(2018-07-04) 4th of July Pool Party
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Summary: The town celebrates Independence Day at the public pool.
Rating: G
Date: July 4, 2018
Edwin Pearson Parker Reed Shelly Bundy

The sun is warm, on the high 80s and sparkles on the water that splashes and spurts from the childrens water park jungle gym on the shallow side of Mythic Woods Public Pool. Under the awning of the concrete building that contains the lobby and locker rooms there is a couple of buffet tables with free snacks for the celebration. There are several levels of revelry going on in different areas of the pool. The shallower section is a frenzy of children having a grand old time. The mid-depth area has the kids and teens and parents watching over the kids in the shallows and mid-section that are boisterous and cheerful without a lot of the shrieks of joy that come from the shallows. The deeper end is filled with more adults and teens that are out to prove themselves. Meanwhile it's rather quiet on the far side of the pool from the shallows where the non-swimmers mingle and chat or just catch some rays and work on ridding themselves of the pale the usual Oregon overcast brings for most of the year.

The Mythic Wood Soccer Moms and Dads and the other conservative folk are a murmur when a splash of water is whipped off of flipping blond hair as town harlot, Shelly Bundy, breaks the surface of the water and slinks up the pool ladder. A few wives even reach up to cover their husbands or boyfriends eyes as the stripper in a barely there stars and stripes string bikini stroll brazenly on the warm, wet concrete poolside towards the snacks. She smiles at everyone she passes, blissfully ignoring any disparaging looks to wish all a "Happy Fourth!"

There near the deeper end of the pool sits Cheryl Richardson in her one piece that matches her soon to be high school's colors. Her legs dangle in the water as she sits with her back mostly straight, though leaning back with her weight resting on her arms behind her. She smiles widely at the one who announces a Happy Fourth to all and passes her, even raising a hand to give a quick little wave and a "Happy Fourth!" right back towards her. She continues to dangle her feet into the water as she watches the confident woman move along the poolside.

In the mid-depth, a group of teens has started to group up and one young man, his blond hair already turning a bit green from all the time spent in the chlorine is juggling three ball pit like balls. "Alright, three teams, Red, White, and Blue." Parker Reed wipes his face dry after someone innocently splashes him. "Cherry!" He grins and waves at Cheryl beckoning her over to the game that he's trying to start. "Come play." Then he gets back to the rules, "Red team has their balls there…white there… blue here." Parker's Blue Team leader it seems. "When I say go everyone tries to get the other teams balls into the baskets on the edge, there-there and there. If you drop a ball after getting it out of their zone. It's dead and you've got to go back and get a fresh one leaving it where it dropped. 5 minutes and everyone freezes and we count who got the most balls in their team basket and they win. You can splash each other to try to slow them down or knock the ball out of their hand, but no contact. Any questions?"

Cheryl's head whip around to those in the middle section when she hears name called. She stares at the teens gathered there even as she listens to the rules being declared. It sounds like fun. Carefully, she'll extricate her feet from the water and get up so that she can walk back towards the middle sections, perhaps even imitating Shelly's walk from earlier. By Accident? Once she's near, she grins wide before taking a couple quick steps towards the water and jumping to cannon ball in!

Shelly pouts at the lack of beer in the cooler by the buffet. "Who votes we build a pool at Vera's?" She gives a little elbow and winking to another gent by the snacks before she twists open a bottled water and gives it a chug like it was the beer she wishes it was. Another gent jumps a little as she walks behind him. Fresh Shelly is fresh! Thankfully this time the fella isn't with a date and so there's no cat fight like there could have been in years past. She rolls the spare bottle of water at her collar bone while sipping from the opened one. She then causes another stir when she climbs into the lap of a sunbathing biker on a lounge. At first, he gets all pissy with her for getting him all cold and wet, but then it turns into a zrbt and tickle war. Shelly adds to the joyful shrieks and the surrounding sunbathers either grin or scoff.

Parker almost chokes cause he was grinning like a dope watching Cheryl come sauntering over. So when her cannon ball gives a good splash, he's drinking pool water. Wiping his face again he coughs and then praises, "Nice splash!" He and a few of his close buddies at the pool then make sure to carefully pour the two buckets of balls into the roped off areas and set up the goal baskets. "Good sportsmanship everyone! Break up into teams, make them kind, make them fair."

Without a drawing notebook in his hands for obvious reasons, Edwin is going around the pool, looking for something interesting to spend the day. The young boy wears garnet red trunks with electric blue flip flops. He remained fairly unnoticed for most of the people there and seemed to find some amusement in the disgruntled faces towards Shelly. The young boy smiled back at her while approaching to her position in order to find some conversation. "Enjoying the day? Seems like there's too much political correctness around here, right?" Edwin chuckled while discreetly pointing to the said disgruntled people.

Cheryl giggles as she gets praise from Parker. She swipes her hair back out of her face once more before half floating and half walking to try and find herself a team to be on. Deciding for her is the hard part and finally, she just gives up on trying to decide and waits for one of the teams to choose her even as she inches closer to where the balls are being placed.

Shelly squeals and is bridged over backward as she sits on Caleb's lap while he zrbts her belly noisily she reaches over to give Edwin the dreaded cheek pinch if she can reach in her current predicament. "Naw, don't you worry about all that. I sure don't." To punctuate the notion she gives a super sweet smile and little finger wave over to an elderly woman next to her elderly man. Give them overalls, a pitchfork and a farm house behind them and they'd be straight out of Grant Wood's American Gothic for how sour they are watching Shelly wrassle with Caleb. "Sounds like they're are starting a game or something sweet cheeks. You not going to go play?"

Parker might have said no contact, but that was for the gameplay, right? Cause he tries to make for a scoop up of Cheryl seemingly out to claim her for his team. "Blue, Blue, Blue!" He starts up a chant and those on the other teams begin to chant for their own. The soccer parents seem the most entertained of the non-swimmer folk and even they start to get involved if their kid is on a team.

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