(2018-06-08) National Blueberry Day
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Summary: It's National Blueberry Day, which makes it a good excuse for everyone to go out picking blueberries.
Rating: G
Date: July 8, 2018
Cameron Walker Casey Hopki Shelly Bundy Zoey Callahan

Blueberries in the summer is a big deal in the Valley. A lot of bushes can be found all over the place. SOTA has put together a little event where everyone from town is welcomed to come join. There is a large open space between the town and the residential area of the Reservation. It's here on the western side of the street that connects the two places where there is a large field that is filled with vegetation and blueberry bushes. A booth has been erected on the side of the road to mark where people should park and start. Inside of the booth is baskets for collecting and little fanny packs with the Log River Casino's logo on them that have wet hand wipe packets and small first aid kits and scissors inside of them. Baskets and packs should be returned, but those on duty in the booth will bag the berries collected and given entirely for free. There is, of course, a donation bucket, but the berries are free. The baskets and packs can also be purchased if desired.

There is some barking as several dogs are playing beside the booth. A breed of dog that's pretty rarely seen and known about. Elk Hounds. Their 'daddy' is manning the booth at the moment. Big dog smile on his face, Cameron Walker greets those that show up with a friendly, "How do?" And an offering of the picking goodies. "Take as much time as you like. Over there is a really nice patch that's not had much picking." His cowboy hat is on the post behind him, so he takes to tipping air in the same manner in front of his face. "Have a good time now."

Mmmm, Blueberries. Kayleigh has come for the blue round objects of deliciousness. Sunhat, light but long skirt, and light colored blouse, she steps carefully along as she makes her way to the booth to check in. A wide smile is sent towards Cameron as she gets her basket, though she takes a moment to admire the playful dogs nearby.

Casey comes running up to the little booth, a little out of breath as she asks, "I'm not late, am I?" She's wearing a well-worn grey T-shirt with orange shoulders and an image of BB-8 on the front, and a pair of jean shorts, her feet bare.

Shelly is not running at all, it's a very slow sashay that she goes at following after Casey. A cigarette dangling in the corner of her mouth. "I told you, it's not over til the sun goes down." She calls after her little sister in that way that is filled with love and annoyance at the same time. "Don't break an ankle." They are of course a bit late because of her. But Shelly doesn't get out of bed until 2 in the afternoon. But at least she gets up for her lil sister and takes her to the berry u-pick Indian-thing.

Kayleigh turns her attention from the dogs as she starts away from the booth, smiling a little more as he sees Casey so excited over the berry picking. "Plenty of berries for all, still, I'm sure." she offers. "Even for those of us running a little late." The local school counselor even raises her own empty basket to show that she too just got here.

Cameron gives a whistle when the barking was getting a bit much. All of the playing dogs stop, turn, sit and smile up at Cameron and those gathered in the booth. A press of his hand downwards and they all lay down. "Now that we can all hear… no, you are not late, plenty of berries to go around still." He chuckles bashfully when he and Kayleigh say the same thing at the same time. "Come on. I'll show you a good spot." He gives a beckoning wave and starts to meander out the back of the booth to head towards a tight grouping of blueberry bushes. They are up a bit of a bluff (which is why people have left them alone til now) but Cameron hops and climbs up it with ease and then turns around to reach down to help the ladies up safely.

Smiling in relief to both Kayleigh and Cameron, Casey says, "Good. Thanks." She looks back to her sister as she passes her a basket and pack, and quickly takes her own before following after Cameron. She does say to Shelly, though, "Yeah, but I thought the berries might not have lasted that long." Letting Cameron help her sister and Keyleigh, she climbs up the bluff herself without /too/ much trouble

Shelly stretches an arm out to ruffle her sister's hair, the older sister is still lagging behind. Tired and groggy from just waking up. "If they were gone here, there's a bush by the old trailer. The tweakers don't realize it's there and your dad wouldn't care if we pick it clean. Least he hasn't noticed it gets picked every year. It's why I call it Tweaker Pie." Blueberry Pie is a yearly summer thing Shelly tends to do. "But mmm, the view ain't bad in this berry patch. Look at the butt on him." She waves over at some strapping looking hippie that's down some distance away while remarking to her sister out the side of her mouth that's not pinched around a Marlboro Red.

Kayleigh glances to Shelly as Casey takes off before turning to follow the other two up the way towards the clumps of bushes. One hand holds her basket up while the other slightly holds up the long skirt she wears so that she doesn't step on it as she ascends.

"Casey!" A young voice squeaks from among the blueberries, preceding a head of coppery hair popping up. Apparently, the bluff wasn't as deserted as Cameron had imagined. Zoey Callahan skips forward to greet her friend, brimming with boundless energy. She is clad in cutoff denim shorts, a Wonder Woman t-shirt, and what must be her father's fedora, as it is clearly too big for her head. She smiles broadly with purple-stained lips, offering her arms to Casey for a hug.

There is a short moment where Cameron thinks it's his dairy air that is being remarked upon. But his confusion fades quickly and he looks very sheepish and clears his throat and then quickly gets into a tutorial about how they should go about picking the berries. "Hang the basket around your neck like this…" He demonstrates with ever stage. "The arch your back just enough to get the basket under the berries right here. Cup your hand underneath the bunch and just gently give it a little jiggle and bounce with your thumb. The ones that come off into your hand. Those are the good ones, drop them into the basket and start it all over again."

Casey looks up and grins, stepping forward quickly to hug her friend. "Hi Zoey! Are the berries good? We just got here." Then, they're getting instructions, so she looks back to listen attentively to Cameron. More attentively than she ever seems to do in school, Kayleigh might notice. She steps up to the bushes, then, to try out the technique.

Kayleigh quietly goes about arranging the basket and beginning to pick berries once she reaches a few of the plants. Her amusement is high as she watches the kids meet up and talk. Seems at least one has already been sampling the berries. Speaking of, she carefully takes a couple and tastes them for herself.

When Cameron reaches for the next bunch of berries to demonstrate how to pluck them he comes away with a jolt of his hand and hiss of pained breath and an, "OW!" A blueberry bit him! It's still biting him! A doxy otherwise known as biting fairies is living up to its name. Some blood glistens on Cameron's finger as he shakes his hand trying to get the little winged blue creature off of his finger.

Shelly, who had her back to the bush, ignoring the demonstration in leu of the view of the hippie below is second to be affronted. The shout made her turn around and both of her blond braided pig tails come away from the busy with more biting fairies gnawing at the ends of them. "Fugshidammit off!" Shelly starts to use her cigarette as a weapon against the creatures on her hair and that is now coming like little bolts of blue lightning out of the bush to attack the thieving humans. Angry and very rude noises being shouted at those taking their berries!

Zoey lets out a squeal of surprise at the appearance of the doxies. But Shelly's reaction brings giggles, and she covers her mouth to try to stifle them. It can't be helped; "fugshidammit" is too funny. Well, it's all laughs until one of the little blue fairies flies at her face. With a shriek, Zoey dodges aside, but the little creature becomes tangled in her trailing hair. "Gaaaah! Nonononono!"

Also unable to keep herself from giggling, Casey unslings the basket from around her neck, in preparation for either helping her sister or perhaps running for a first aid kit. But then, there's more of them, letting out a squeaking sound of her own. But, where Zoey's instinct is to dodge, hers is a bit more aggressive, and she swings her basket like a weapon at the incoming creatures.

Kayleigh glances over from her sampling at the various curses and shrieks before quickly standing up, though nearly trapping herself in her basket at it tries to slip from her neck. She opens her mouth to call to the others being attacked when two snatch the hat from her head and promptly begin biting and chewing on it. "Hey! Give that back!" she commands even as she struggles to get the basket away from herself.

Those cartoons when someone's finger gets smashed and it quadruples in size and goes bright red and throbbing. That is exactly the reaction a Doxy's bite leaves behind, so when the little nipper is finally yanked off of Cameron's finger he holds it up and it glows ruby red as it throbs. It would be impossible for him to hold a wand like that and be able to cast spells that would actually take. So it's a spell of a different kind he employs. Three sharp whistles and his the lounging group of Elk Hounds spring into action. Wrangler, an all white beauty comes bounding up the slope with his pack close behind coming to their alpha's call. Nips and bites at the air chase and some times catch the blue little pests. The same bushy cover that hid Zoey so well earlier is used by Cameron as he goes to one knee in the growth. It could possibly be noted that there's soon after an extra dog in the pack biting and culling the pest outpouring from the bush. Poor Wrangler is no longer very white, the now spotted purple dog comes to the defense of the newer dog that's got a lot of golden brown in his coat as that dog favors one of his front paws. The others in the pack fan out to come to the aid of the littler girls first and foremost.

"Augackfuhbastassshierrrrfauhstupiss!" Shelly's immodest way of dress, a t-shirt that's had most of itself cut off so really it's just a purple cotton cover over a bra completely exposing her midriff with the help of the low hanging denim daisy dukes and biker boots she's wearing leaves a lot, a lot of skin for the easy nibbling of they Doxy's. "Yeahawthat's right!" Is finally a victorious war cry of vengeance from the blond as she lands the cherry of her cigarette right square in the face of a Doxy that was pretending it was a BB-Q and gnawing on Shelly's ribs like she was glazed in sauce.

Casey has no cigarette, just a big and unwieldy basket, so has little luck in defending yourself from the creatures. Especially when one flies low, zooming at one of her bare toes. She lets out a loud yelp and falls onto her butt on the ground. Luckily, the dogs show up and come to her defence, though her toe was now growing incredibly large.

Kayleigh yelps as the little buggers that tried to eat her hat comes back for her! Hastily, she drops to the ground, crushing her basket in the process and uses her arms to cover her head. As the little teeth seek purchase, she starts to roll. She'll squish the little buggers beneath herself or roll away to safety!

"NOT! THIS! DAY!" Zoey, it seems, has recovered from the initial attack. She has sprung into action, wielding a broken branch from a blueberry bush like a mighty sword. Her hand is swollen from the doxy she ripped out of her hair, but with both hands she can swing the branch quite readily. She lunged toward a cloud of doxies, sending several scattering, making them easier prey for the dogs. Emboldened, the little firecracker goes chasing after some of the fleeing fairies. "FREEEEEEDOOOOOM!"

That hills is quite a purpley-blue mess as berries and doxies alike meet their grizzly end. Some smash against Casey's basket like a bug on a windshield. One dies in a fit of jealousy because another doxy thinks that Kayleigh's lovely sun hat would look prettier on it and it rips the hat model's wings off. Unfortunately ruining the hat even further in the process. When the hat falls it crushes the jealous doxy in poetic justice.

"Heyyaoooteechiewahhwee!" Shelly comes over to help her little sister up. A doxy on her stomach get's squished against Casey's back. Is Shelly using Casey as a meat shield to cover herself up some? Maybe! But she is also actually trying to whisk her baby half-sister away out of danger. Her cigarette went out two doxies ago and she left her wand in the saddlebags of her bike. Blond moment! "Case, come on. They're like bees, just leave'm bee! Run." She tries to not trip and fall while dragging Casey along back down the hill.

"ARROOOOOOOO!" As the population of Doxies thins out, in great thanks to Aragorn / Wallace Incarnate with her stick, the dogs are starting to have a lot more fun with their flying treats. They even taste a bit like blueberries. Crunchy winged blueberries. Chomp chomp! By the time the other pickers (some who are not all magically inclined) have reached them. It is a mess! Thankfully it is easy enough to explain it all away as there was a hornet nest in the bush and everything is blue because of the berries. The dogs all run down to the booth and like magic out of the booth comes Cameron with a larger first aid kit in his hands, his swollen finger bandaged and hiding under the kit. "Thank you! Please, don't worry. Got it covered. Let's all just not pick any more berries up here. Everyone please head down to the lower area. If anyone got ahem…stung. Come on over here and I'll get you fixed up, best I can."

Casey grins at Zoey's charge against the doxies, but then Shelley is there and helping her to her feet. She nods quickly, running as quickly as she can, though it's more of a limping walk. And, every time she puts weight on that one toe she either lets out a yelp or says, "Ow!" She has tears in her eyes before they reach the booth with the first aid, but she stubbornly keeps walking until they reach Cameron, not giving up.

Kayleigh is slow to pick herself up from her time on the ground rolling. But, finally she does. It seems like it was her hat that might have saved her skin from being the target of affection of those little teeth, or maybe she just managed to fall on top of those trying to bite her before their teeth could chomp. Muttering a bit to herself, she tries to right her clothes despite the stains and the dirt from the tussle, She even manages to find her hat, or at least what is left of it before starting the rest of the way back down the hill.

When Zoey reaches the bottom of the bluff, she finds herself facing the imposing figure of her father, Dave Callahan. The intrepid warrior doesn't look quite so dauntless in the face of the stern ex-Marine. She offers him a feeble grin and meekly says, "We won?" Dave blink, and snorts through a stifled chuckle. Success! Zoey lives another day. Quickly recovering his composure, Dave gruffly escorts his daughter toward Cameron and his first aid kit.

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