(2018-10-19) Friday Night Fights
Details for Friday Night Fights
Summary: A game night for the Rocklin Ravens turns into a confrontational encounter and a strange night.
Rating: PG
Date: October 19, 2018
Parker Reed Portia Rocklin Ty Paris Violet Rocklin

The game is downright cold but who doesn't love a crisp night with crowds going wild for the Ravens?! No one. Everyone loves the football team and out in front, in skirts that leave their nyloned legs going white and shivering are the cheerleaders bouncing about to stay warm. They wear their heavy jackets but their white shoes stand out against a long length of bare legs. Breathing misting out, Portia lifts her pompoms into the air and cheers the crowd on, trying to get them to work with the freezing girls with their ribbons and hair in ponytails. But now she is turning back to the field, shaking pompoms together and when the ball is thrown the girls are lean forward and shake them down and then up when it's caught and they all cheer and jump as the section goes CRAZY as the receiver gets close to the endzone. The band suddenly picks up in one of its bolstering short clips of song.

Turning about the girls all begin their dance in time to it and as the first slides down into a split, then does the next, then the next and Portia's turn and she goes down next. They waves their pompoms and cheers the group on before they rise up, getting back to their feet.

Out on the field, Ty Paris stands slightly apart from his teammates as they regroup between plays. The music, the cheers of the crowd, the shouts of his coach…all meld into background noise behind the sound of his breathing. He can feel his heart racing, his blood coursing like a rushing river.

Ty shakes out his arms and lets out three whooping breaths: "HOO! HOO! HOO!" He gets into position as the team lines up for the next play…the calm before the storm.

The visiting team's quarterback goes down, glancing up and down his offensive line and then starts crying out, "Blue forty-two, red five, hut HIKE!" He steps back once, twice and raises his arm but has to hesitate as his receivers are held and pinned down by the outlying defensive Raven players. He dodges to the side, then to the left and is starting to hook around, meaning to run the ball himself as he will have to squeak past Ty and the defensive ends. There is an opening for him and he's going for it.

Cheers go up from the visiting team section to will their quarterback to their next first down as he launches himself forward. The raven fans all cry out for someone to GET HIM!

The quarterback…he's alone and running like a gazelle separated from the herd. Ty grins to himself, and I'm the lion. He hurtles across the turf toward his prey. As a thickly-built visitor attempts to block his path, Ty pivots and nimble whirls around him, leaving a clear path to the QB.

This is his moment. Ty closes in. The quarterback weaves to evade him, but Ty is quick…and he's strong. He knows he can take his boy down. He draws near, he lunges for the tackle…

…he lands in the grass, the quarterback slipping from his grasp and dashing out of reach. Ty's face burns with shame and welling rage. He slams his fist into the earth in anger as he pushes himself back to his feet. His eyes remain fixed on the QB's back, but he can feel his teammate's disappointed gazes on him.

The cheers go up like salt to the wound as the visiting team section sees their star get a first down even if the Raven defense eventually catches him before he reaches the endzone. But the horn of halftime sounds and the crowd takes on a murmured hum as they wait for the band to take the field first, the cheerleaders lining up to join them. Portion is at one end and is lifting her pompoms as they all march in place to keep warm still their jackets NOW gone so that their sweaters the only thing keeping them warm. Her cheeks are a bright rose color and she shakes her long golden blonde hair about as the team comes off the field.

Her eyes follow Ty a moment, watching the anger still ebbing off him and when he gets close she says simply, "It was a good effort."

Parker never misses a game, even when he's not playing. He cheers and smacks his foamy clappity 'spirit sticks' above his head as he cheers for the Ravens. He is up on the bench even screaming, "Yeees! Go! Go! Go!" He stomp dances when Ty makes that dance move around the defense and he bellows his approval. But then the QB is too slick and while he gives a disappointed sound at first he clacks, "Shake it off Paris! Next time. Next time! Yeah! We got this Ravens!"

Ty pulls his helmet off as he leaves the field, and his fuming scowl is there for all to see. The few pats from encouraging teammates seem to go unnoticed. Portia, however, seems to pierce the cloud around him. He meets her eyes as they pass, and the glower still plastered to his features is none-too-friendly. A grunt is his only reply before she is out of earshot.

The marching band starts to key up so any chance of talking further in response to that grunt is lost anyways. The girl next to her gives her a look, "Ignore him. Not worth it." Portia glances back and then up into the stands to search someone out. Her father is not likely here but that usurper could be. "Don't put yourself off your game," she remarks to herself and then as the girls all rush the field they are bouncing up on their toes and shaking their colored pompoms with great enthusiasm.

They line up and the performance carries on, completely with cancan line, more splits and a pyramid where, you guessed it, Portia is at top. A few trick throws and the girls all end with her as one of the side poses. They leave the field and so does the band before the rest of the halftime music kicks in. She moves for her thermos and opening it drinks down her hot green tea. She thumbs something from her bag, tiny, small and she pops it into her mouth and drinks again, swallowing quickly before she is twisting the lid back on.

Seated alone at the end of the bench, Ty engages in a staring contest with a Butterfinger wrapper on the ground. He still looks unhappy, so maybe the wrapper is winning. As the cheerleaders return, one breaks away to approach him; a junior girl who has been rather obvious about pursuing him. When she puts a hand on his shoulderpad, he stands without a word and stalks toward the water cooler, nearer to Portia.

In the midst of whatever she was taking, Ty steps up closer and out of the peripheral catches the figure without knowing who it is. She scrambles a moment and zips up the front of her bag, zipper catching that plastic bag within so that a bit of it pokes out still. She rises to her feet, spilling a bit of er tea across her shoe and ankle. It cools immediately and she frowns,. She looks down to her white shoe and then up at him. "You were good out there…get him next time." She offers him a little bit of a wary smile, genuine as it may be. She steps forward and offers up the thermos. "Not much left, green tea.." she says. "I think you let Georgiana down a little hard back there." Meaning the girl who is out for his affections.

Ty sighs and waves off the offered tea, going instead to fill up a plastic cup with water. He glances back to Georgiana, who has taken his spot on the bench, and has apparently been challenged by the staring champion: the Butterfinger wrapper. Ty snorts, shaking his head. "Can only tell her 'no' so many times."

"How exactly are you telling her no?" Paint Portia dubious. Her eyes narrow upon Georgiana who has resigned herself to wait him out. She twists the cap back on her thermos and frowns a moment or two before she steps aside to tuck her drink back into the side mesh pocket of her backpack. Grabbing up her pompoms, she shakes them out, giving them a primping before she steps back towards him. "You got some sort of anger issue?" Right to the heart of the problem she goes.

Ty gives her a derisive frown. "You my shrink or something? Stay in your lane, girl. She been practically stalkin' me. Every time I turn around, she right there tryna get up on me. Won't even let me breathe." He spreads his hands. "There, now ya know my issue."

"Not a shrink," she quips back at him and furrows her brows. "But if you are not being clear stop messing with her and just straight up tell her no. Otherwise you are just being rude and self centered…which seems to be about right from the way you spoke to me." She gives him a deadpan glare, not backpedaling from her view. "Enjoy the rest of your game." If he doesn't keep talking she stalks off to Georgiana and gathers her up by her arm to drag her back towards the other girls, shooting a look back at Ty.

"You even listening, rich girl? I have told her no. 'Bout a dozen times." Ty's lip curls up slightly. "Talkin' to me about bein' rude. Listen to you, actin' all high and mighty, thinkin' you know everyone else's shit."

So he does talk and that brings her back around. "You never said you said no, you look to be brushing her off. I will tell her for you then, so you don't have to worry and then we don't ever have to talk again." Portia is already feeling a little anxious and glancing to the stands she steps up to him and regards him. She looks like she wants to say something but just shakes her head at him. "You know what…doesn't matter." She gives him a tight smile and backs up a step. "And I am more than just some rich girl." He struck a chord with that one. Gone from trying to give him support to now something near opposing forces.

"Yeah, I fuckin' did say so. Not my fault you don't listen." Ty's eyes drop to her bag, fixing for a moment on the bit of plastic sticking out of the zipper. "Yeah, I bet you a lot more than a rich girl. Just fulla secrets, ain't you?"

Following his gaze, Portia straightens up and the color at her cheek is not just a cold. She eyes him and then steps closer to her bag, tucking the plastic bag back inside. "Why do you have to be such a prick? Just because you fucked up your run everyone else has to suffer for it? Even those looking to give you support? Me..Georgiana? Whatever. Go get your kicks with someone else," she says at him and gives him a thump with her pompom, the rustling sound coming with a bounce of a gold blonde ponytail and ribbons. "Don't worry, with that attitude no girl is going to the message rather clear."

Ty takes the thump with a prideful smirk. "Ooooh, that hit a nerve! What you got in there, girlie? Little somethin' to get you through the night? Oh, oh, sorry," he puts his finger to his lips in a shushing gesturing and whispers loudly. "Prob'ly best I don't say that too loud, right?"

Seeing that smirk only serves to ruffle her feathers more and Portia drops her pompom and glares up at him moment before she tries to slap him had across the cheek. "You are the biggest damn asshole!" She yells at him, anger causing tears to prick the corners of her eyes but not falling. By now the group of cheerleaders is watching and one or two start to step over when she slaps Ty — or attempts to. The stands have a few murmurs as well as she shakes a little.

Years of sports, plenty of fights, and probably his share of slaps have helped to hone Ty's reflexes. He ducks back to avoid Portia's strike, but also catches her wrist as is passes in front of him. He holds her for a moment, his other hand coming up to cover hers. "Careful." His tone shifts, suddenly tender. Though whether it is genuine or mocking is not wholly clear. "You gonna hurt your hand like that." As he essentially offers her hand back to her, his thumb brushes gently along her palm. Intentional? It's difficult to say.

The attention they've drawn has reached the coach, and they have only a moment more before he is within earshot.

She missed! Portia is making a face when she finds her wrist caught up in his hand. Though its shock that hits her square in the face as he tells her to be careful. Her mouth is open like a fish as she stares up at him and blinks when he brushes her palm. Her dark brows furrow deeply and she looks at him not so much shocked anymore, but confused. There is no comeback for what just happened - he knocked the wind right out of her sails. She takes a step back and her eyes catch the pompon on the ground. It means a step back in and a quick bob down grab it off the ground, misses, then bob again, miss..miss..she swears below her breath and grabs it up and steps back finally. One of the girls is waiting halfway for her and she Portia shakes her head when something is asked of her and then blue eyes glance back over her shoulder before she's forced to compose herself and try to throw some cheer into her cheers.

She's just not the same the rest of the night. When the game ends she goes with the girls to gather up her stuff, awfully quiet. The game went better at the end and the Raven's won by three points. Shouldering her backpack up to her, she nods to the other girls as they leave.

Ty isn't exactly on his game, either. He doesn't suffer any more great flops like his failed tackle, but neither does he do anything of note. He almost seems to be holding back.

After the game, the coach pulls Ty aside for a private discussion. Though away from curious ears, it's plain to see that neither is particularly happy; Ty's glower masks his shame, while the coach is clearly exasperated.

Finally, Ty is set free and heads to the bench to collect his bag and helmet. Spotting Portia nearby again, his eyes linger curiously on her. Their earlier encounter certainly made a mark on the evening, it was difficult not to wonder how it had impacted her.

She's eagerly pulling on her joggers, her legs feel utterly numb and non-existent. Portia does catch the coach talking to the 'problem' player and hmphs thoughtfully to herself. She drags her coat back on and then adjusts her backpack once more into place. Earbuds are tucked int and she pulls out her phone, queuing up her music she starts to bob a bit into place as she then texts for her ride. She starts to hum and sing a little, the voice that anyone can hear is something that is a bit more practiced and on tune than someone might likely expect.

Though as her head turns she catches him looking at her and she ceases singing and moving. Her expression starts to go a little more angry and she turns her foot to start for the walk around the stands to leave the stadium.

Ty lifts his eyebrows at Portia's angered look, and after she turns away a slight smirk forms on his lips, as if he somehow "won". He gathers up his gear and heads after her toward the parking lot. The place has largely emptied out by now, with just a few pockets of loiterers here and there chatting or smoking.

As if sensing she has a stalker, Portia looks back over her shoulder to catch him before she gets on the other side of the chain linked fence. Turning her head back forward she adjusts the earbud in her left ear and keeps moving, actually quickening her strides a bit that has her gold hair bouncing in its ponytail at the back of her head, ribbons in school colors doing much the same. She lifts her phone to watch for the text for her ride - nothing yet. She lower it and once outside the chain linked fence she moves over towards the corner near the parking lot entrance.

How unfortunate for Portia that her "stalker's" truck is parked near that corner. Ty veers away toward the parking spot, tossing his gear into the back of the truck. Then he peels off his jersey and starts to unstrap his shoulderpads. For a minute, the lean but well-defined muscles of his arms and torso are fully exposed in the lamplight of the parking lot. But soon enough he has pulled a fresh t-shirt from his bag and slipped it on.

Ty doesn't fail to notice Portia waiting nearby, nor the frequency with which she checks her phone. He makes no effort to hurry himself along, taking his time changing and digging around pointlessly in his bag for a time.

Tapping her foot, Portia flicks through some messenger on her phone then what is likely instagram and facebook as she waits. Her breath misting before her in the chill. On occasion she looks back around and then spots Ty still, her brows furrowing as she turns back around, standing beneath that bright light pole, soon using it to lean against. Frowning she watches as a few more cars pull up.

And old caddy pulls up with some of the smokers, some older boys from Mythic and one of them leans out the window at her and motions her over. With her earbuds in she misses at first until HONK!! She jumps and looks up at them, dragging out one of her earbuds and taking a step closer as the driver motions her to get in. She gives a shake of her head at him and starts to put the earbud back in. He curses at her and there is a honk of the car horn again and she jumps once more, chewing on the inside of her cheek as they peel away and leave her.

She goes back to her post, waiting for friends or family or whoever to come pick her up.

Ty leans on the bed of his truck, staring at Portia. He gives a scowl at the boys in the Caddy — he never liked them anyhow. With a grumbling sigh he shouts across the drive, "You get ditched, or what?"

The shout does not get her attention, not with the music blaring in her ears and the sound of her soft voice singing along adding to it. She tilts her head and shakes it in time to whatever she is listening to. Her foot taps in time to the music, "Where do you go little bird…when it snows, when it snows?"

She continues to sing, "And the world turns to sleep, Do you know know, do you know? Is something in the wind. Brings a chill in your heart, life in your wings. Does it whisper to start again…start again?"

Its melodic and sort of a haunting tune.

Ty rolls his eyes and climbs into his truck. It rumbles to life and is soon rolling up by Portia, pausing in the driveway of the parking lot. There Ty waits, staring at Portia with the passenger window rolled down.

The movement of the truck is enough to drag her from her perusing of her phone as she sings and as her head comes up she stares for a moment and there is that simmering anger again - but it's keep tin check. After a moment longer she drags her earbud out and steps forward again, "Got something else to say about me?" She asks caustically, keeping her distance, still standing in that pool of light.

He chuckles, deflecting the anger with smugness "Yeah, prob'ly. But I asked you a question. Did-you-get-ditched? Are you stuck here?" He gestures to the darkened corner of the quickly-emptying parking lot.

Glancing back into the parking lot, Portia hesitates and then takes a step closer. "My ride is usually never late…ever." She frowns a great deal and narrows her gaze a moment on him. "I possibly got ditched or they are in trouble somewhere." She is quite literally the last person besides him - there is the end of the world scenario right there. "Why do you care? Or are you just going to speed off and leave me, laughing as you go?" Because she obviously wouldn't put it past him.

"You want me to?" Ty looks forward to the road ahead, and for a moment it seems as if he might just do it. But his foot remains on the brake and he looks back to Portia. "It ain't right leavin' a girl out here alone. Weird shit happens in this town at night. Get in."

"But you would leave me if I was a boy?" Portia gives him a tilted look. "Glad to know its my gender that is the deciding factor in this offer instead of what you very much would like to do." But she has to suck on a lemon as well and with a pull the door opens and she tosses her bag in first and then pulls herself up and in. She pulls the door closed and straps herself in. Safety first. Begrudgingly she looks over at him. "Thanks."

No, it's because you're a Muggle. That's what he'd like to say, but it's really not worth getting hassled by the Aurors. "Goddamn, you gonna complain about everything?" Ty asks as they pull into the street. "Yeah, it's your fuckin' gender. What I'd very much like to do is make sure a girl ain't left alone at night out here. Why you actin' like that's a bad thing?"

"Because you are a dick," Portia says rather flatly with a glare. "You pull that whatever suave move. What is your deal?" He's confused her good and now she sits cornered in his truck. "And it's not a bad thing…I just thanked you but do you blame me after what happened on the field?" She tugs her bag close to herself, tucking it beneath her arm and draping it over the front and cross that pocket he had spoken of with the bag sticking out.

Ty snorts, shaking his head. "What, you mean you comin' at me over Georgiana when the first damn thing I said was I told her no? Oh yeah, and then you tried to slap me over it." He nods with an expression of mock sagacity. "So yeah, I think I can blame you."

"I slapped you for the shit you said to me…about me. The first thing I said to you was words of support. Then I offered you a drink and well…the way she was acting it sounded like you never truly said no…and I am beginning to wonder. After what you pulled..speaking sweetly and brushing my hand after. Likely leading a whole gaggle of girls along who do not know better." SHe watches him, arms folding before.

"There you go again, thinkin' you got me all figured out when you don't know shit about me. You just look at how she acts and assume you know me. " He purses his lips, staring sternly at the road ahead. "So what should I have done? Let you slap me? Slap you back? You say I'm a dick and that pisses you off. I stop you from hurtin' your hand and say somethin' nice and that pisses you off. I give you a ride and that pisses you off. What, exactly, am I supposed to do that won't piss you off?"

That shuts Portia up, causing her to stare at the dash a bit. "At this point…likely nothing." She drags one leg up and presses the thigh to her chest as her foot rests on the seat."You know you are a dick and I said thank you. You could have just caught my hand and let it go. But you…you flirted with me and w both know you did." That was her confusion and its very obviously still nagging at her, teeth dragging against her manicured fingers."

"Am I supposed to apologize for that? You wanted me to say somethin' nasty instead? That'd be easier, right?" Ty snorts. "Look, I may be a dick, but you were bein' a straight up bitch with that Georgiana bullshit. At least I can own my shit."

"Look, you had a bad day on the field…she was hurting. You saw how she looked. Why on earth she likes you I do not know. But you flirted with me even after we fought. Were you doing that to her? Offering sweetness to soften the blow of a no?" She lifts her hand, "I am going to drop it…doesn't matter, just meaning your no may not have been clear. Like your own view of me is not so clear either…but I must admit with each passing moment it is becoming clearer. "I can walk from here if you want to drop me off." It's still a rather long distance to the Rocklin driveway.

"No, uh-uh. Fuck that." Ty does pull the truck over, but he unbuckles his seatbelt and turns to face her. "You wanna know what happened? Fine. We went out once. It was cool, but I just wasn't feelin' it. She wanted to go out again, I said nah. She kept pushin', and I kept tellin' her no. 'It ain't gonna happen, girl.' I said that. So where did I go wrong here? Should have I kept goin' with her just to get in her panties? I mean, she fine. So if you think I should just try to hit that…." He arches an eyebrow sarcastically, staring at her expectantly.

As they stop, her foot comes down and Portia faces the full on assault of his final explanation. A brow arches and she is quiet, turning her head to look out the front window for a moment. "I get it," she finally says and lifts her leg back up onto the seat. "I will talk wot her." Committed to the task she gives him a side glance then until he starts the truck back up and if not she finally just asks. "So why…you just flirted with me to diffuse the situation or what?" She's nothing if not persistent.

Ty lets out a heavy sigh. "I dunno. I guess? It wasn't some plan. I just caught your hand and it came out. Seemed like the thing to say…and it worked, right?" He shrugs, holding his shoulders tense for a moment before dropping them.

"Suppose it did," Portia remarks, giving him a long side glance. There is a rustle of her backpack and it hits the floor and then the click of her seat belt and unless he stops her, she is across that seat and leaning in to place a kiss against his lips. It's not anything insistent, b rush of lips really, nothing more but he has the room and time to react in a negative fashion.

Ty brow goes up in surprise. He does not pull away, and even responds in due, kissing her back for that brief brush. For a moment he just stares at her, his face inches from hers. Then he leans in for a second kiss, this one deeper, more insistent.

Portia had been about to say something and draw back when he meets her open lips without words yet to fall free. It is her turn to be surprised as her breath is audible as she draws it through her nose. The hands that were so idly set now have a purpose as one climbs up his shoulder to the back of his neck and she's caught up the sudden adrenaline rush. He presses back against his kiss, her position causing his head to tilt up since she is on her knees on the seat next to him.

Ty's lips work against hers as he turns the kiss more intimate, his hand coming up to cradle her head. His other arm wraps around her hips, tugging her a little closer and ensnaring her in his hold.

A new level to this play she started and Portia's lips break from his when he drags her closer, bringing her knees to his thigh and her chest just below his chin. She blinks as she looks down at him and she exhales audibly. "That proves it…" Her hand lifts to his cheek before she leans back in, part her lips do and a far more sensual kiss takes its place. Her tongue dips out to trace along his lips and then just past them as her leg lifts and then Portia is wedging herself between him and that steering wheel.

Ty groans in approval, pushing himself back to give her plenty of room to straddle his lap. His tongue sneaks out to meet hers, welcoming it and entwining with it. The hand around her slides down her back…and further down, past her waist until he is squeezing her bottom through her skirt. The other hand is already making its way down past her collar, inching closer to her breasts.

Through her skirt AND her joggers but he still gets a good hold and it shifts her forward a little into him. Portia makes a sound, her hands smoothing up along the sides of his face and then grasps at the back of his head as that heavy breath sound comes again through her nose, breathing in sharply through her nose again. She doesn't stop his hand at first but as he gets closer she reaches her hand down and grasps his wrist, the his hand, twining her fingers with his. It breaks their kiss for the moment as her eyes open to look down at him, nose pressed to his. Her lips press against his, pressing his head back as she leans further into him, her hand on his growing a little more lose.

Ty groans his frustration when she diverts his hand from her breast. He shifts in his seat, his discomfort growing with his excitement. Her forwardness in the kiss earns a more enthusiastic groan from him. Ty's hand tightens on her rear, pulling her forward and grinding up under her. Releasing his grip, his other hand begins to slide up along her side, going for a second attempt…

A light rapping on the window shatters the intensity of the moment. Ty's hand freezes halfway up Portia's side. He breaks the kiss to look over, expecting to see a badge and a tan uniform…but instead finds himself staring at an angelic face and a stylish winter coat. The woman at the window gives him the smile of restrained sweetness that adults give to tell teenagers that they are choosing to be polite, but that could change at any moment.

Second attempt is likely going to succeed as her hands both lift to his face and she is really focusing on his tongue and lips. Portia is really leaning into that kiss and he will hear a soft sound from her against his mouth when he brings her in close like that. Her hand is lowering, balling her fingers up into the neck of his shirt and giving it a slight stretch as she pulls upon it, willing the fabric to give to her needs. Another sweet sound, a soft gasp and she starts to pull at her jacket - the promise of more fabric only to get caught with one shoulder coming out when that sound breaks through their moment.

Blinking, Portia's gaze narrows and recognition suddenly spreads and she swears beneath her breath. "My../stepmother/ !" she says with something near disgust. "Damn it.."his shirt is released and she glares at Violet a moment, starting to feel mortified. Her jaw ticks, tightening a moment and then she is looking back down at him. "Kiss me…grope all you like. Better get it in while you can." She leans back in and kisses him once more, giving him that moment to get a feel out of sheer hatred for the woman interrupting them.

Only then does she pull away, turning to slide off of him and grabs her bag. Shimmying down the seat she gets to the door and opens it. "See you at school." She opens the door and with a hop out she closes it with a definitive slam before coming around the front of the truck, a storm in her gaze. "You are late." She says to Violet.

Ty doesn't have to be told twice. He devours that kiss, embracing the defiance of Violet's authority. He goes for it, his hand going right for Portia's left breast…conveniently not quite visible to the woman at the window. He doesn't have long to enjoy the sensation, but it's really more about the conquest. He touched boob! Then she's pulling away, and he sighs with a smirk. "Yeah. See you."

Violet waits patiently, her cell phone in her hand. She surreptitiously turns off the screen, no longer seeing a need to show the young man that she had the Sheriff's office phone number dialed up and ready to call. She gives Portia a patient sigh. "Your father got caught up in a business call, and asked me to come in his place." She opens the passenger door of her luxury sedan for Portia, getting her safely inside before climbing in herself.

Casting a glance back at Ty and his truck, there is a brief faint smile before she is dealing with the woman. The Usurper. "Seems like poor communication. You sure you two are working out?" She slips into the sedan and tosses her bag on the floor. Once seatbelted in, Portia is already sticking her earbuds in her ear and pulling her phone out to queue up her playlist, meaning to drown out anything Violet has to say to her.

One more she glances towards the truck, watching it as she settles in and then looks Violet over when she gets in the car. That lasts all of a moment before the girl goes back to listening to her music and trying to shut out the vile temptress next to her.

Perhaps one of the most aggravating things about Violet is her eternal patience and refusal to get riled at Portia's disrespectful behavior. She settles in, and upon seeing that her stepdaughter intends to shut her out, she simply turns on the radio to her own favorite classic rock station and starts to drive. It seems Portia is going to get her wish for zero conversation on the way home…except there goes home. Violet drives right past the turn toward the Rocklin Estate, heading right out to the long, lonely highway. All the while, she is as calm and relaxed as if she were just out running some casual errands.

When they don't slow down for the turn off, Portia watches the road wiz by and her brows furrow as they continue further along the way. Pulling the earbud from her ear she says, "What the hell…where are we going?" Inquiring minds want to know! They must know! She lets out a frustrated sigh and pulls up her phone. "I am testing dad to tell him you are blind. Maybe that will overshadow the fact you are young."

"Oh, so you can pay attention after all?" Violet chuckles, continuing down the highway out of town. "Be sure to also tell your father where I found you and who you were with. It's important that he have all of the details, right?" She gives Portia a look of such earnestness, nodding encouragingly down at her phone.

At the suggestion of sharing what she was doing, Portia's fingers slow, stop and she lets out a long breath. The clicks the screen off so it goes dark and lowers it to stare ahead. "So where are we going?" She mutters lowly, looking not at all pleased by the turn of events..

"Just for a short drive. I thought we should take the opportunity for a little girl talk." Violet turns the radio off, now that she has Portia's attention. "So, is this a new development with Mr. Paris? Or have you been dating for some time now?"

"What does it matter to you?" A brow arches and Portia is withholding for only a moment longer. "New…first kiss.." she remarks simply and shrugs her shoulders. "It's nothing to worry over." She tucks one earbud in her opposite ear. "Are we done?"

"Only if you want to keep driving." Violet smiles patiently. "Portia, you need to understand the difficult position I'm in. Your father would want to know what was happening in that truck. That was more than just a kiss." She pauses for a beat, then adds, "However…you are a teenage girl and exploring these feelings is perfectly natural. I'm concerned that your dad wouldn't understand. I don't want to see your relationship with him damaged. That is what is matters to me."

A dubious look is offered over to Violet for her 'concern' and she lets out a half huff as she lifts her hand to smooth over already slicked back hair that is likely to feel good when her ponytail comes out. "Please, stop patronizing me. We both know you are younger than my oldest sibling." She looks out the window, watching the world slip past as she starts to feel unsteady with how this conversation is going. "And I suppose you want me to be all thankful if you don't tell him, right? Lavish you with gracious thanks and start paving the way to us being friends." The rustle of her backpack can be heard as she shoves it forward beneath the dash with her feet. "I am not stupid…nothing was going to happen."

"Something was already happening; now you're patronizing me. Portia, believe it or not, I do care very much about you. I am responsible for you, which means I have to be concerned when I find you late at night in some boy's truck with his hands all over you." Violet's sigh is heavy with worry. "Promise me that you'll be careful, and if anything more does happen, that you'll use protection. Promise me this, and I…" she pinches her lips to push back a frown, "…I will keep what I saw to myself."

Giving a side long look at Violet, Portia frowns a great deal, "I told you I am not stupid. Protection…yeah fine, of course." Though it appears that headstrong Portia may be blushing. The youngest Rocklin gives her another long looks. "Right..thanks." She says begrudgingly before stuffing the other earbud in her ear to disappear from the conversation. Leaning into the door her head comes to rest on the window beside her.

Violet nods, offering a warm smile. She lets the silence take over — not that Portia would hear anything more she had to say anyhow. Violet pulls the care over and turns it around, heading back toward Mythic Wood. She has already prepared an amusing anecdote about how Portia accidentally left her thermos at the field, and they had to drive all the back to find it. There is even a bit with a pair of raccoons, but no mention at all of Ty Paris. Some things can be kept between the two of them.

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