Morningstar River Waterfalls
Address: Morningstar River, Mythic Wood Valley
Coordinates: Waterfalls
Owner: Mother Nature
Type: Parks and Recreation


The sounds of nature amplify about the path of the river as it courses through the multitude of falls. Trees and lush vegetation crowd close to the edge of the flow of water, making way for moss covered rocks that flow into the riverbed itself. The shore is uneven, the stones jagged and sharp, where the water has yet to wear it smooth and provide few places for sure footing. The river cuts a white water path through the forest as it makes its way down a series of small falls which can often be heard from a distance. Stubborn rocks of various sizes struggle to withstand the river, dividing it here and there to provide various layers in the tapestry of the water as it flows down the hills. The base of the falls cascades into a modest pool, swirling about the large stones that failed to hold against the rivers might, before slipping out to the side to continue its journey down the river and past more moss covered rocks and trees.



At certain times of the year, there is a Pacific Lamprey harvest that is done by the Tribal Alliance. These eel-like fish with a circular sucker-like face of sharp teeth hide in the sharp rocks at the base of the crashing waterfall. It is a rite of passage of manhood for the local tribes for a young man to brave the crashing water, stick their hand in dark holes in the rocks and catch by hand a creature that is sure enough to latch on with their teeth and suck blood. In more modern times, the boys still have a rite, but when that is done all of the tribes-people, including women, can get in on the fun.

Around this time of year, June - July there is a swim at your own risk signs posted around the waterfall pool.


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