(1997-11-07) Goodbye, Running Wolf
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Summary: The Iron Brigade gives 18-year-old Thorn a proper send-off as he is about to leave to join the Army. 10-year-old Reverie sneaks in to say goodbye.
Rating: PG
Date: November 7, 1997
Reverie Stargazer Thorn Running Wolf

The Iron Brigade Motorcycle Club didn't take its name just to sound cool. The club has always had a strong connection to the military, all of its founders having been veterans, and a great many of its members since then. So when a member choose to take a leave of absence from the club to join up and serve their country, it is cause for celebration…and when the IBMC celebrates, they do it at the Bachelor Club.

Surrounded by hardened men in leather jackets and buxom women in next to nothing at all, Butch Young lifts a glass in toast. "Thorn, you came to us a boy, but you leave us a man. You do us proud, son." And that is what passes for a heartfelt speech from the club president. The other bikers shout their approval and everyone drinks up, the first of many to come in a night filled with alcohol, naked breasts, and a few friendly fistfights. It's a rough way to party, which is why the Bachelor Club is devoted to the Brigade only during such nights. They simply couldn't afford the insurance claims from anyone else.

Rabid is amongst those celebrating and the stocky native comes right up to the young member and claps him on the shoulder though he's nowhere near as tall. "I knew you would make something of yourself boy…I wouldn't have gave it to you if not." The patch. He gives him a cuff of his fist against his shoulder. "Enjoy this night." He hands Thorn a shot of something that smells like it could strip the paint off a house. Rabid tips his back and then howls a bit, setting the empty thing down and moving on so that several rather exuberant women can attend to Thorn - compliments of the other members.

She's not supposed to be there, the little shadow that one of the girls let her in the back at a begging request. Hanging out at the backroom door, peering in with her hoodie up she has a prime spot to wait for a certain someone to head for the john - and wait she will, a rather small box held in her hands. Trying to stay out of sight she still lifts her head to see what is going on as bare breasts are being thrown about and her eyes widen. Rev is all of ten.

Thorn howls right along with Rabid — a near perfect wolf howl, as expected from one called Running Wolf. The 18-year-old patch is in unusually good spirits, finally getting ready to behind all of the shit that has piled up on him in this podunk town.

It's a good long while before Thorn is ready to heed the call of nature. The last thing he wants to do is peel himself away from nude women fawning all over him. But one can only drink so much beer before it needs somewhere to go. He sweeps one of the girls into a deep kiss, cheered on by his comrades, then shuffles off toward the restrooms.

Rev hears the cheering and pushes up against the door jam to get a better look. The warm glow of the dressing room is a contrast to the dark walls of the club and so it's easy to see that line of light and perhaps the eye that is looking out from the crack in the door. Rabi comes into view and it opens, Rev's face hidden around her dark straight hair and the hood are hard to make out when backlit but he brighter lights within.

"Thorn!" She yells a bit to be heard over the bass of the music and the ruckus being caused by the group. She waves him over and then holds the door aside.

Thorn spins drunkenly, looking around for the source of his name. He finally seems to catch the column of light from the dressing room door and notices the figure standing there. With a bit of a scowl, he stalks closer until he can make out her face. "Revie? What the hell are you doin' here, kid?" He isn't entering the room just yet, just looming in the doorway and giving her a skeptical eye.

Frowning at his response, she takes a step back. "I am ten…not a kid." She proclaims rather easily with that spunk she's known for. Totally Rabid's daughter. "Not fair you celebrating your leaving without the rest of us..so I thought." She presses her lips to a grim line and grips the box in her hands a little tighter. It's a reused gift box, used time and again for what looks like Christmas presents considering its red and green. "I wanted to give you something." The brigade is family and she's been trying to be as tough as the rest for a little over a year now. She thrusts the box up at him suddenly and shakes it for him to take.

Thorn sighs and steps into the room. No sense getting her caught and in trouble. "Life's not fair. Deal with it." Then he gives her a smirk as he takes the gift from her hand. "I find the best way to deal with it is to just ignore the bullshit rules that make it unfair. So, what've we got here?" He is careful with the box, which looks as though it's seen better days, as he opens it.

Rev watches him avidly. She's had her ear chewed off time and again for her antics and behavior but she is starting to grin - albeit nervously. She glances past him for the others and then back once more as she rocks about her feet. Inside is a woven leather bracelet and attached to it are teeth - wolf teeth she likely scored off some eBay listing or perhaps even scavenged from the woods. Rev is always doing something - Rabid may well have a charge on his credit card. It's not anything amazing craftsmanship wise but its something and she tugs her hands into her little hoodie and waits. She's lanky for age and promising that when she gets a few years older she's going to be fairly tall as well.

Thorn takes the bracelet out of the box, holding it up to the light to admire it. The teeth, in particular, catch his eyes, and a for a moment his brow pinches in concern. His eyes dart over to Rev and he gives her a lopsided grin. "You make this yourself?"

Scuffing her shoe to the floor, she grins a little. "Yeah…course.." she says. Though she never did appear to be the kind of girl to make friendship bracelets. "You know..so you don't forget. Not like your leathers and patches won't keep ya from forgetting just..yeah." Awkward girl crush is starting already and she toes the floor again, scuffing her foot after.

He nods and kneels down to get on her level. Thorn grips one of the teeth between two fingers and holds it up. "Revie, I've gotta know something. Where'd you get the wolf teeth?" For a drunk, he's suddenly quite sober, his expression serious.

Oh that detail that he points out as her going still. "I uhhh ohhh" her voice trails and she clears her throat. "Found a skull one of my scavenging runs…buried a bit deep but you know how the rain can get around here…still have the skull at home…" She tilts her head at him and the hands in her hoodie pockets squirm a bit at his rather focused study despite being drunk. Eyes finally meet his and there honey color holds there.

His gaze carries some skepticism for a moment, but finally he nods. "Alright. Good. So maybe he wanted you to find it. Do you understand why that's important? Or, do you know what I was afraid you were gonna say?"

Chewing on her lip, Rev gives a slow nod of her head. "What did you think I was going to say?" Cause she needs to know and now she's feeling all weird and strange. "Uhhh I should go…" Second guessing her request, she scuffs her foot into the ground and starts to take a step back and tumbles a bit into the rolling cart of costumes - or lack thereof, her hand pinwheeling it to grab it only to slide down and plop into the middle of the bottom supports, her hood unsettled from her head. She blushes immediately.

Thorn chuckles and offers his hand to little Rev. "You sure you ain't been drinkin'?" He moves over to a couch and settles down, patting the seat beside him. "C'mere. This is heritage shit. You should know it. So, I was worried you were gonna tell me you bought the teeth. Know why that's a bad thing?"

"No way to thank the spirit," Revie starts. Her mother is not of the people so her father, the drunk and rather preoccupied lover father Rabid sometimes lets things slide with her. Reluctant after being helped up she tugs her hoodie back down around her, hips and tucks her hands in as she slowly lowers to sit beside him. Wide honey eyes lift to look up at him but waits to be told the whole of it.

"That's part of it. An important part, yeah. You could still thank Wolf, but it's not going to mean as much." As Thorn talks, he wraps the bracelet around his left wrist. "It's also because when you buy things like wolf teeth from someone, chances are they came from a poacher. Did you know wolves are endangered? They're practically nonexistent in Oregon. So…you did good. Wolf wanted you to find that skull. Make sure you honor him."

"Thorn…how should I honor him?" Pause as Reverie watches him put it on and will help him if he needs it, using her small fingers to set the ties to right. There is a slow smile, feeling a bit more relieved she starts to fidget some and eyes the bracelet on his arm. "Probably allows me to find it for you…wish pa had more time, he's so busy with the brigade and work." And other things no one yet knows about.

Thorn holds up his wrist with the bracelet. "This is a good start. Now, what are you gonna do with the rest of the skull? Let nothing go to waste. And heed his lessons. He's appeared to you, so he's trying to teach you something."

Furrowing her brows Rev just stares at him, "What lessons? I was planning on keeping the skull in my room..is that ..wrong?" Rev is running blind here and she knows it and likely THorn knows it. Rabid has been growing increasingly focused on other things than his family and perhaps even the brigade to a measure. Even more quick to temper at times.

"If you're just going to let it sit around, why didn't you leave it in the ground?" Thorn shakes his head. "You took it, so now you're responsible for making it useful. Just like you did with the teeth. Make something. A staff. A headdress. Mount it on a bike. I dunno, kid. But make it something you feel honors the wolf it came from. That wolf left its skull behind for you. You owe it that much.

"Now, as for lessons…I can't say for sure what lesson Wolf is trying to teach you. That's between the two of you. But I can tell you what he values. Intelligence. Instinct. Freedom. To me? All of it boils down to a deep connection to your instincts. Intelligence is just the wisdom to understand your instincts and why they're important. Freedom? Every instinct in your body will tell you to seek freedom in all things. So, you ask me, Wolf is telling you to listen to your instincts more."

Something he says brings a furrow to her brows again and Rev chews on her lip as she is want to do, causing it to chap and peel. She ducks her head a bit, her foot scuffing the ground before she glances back up at him. "You sure you have to go…Pa says he's proud your one of his..but he's not be the same lately. Think you leaving is putting him down." Already Rev knows something is up, something is far different about her father but she's yet to figure it out. Instincts. Her hand lifts to rub at the back of her neck and she is about to ask more when there is a roar from the other room.

"THORN!" Its Rabid. "THORN WHERE ARE YOU!? GIRLS BE WAITING!" That has Rev shut up fast.

Thorn looks toward the door, and suddenly remembers he still hasn't peed. "Yeah, kid…I gotta go. There's more to the world than this valley. A man's got to experience things. You'll understand when you're older." He rises to his feet. "You'd better get outta here before your dad catches you and whips your butt."

That is one thing Thorn has right about her father and she is up on her feet. "Be safe." That's all she can manage before there is another call and she is quickly scampering out the back door and home.

Rabid is at the door to the men's room shouting to see if he fell in when he will turn around to see Thorn emerge from the employees only, "OHHHH A PRIVATE DANCE!" He claps the man on the back before walking off to get another round of shots.

Thorn chuckles, following after Rabid. Let the man believe what he wants. No need for him to know his daughter snuck into the club. As another glass of beer to pressed into Thorn's hands, he mutters to himself, "Shit…forgot to pee."

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