as he looks out in the direction of Kelby's departure.

"Shell it's….nothing…just history and old news. Shed moved on with her life after I enlisted and left for the Navy and she went to College." Mustang sighs and leans back again. "Just ancient history." He whispers with a chuckle though it's clear it's anything but nothing.

Saoirse smiles a half-beaming yet still slightly timid smile to Lyra, Zoey, Casey, and the rest of their little group as the plush sheep find their respective owners. "Alright! I will!" She calls out to Lyra in response to her invitation, before glancing back at her mother. Siobhan nods to her daughter, mentioning something about helping to clean out the trailer, but she seems to give her permission free enough.

As soon as their float makes it to the end of the line Saoirse helps her father get everything stowed and situated before changing shoes and snagging her trusty messenger bag and sketchbook. "I'll be home before too late! I love you!" With a kiss for her mother she darts off, excited and also apprehensive at the idea of new people in large crowds. By the time she's reached Lyra's group she's a bit out of breath, and the freckles on her flushed cheeks stick out like a sore thumb. She's also well aware that overalls and a red flannel shirt are not exactly stylish, but she didn't have anything to change into so she just tries not to think of how dorky she must look.

"Hey…ehm…guys…gals? Er…hey Lyra." Bollocks, she thinks to herself. Great start, Saoirse

“Ooh! Now /that’s/ a name,” says Lyra with an impish giggle as Zoey declares her own plushie’s moniker. Hugging her own Miss Floofles to her chest, she rocks back on her heels. “Ah, library. Right,” she says, nodding at Casey. “But of course, when the book you want is out, or they don’t have it in the first place, I mean… there are chairs at the bookstore. And pastries. Nothing wrong with… you know… glancing through a book you’re thinking of buying.” Lyra grins at the two younger girls a little sheepishly (half-hiding behind Miss Floofles) as she encourages something that probably isn’t much appreciated at the bookstore.

Realizing that Casey never caught a stuffed sheep, Lyra casts about and spots one on the ground. “Oh! Hey, Casey. I think this one’s yours.” She picks it up and dusts off the bits of leaves and dead grass. “Do you want it?” she asks, glancing over at her. “I can hold onto her if you’ve got your hands full with the camera.”

The moment Saoirse appears and greets them, Lyra wraps an arm around hers and draws her in closer to the other girls. “Hi Saoirse! This is Casey and Zoey. Aaaand, Zoey and Casey, this is Saoirse.” She pauses before adding, “You know, she’s an amazing artist. You should all see her sketches sometime. She even did one of me and let me keep it!”

Casey looks down at her camera after taking the picture, and makes a half-laugh-half-cheering sound. "Yes! Perfect picture! This is way more fun than taking pictures with my phone."

She nods quickly to Lyra with a smile, at the offer of the sheep, "Yes, please! But, yeah, gotta keep holding the camera." Then, after she's taken another shot of the parade, Saoirse is there, and she looks up with a smile again. "Hi."

"Babe, I'll get you one." Caleb offers in response to Shell's lustful drooling towards the sheer perfection that was the Bel Air Convertible, "For now, make do with a sheep and some sushi." The sheep is artfully set upon Shell's shoulder against her neck, peering down into the sushi as might a stuffed sheep with little regard for sushi, "I guess the hog can be a little cold at times huh?" He almost seems to be mulling it over, giving it the required thought to fuel Shell's drooling desire.

Fjord for his part gets a firm pat on the shoulder, and Shell a light swat on the behind for her teasing, even if Caleb is grinning slightly as Shell is often more than able to ensure, "High school sweethearts are somethin', and damn if they don't keep a hold of your heart. Who knows huh? Jus' hold on in there brother." As for his own high school sweetheart, Caleb just grins and gives the sheep-shouldering-sushi-stuffed-Shell a squeeze.

There is much bouncing and giggling and a rain of kisses down onto Caleb from Shelly, "Nonono, the hawg is perfect." Shelly really never seems to get genuinely cold unless she's trying to get some group huggy Shelly Sushi Roll action going on. Cause Magic! But, "It's just so pretty and it's got a great back seat." The biker chick gives him a big exaggerated wink wink. So in typical Shelly fashion, getting the car is for the nookie not to replace the hog. She loves that bike, like she loves its biker, she might enjoy other ahem 'vehicles' but it never diminishes her love of that hog and its owner.

"Daawwww, Tangy's near blushing. Damn, that's sexy!" She reaches over to give his face another affectionate smooshing. "Yeah… was gonna say, it can work out with the right girl. But Dang Tang… we need to get you someone that's in the life. You know? Stop trying for the Aladdin/Jasmine thing. A hog ain't a magic carpet. And a Knight is no biker chick. But who knows, maybe she is underneath all that silk and uhh… 'stylish' hats?" She juts her chin towards the Kelby pretending to mush a bunch of dogs down Daisy St. But she shrugs and gives a little sigh when her sushi is all gone. But she finds comfort for the let down by nuzzling her shoulder sheep and nestles back into her Monkey Squeezes.

Playful bratty big sis Shelly also comes out because she reaches and stretches to press the button on Casey's camera, several times, those should be some interesting shots!

supportjord laughs at the playful teasing and the assumption of a Knight not being a biker chick. "The Kelby I knew was. She loved ridin' on the back of the Hog." He teases back. "Just war and military and her college shit just didn't work out. Last Id heard she was marrying some other guy. A guy she met when she was in college." Fjord smiles fondly at the pretend mushing Kelby.

"And I aint near blushin'." He teases back at her. He turns to Caleb and chuckles. "Yea the definitely do keep a hold on a small piece of it at the very least. Some fond memories with her." Fjord shrugs his shoulders the young Sergeant at Arms claps his club brother on the back. "Its cool brotha no need to worry. She's well maybe not ancient history but history nonetheless. But thanks for your support on it though." Fjord chuckles a bit and musses Zoey and Caseys hair before mulling over the rest of what Shelly said.

"Oh come on Shell a Hog is too a magic Carpet. And what's wrong with the Aladdin and Jasmine thing? For a Disney chick the made her kinda hot." He says jokingly. "Besides I don't know many women in the life. The ones I do know are taken and so off limits. Besides have you seen this face? Or the body? Im covered in scars and ink." Fjord laughs a bit here. "I don't think even a woman in the life would want to be with this ugly mug." Mustang lets out a loud deep barking laugh at what he says. Then he notices Saoirse and over hears the mention of art. "Ah a young budding arteest." He says in a playfully high class tone. "I too am an arteest i'm the owner and head arteest at Frogman Tattooing. A pleasure to meet ya. Im Mustang."

As Lyra takes her arm and swings her closer to the group, Saoirse tries desperately to capture every name so that she’ll eventually be able to match them with faces. “Casey, Zoey, Mustang…Casey, Zoey, Mustang…ehm… Hello! It’s a pleasure, though I tink I’ve seen one or more of you at the Bookshop at least once…”. Her voice, lightly accented, is a little softer than usual and a bit shy. She also nods to Shelly, though she can’t recall if she’s supposed to know her name by now…has Lyra mentioned her? Bollocks she’s never going to be able to keep all this straight.

“Honestly… Lyra told me to come by after we got to the end of the line… I’m…not sure I tought very much about what I would do after sayin’ ‘hi’”. The young woman smiles a bit sheepishly. Though, glancing at Fjord, she does wonder with an artistic eye how much of his ink is of his own design, and a curiosity forms inside her to check out the tattoo parlor at some point, even just to appreciate other kinds of art. “Uhm… I’m Saoirse… but… she told you tat already didn’t she?”

"OH EM GEE, you're an artist?" Zoey's eyes glow with laserbeams of glee aimed right at Saoirse. "Canyoudrawmycharacterpleaseshe'sanelfprincessbutalsoasorceressandshehasamagicbowoncewieldedbythegoddessofloveandnature!" After that, the little redhead literally has to gasp for air through her beaming grin. The ruffle from Mustang earns an even wider grin, and a big, freckled blush. "Yeah, what's wrong with the Aladdin and Jasmine thing?" She isn't entirely sure what she's arguing for or against, but she feels obliged to side with the hot, tattooed guy that just touched her head.

"Got it! I'll keep him or her safe," says Lyra with a nod at Josie. She shifts both stuffed sheep to rest comfortably one arm so she can keep her other wrapped around Saoirse's arm. She laughs, so very pleased at Zoey's response to the information that Saoirse is an artist. She /knew/ that would intrigue the younger girl. Catching how Saoirse glances off at the others, she's quick to make further introductions. "Oh! Aaand, this is Shelly. And her old man, Caleb." Of course, Mustang already introduced himself. Lyra catches her lower lip with a bit of a grin as Mustang makes Zoey blush. "Fairy tale love?" she says, following Zoey into that conversation. She peeks up at Mustang before glancing over at Shelly and Caleb.

"Well it's like the original Catfish story, isn't it? So that's not healthy. Being an old lady or Sandy in the Club is a big deal, it's just not just liking being on the back of some guy's hog. You're all the street rat Aladdin was and more. You're Sergeant at Arms of the Iron Brigade. It's going to take a lot of looking, but you'll find someone that's just right for Aladdin and not Prince A-Boo-Boo." And until then if you need to let off some steam…" Wink wink again. "Cause scars and ink if ff-rickin hawt."

All that said while snuggling deeper into her old man's arms. The drums of the increasing volume as the Rez troupe gets closer has her bouncing and wiggling and squirming against him to the beat.

To Zoey Shelly's eyes go wide. "Damn, girly, you need a puff of an inhaler after that!?" She giggles and grins, "Sounds like an awesome little character." To Saiorse the biker chick gives a warm sunny smile and wave of her fingers to. "Happy Holidays! You got a great arm. Didn't beam one person in the head. Teach me sam pie!?" She looks to Casey with a 'did I get that right!?' eager expression.

Sticking out like quite the sore thumb beside the biker is still the quiet girl in all her kimono layers and traditional Japanese winter attire like she's just stepped out of an old wood block painting or realistic manga. "I have a goddess of love drawing. Would you like to see?" She really is doing her best to break out of her introvert shell and interact with those around her. A kindred spirit seemingly found in Saoirse she gives the girl a soft sweet smile and bow of her head. "Naomi." Just another name to add to the hat of new things to learn.

Cameron fist bumps the other lead dancer, Elias' fist and will often come dancing over to howl and bark at the raven that keeps stealing things, mostly the trinkets and candy and, "Sushi!? You're stealing people's sushi!?" Cam teases Elias. "Really immersed in the role this year huh?" He looks over to Kelby and grins, "Like a glove. You should see her at the ranch. I gave her Kangee's hat. Like a glove. Great Spirit works wonders. Breaks your heart and then overflows it with joy. I mean look at her! I mean don't look at her too, much! But yeah, that's my girl!"

Cameron gives his friend a dimpled grin, really he's not looked this happy in a very very long time. But here he is, celebrating with his community and even bringing his girl to be apart of it too. Pretty big steps. Speaking of big steps, when the speaker starts to tell the tale of a local Coyote Myth. So that is when the Coyote dancers turn it up a notch and they go to the sides of the street and give their best coyote howls and then gesture for those in the crowd to do the same. Those that give their best effort are given candy canes. Those that don't have the coyotes looking like they are figuratively enacting poo pooing on the effort before they continue to the next section of the crowd.

The final float in the parade is, by tradition, the Rocklin Lumber float. For many years it made a simple, but strong statement with a high chair upon which Everett Rocklin would sit and wave to the crowd, surrounded by family members and company managers. In the last few years, though, it has transformed into something much grander; Violet Rocklin has taken the reins to turn it into a more festive presentation.

This year, the Rocklin Lumber float has chosen to be somewhat literal. The vehicle is surrounded by a moat of sorts, hidden pumps creating the illusion of rushing water. The center platform is fashioned to look like an enormous log floating down the river. Upon the platform are still lumberjacks, but rather than just waving to the crowd, they are performing a simple, mostly-synchronized dance routine, complete with axes as props. They are far from professional dancers, being actual local 'jacks, but the whole scene is played more for laughs than for dancing skill. At the raised rear of the float — and displaying far more skill than the dancers — are Portia Rocklin and her stepmother, Violet,whose "Jingle Bell Rock" duet the lumberjacks are dancing to. Though not dancing or singing, Everett Rocklin is standing behind his wife and daughter (no "throne" this time), waving to the crowd. All of the Rocklins are in lumberjack flannels, jeans, suspenders, and workman's boots.

As the float nears the center of the crowd and the musical medley pauses between songs, Violet speaks to the crowd, her voice amplified by her microphone. "Happy Holidays, Mythic Wood! All of us at Rocklin Lumber want to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I just want to remind everyone that there are still raffle tickets available for the cake sale. Thank you to Crane's Bakery for providing such lovely cakes! All proceeds go to the Ark Project for homeless and at-risk children. Let's make sure they all have a warm and safe holiday season." She flashes her pearly smile to the crowd to the sound of their applause.

Elias chuckles at Cameron, "Hey, a Raven's gotta do what Raven's gotta do. Be it sushi or what else." The jovial lead dancer moves about in diving circular. Motions show the cloak he wears, depicting the Raven as he stomps his feet to the drums and spins about like some avian taken flight. His dark hair, long and free flares out with each of his moves and he's tied black feathers into several long braids down the front of each side of his face. STOMP STOMP his right foot and turn, STOMP STOMP his left foot and turn. He wheels around near Cameron and remarks, "Just good to see you smiling, Walker. Can not be anything wrong with that. And yes, Great Spirit works as is needed. Be grateful for it." STOMP STOMP Turn. STOMP STOMP Turn. He keep sup this circling motion and then lifts his hands to the air and swirls about.

Kelby is doing her best to look like she is actually mushing but when your sled has wheels all you can do is walk. She gives Miguel a look, a faint smile that spreads as she watches Cameron throw himself into the roll. She lifts her hand and waves to the others. "MUSH" She calls to the dogs and tries her best to hide her out of place red dress so that she can fit in with the rest of the natives - even if her father will not admit that the Knight family line may have mixed in with the locals somewhere down the line. She laughs a little and holds up her hand to wave to some little ones as they jump up and down for the dogs.

It's a very Rocklin Christmas as they bring up the rear and on that amazingly designed float stands Portia Rocklin with her golden hair down in stunning waves about her face. That red flannel does not quite look her thing but she manages to pull it off. It's a long flannel dress with a denim belt and a denim jacket over to offer more warmth for her as she sings out, harmonizing rather well with her stepmom that could well be her sister.

When Violet speaks she lowers her mic and looks elsewhere, scanning the crowd for familiar faces and maybe one in particular. She waits for her to finish speaking and the music cues up and on goes WInter Wonderland.

Saoirse can’t help but laugh at Zoey’s outburst. “I am. I’d love to draw your elf princess for you… but you’ll have to come by and give me a detailed description, sometime…and…ehm… I’m not sure if I’m much of an illustrator… but I’ll try.” She then glances with interest toward Naomi as soon as she spots the kimono, the contrast from her traditional attire to all the biker leather around her is very striking, indeed. Almost immediately she recognizes the same sort of…shyness? Introversion? In the other woman that she feels surrounded by so many happy, loud folk, and a bit of a kindred warmth bubbles out of her. “I’d like to see tat. Naomi… tat’s a lovely name… and I love your kimono.”

The young woman then turns a bit to smile bashfully at Shelly “Actually… I was tryin’ t’hit Lyra in the face, but I missed.” Saoirse’s body language reads an interesting combination of hopeful and shy, depending on who she’s addressing at any given moment. Her cheeks are slightly flushed, and she fidgets with the strap of her messenger bag.

Naomi has quite a lot of layers to get through, but with a shy blush that can be seen through the white make-up with the rouge on top of it she slides out her left leg just enough to display something that any artist could tell is part of a bigger piece that she keeps secret but upon her left calf in Japanese Tat style (no tattoo gun here!) is a depiction of, "Benten, goddess of love, eloquence, language, wisdom, knowledge, the arts, music, good fortune, and water. She is the patroness of geishas, dancers, and musicians." The goddess is portrayed as a beautiful woman, riding a dragon while playing on the biwa. The dragon disappears in places as it is coiled around Naomi's leg. It is quite a large piece, denoting a special degree of sentimentality perhaps for obvious reasons to Naomi. It's not long until Naomi's modesty takes her over again and the kimonos are slide to hide any and all other ink she might have from view with another shy smile.

Caleb just grins and returns each and every kiss rained down upon him by the all too mischievous Shelly, "We're so gettin' that car…" Yup, that was sold to him in an instant, it is a dream that has to be fulfilled. The look in his eyes as he stares at Shell is just as if there's little else about him for those few warm moments, the faintly crooked smile and the gentle nip to the tip of her nose, and Caleb just wraps his arms about Shell all the tighter, "Hell yeah."

"Damn right brother." Caleb reaches out to pat Fjord's arm, "You'll get your Jasmine, or perhaps an Ariel… probably smells like sushi though, could be easy to find." A shoulder shrug offered, not the greatest train of thought that ever existed. Though as Fjord introduces himself to a fellow arrrtist, Caleb grins, falls thankfully silent and steals Shell's sheep before proceeding to bop Shell on the nose with its fuzzy butt, "Hey…", dramatic pause before the bop, "…ewe."

Zoey looks like she's ready to shotgun that detailed description to Saoirse that very instant, but there is so much conversation and activity, she is too easily distracted. She grins broadly at Caleb's suggestion, nodding to Fjord. "Oh, yeah! You need an Ariel. Redheads are the best!" She casually flips her long mane of vividly red hair. Subtle, Zoey. Subtle.

Casey blinks and looks up as Shelly hits the button on her camera, saying again, "Hey!" This time she does sound a touch annoyed, if not very much.

The annoyance disappears quickly, however, and she's giggling again soon at Zoey's excitement. "Yeah, you gotta do that picture, she's really cool!" Then she looks to her sister, and shakes her head quickly, "Sensei. Senpai is if you're both in school and she's a higher grade." She's picked up quite a bit from the anime she's watched with Zoey, even if she is more of a fan of American fandoms.

Case in point: to the discussion of Disney romances and Fjord, she says, "I like Hook and Emma better. You're kind of like Hook. Just gotta find a hero."

In any case, she still takes pictures of the parade, though as the coyotes from one of the floats reach their section of the crowd and call for the howls, she joins in loudly and wholeheartedly!

Then, it's back to the conversation, and she says, "Oh, yeah, Ariel's cool."

Lyra hugs the two stuffed sheep close against her chest as Shelly offers Mustang such encouraging words. "That's right," she adds with a little nod. "You'll find someone for your very own soon." Caleb's pun makes her giggle. Glancing at Casey, she says, "Hook… you mean like from Peter Pan?" She grins up at Mustang. "Yeah, I can see that. You do seem a bit of a villain. But like… the sympathetic kind. The best kind." As Zoey recommends redheads with that oh-so-casual flip of her vivid red hair, Lyra can't help but giggle, hiding her grin behind a hand.

With her arm still around Saoirse's, the other girl's conversation with Naomi soon draws Lyra's attention. Her eyes widen at the exquisite tattoo flowing down the woman's exposed leg. "Oh! That's gorgeous." She nudges Saoirse with her hip. "Have you ever done anything in that style?"

Fjord looks to Shelly with a smile and a wink before responding to her. "Careful Shel you keep making offers like that and I may take ya up on it." He teases playful nudging Caleb and clapping him on the back. "Ariel huh nah brotha I don't like fishy smells." Fjord says with a deep laugh.

He then turns to Zoey and her oh so subtle comment on red heads and her surreptitious hair flip. "I don't. Redheads are fiery and strong willed and very very tough to handle. May be to much woman for me there." He teases and then there's Casey and Lyra he raises his eyebrows to them. "Wait yall think Im a villain….ouch you wound me so. I'm a fine upstanding law abiding citizen." Mustang says with mock hurt and putting his hands over his heart. "You wound me." He teases.

Saoirse shakes her head at Lyra's question while simultaneously blushing at the hip bump, appreciating Naomi's tattoo, though ALSO blushing a bit at the initial realization that the drawing she had been talking about was actually tattooed on her body, and definitely part of a larger design. "It reminds me of other traditional Japanese art…Like the Great Wave… or some of the amazing woodblock prints we study in school…" She smiles shyly at Naomi, "I'm sure the rest of it is just as pretty, tank you for showin' us." She leans into Lyra a bit, "I've never really done anyting in tat style. My real, finished pieces are mostly in oils and acrylics…besides, tattooing is hard, and tat one looks traditional… no tattoo gun."

Round goes the Raven, round he goes so gracefully. Elias knows the moves from years of practice and he leads the natives well in their choreography. He pinwheels, holding out his cloak and alternating arms up and down as he spins in his steps forward. It creates a beautiful red whirl with the depictions melding together before he come to stop with a sway of feathered braids. As the drums pick back up he is moving forward but much like he said he would he gets a little off the cuff and the dancers move as they are supposed to but not Raven. No Raven sees a kimono and goes for it, darting out of the group to arrive at Naomi's side and as he looks for sushi he sees a sheep, a pretty face and then shines in her hair.

"I will get sushi later but …I am going to steal one of these," the kind Raven warns her and plucks a dangling pin from her hair, letting it hang from his fingers as he tucks into his own dark hair and winks at her. Elias the Raven turns about and flares his cloaks for the rest of the group around Naomi. "CAW CAW" he reaches and snatches sushi quickly, downing it he puffs out his cheeks and takes a step back, and another, whirling about with at dangling snowflake from his dark hair before he rejoins the dancers and tries to chew on his food so he doesn't choke when he throws himself back into the dance.

Shelly looks snug as a bug in a rug against her old man, and bold as brass she gives Mustang a smile and a wink that is yet another offer that she'll take that threat of a good time between giving Caleb kisses that are brazen and passionate and not exactly public crowd.

Hearing the real annoyance in her sister's voice makes her apologize by reaching over to give her sister's ear a little rub and tug at the lobe. "Love you Bug." When she looks back to her man to get sheep butt boop to the nose and then followed by the pun she laughs and laugh and laughs, genuine and pure giggle fit. They are doing so much harm to the bad ass reputation with their teeth rotting cuteness and she doesn't care right now! "Goofy Monkey." But here comes the Rocklin float. "Gawt Damn Rocklin's newest arm candy is hawt hawt hawt!" She cups her hands around her mouth, "Sing it!" She cheers and claps over her head and does a little wiggle dance against Caleb some more sometimes giving Mustang some hip bumps as she sings along. But then, "RAVEN!" she whines when one of the last pieces of her sushi tray gets stolen by the dancer but she giggles. "You're lucky your cute!" Shelly playfully shakes her fist.

All of the locals know this is part of the act. That the Raven Dancer steals little things from the audience and they can all be reclaimed at the donation booth for the SOTA Reservation. The raven's wooden beak is actually given a pet. It's a tradition and so Naomi smiles when she becomes a target though she was just looking at her counterparts in abject horror about Ariel and Sushi! HORROR! Yes, Naomi has decided that it's time to gracefully bow and she finishes up her conversation of art and tattoo by explaining, "I had to pilgrimage up a very dangerous mountain to prove to the monk that I had respect of the craft. It hurt but it only made it more precious. I am glad you like it. I have many books on the style if you are interested. Nihon Gardens…" A couple of pamphlets on the restaurant and Tea House is pulled out of her obi and offered to Saiorse and Lyra. "Come by anytime. Excuse me. I have found my family."

Whom Naomi was looking for when she got waylaid while looking here. She bows to the cluster of bikers and friends and family and then starts to shuffle along on her tall sandals. It might be noted to the criminals she was just affiliating with that if they track her trajectory said family is the Kuroda family the local Judge is her father and her mother a lawyer. The Kuroda's are on the side of the street where there is the platform and the yet to be lit up tree. Once with her family she goes behind the flock and at a rolling bit of luggage starts to take off her wig and many of her outer kimono and makeup remover wipe are swiped and by the time the lighting ceremony begins she re-emerges looking like an all American girl bundled up with a knit hat and a mohair jacket and scarf.

Mayor George Weatherall steps up to the podium in a very ugly christmas sweater that has a bunch of reindeer in a boat fishing with Rudolph in a captain's hat and his now actually glowing. A lighthouse in the distance is also wrapped with lights, the knitting is done with lots of love and care and it's something he wears to this event for years and years, before ugly christmas sweaters were a cheeky thing. He smiles about to everyone and waves and when a baby is crying he gets on the mic and calls the baby by name and coos it to a quiet attention.
The mayor starts his annual tree lighting speech.

"All of us are gathered here, in this moment, not for this event, not because we enjoy the weather. But because we are a community, because we are friends and family with each other. As today continues, we as a community will hopefully enjoy this event, but we need to look around, at our neighbors and remember that we are stronger together then we are as an individual.

"That is the true strength of a community, of friends… of a family. When the lights die down and we all shuffle back to our homes, we must remember that tomorrow, that while we as individuals live different lives, our lives our tied together as a community and our selfless acts that we do for each other.

"This place, this town, this community… this family, is comprised of people from every walk of life. Many of us will never have the opportunity to walk in another person’s shoes. We will never know our neighbors struggles just as they will never know ours. But we can find comfort in the fact that we know the struggles of our community, that regardless of our ancestry, gender, creed, sexual orientation or age that we can all work towards making this a better home for ourselves and our neighbors.

"That this is more than just a pile of dirt that we all coexist on. That it is something, we strive to create. That with every day and every effort we create a better home today and the next. That for as long as this town has existed, the one thing that has never faltered and never will falter is our sense of community and our sense of being one.

"That while we may be able to reach great heights alone, together we can soar in the clouds and never see the ground again. For that, I personally want to thank each of you, for everything that you do and have done for all of us."

That said the Mayor reaches over to a candy cane lever and gives it a press and just as dusk begins the massive three story evergreen in the "government plaza" illuminates the area. "Happy Holidays Mythic Wood!" He claps and waves to everyone and then heads down to give handshakes and hugs to everyone around the stage.

Little Zoey gives Fjord a wry smirk and a shrug. "I'll bet you could handle a redhead just fine." Good lord, what is coming out of this child's mouth? She gives another flip of her hair and turns her attention to Casey. "I better go find my dad and Liam. But, you coming over tomorrow to watch Krampus?"

Casey grins to Fjord and then moments later smiles back up to her sister after the little ear rub, and says, "Love you too."

During the mayor's speech, she takes multiple pictures, though she doesn't wander far from her family to get better angles, sticking close. She does cheer — even in the midst of taking a photo — as the Christmas tree is lit up.

Then, it's back to Zoey, and she grins, "Yeah! 'Course I am! See you then!"

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