Sacred Caves
Address: Subteranean Mith-Ih-Kwuh Valley
Coordinates: Caves
Owner: Magical Folk of Mith-Ih-Kwuh Valley
Type: Magical Terrain

This area is unreachable by muggles.


Sacred Caves

A large cavern that appears no different than the thousands of other Oregon Coast sea caves. However, there is a palpable sensation of specialness in this network of caves. The presence of the ancient beings that hand carved many of the deeper passages and caves still felt, watching those witches, wizards, and arendi that use their hard work for their betterment in magic.

The southeast area of the cave appears to be the most naturally made area. It is also the entrance to the sacred caves from the beach. Crashing water and magical whirlpools and undertows keep those that do not belong from entering and any true intruder will find themselves safely washed up on shore quite some distance from the entrance.

A warmth wafts from the northwest from the fire pits under the Potions Class cauldrons and from the Hearth Magic kitchens to the southeast. The entrance to a northern tunnel is completely encrusted in crystals. A winding path leads far to the northeast, eventually going to the area where magizoologist classes are given. Another winding tunnel leads to herbology's Garden Grotto. Shell Hall to the south with its seashell encrusted arch is a gathering and socializing area for students and teachers alike. A lecture cavern is the common use classroom to the west.

Shell Hall


Iridescent glittering light reflects off of the mother of pearl insides of the seashells that are mosaiced in patterns high on the carved stone walls all the way up to a central dome. Besides the torches on the walls light is provided during the day through the hole in the large dome ceiling. The dome much like the rest of the hall has been lined in patterns of a variety of seashells.


Ceremonies, as well as just day to day hanging out, happen here. Chairs and tables are arranged a bit haphazardly around the circular room. Depending on occasion the room is configured accordingly. Also available is a podium that is a totem pole style raven with its wings spread upwards holding the tilted platform to hold speech papers or books.


There are several low stone platforms that are said to be the beds of the giant-kin beings that created the cave network that the school now uses. Some niches in the walls house artifacts of heroes of the natives as well as trophies and rewards as old as 1850 after the school as it is known now were first established when the local arendi welcomed the witches and wizards to teach their children in secret in their own sacred caves.

Hearth Magic Kitchen


Several small kitchens line the walls of this large cavern. Each range through the ages, the oldest one is the kitchen of the underground people. Because of the way technology reacts badly to concentrated magic the most modern of the kitchens is a Victorian kitchen with a wood burning stove and enchanted icebox. Several pantries are through archways between every sectional kitchen. The only modern-day addition to the classroom is several kitchen islands that include wash basins, large cutting and prep areas and a covered hole for garbage and another one for compost.

To either side of the entrance are carved out niches that have mirrors hanging all over them and is where the grooming spells are taught and practiced.

Creature Caves


This is a cavern that opens up to a protected bit of reservation land. The cave, pool of water and the reservation land it opens up to is rife with magical creatures and is the classroom for Magizoology. It is pretty much mostly an area that can be used in the open glade or inside the cave on poor weather days, primarily it serves as access to the preserve area of the reservation's forest above.

The trek that goes between the main Creature cave and the rest of the Sacred Caves is a long one.

Cauldron Cavern


A somewhat rectangular chamber has several pot-sized holes along the side walls for fires or hot stones. Tripod stands for hanging cauldrons over these fires are available. Ventilation holes in the ceiling wick away any smoke or fumes from the potions. Storage and pantry nooks and crannies have been carved into the walls. Many contain glass jars and vials filled with ingredients for potion making.

Crystal Caves


Tiny rainbows dance along the floor and crystal encrusted walls and ceiling as light refracts through the crystals. There is a moat of crystal clear water around a third of the room on the opposite side from the entrance. Hovering disks of stone with crystals sprouting out of the bottom spire downwards into the water drift about the subtle currents of the spring. These floating platform can fit one person sitting down with legs crossed. There are numerous smaller caves off of the larger one but they are more niches than a separate chamber. Candles, charms, medicine bags, books (namely: Charms Class Textbooks), scrolls and other knick-knacks fill niches and dangle from long crystals.

In the moat area, there is a secluded large chamber in the crystalline wall and the crystals have been magically elongated to act like prison bars to keep the Water Babies separated from the students. So that no one falls prey to their pitiful cries.

Garden Grotto


A large cave dripping with vines and flora opens out to an open-air pit of earth that's completely enclosed by high sheer cliffs. Dense trees and brush at the top of the cliffs keep people from wandering and or falling into the pit from the unplottable Reservation land above. Vine curtains cover other tunnels that lead to different sections of the gardens and more contained/controlled environments for Herbology class in smaller caverns off of the garden. The garden itself on the pit floor is perhaps quite surprisingly well manicured. Rows of bushes and flowers are spaced with a couple of yards of dense soft lawn grass.

Lecture Cavern


An old one-room schoolhouse has been put inside of a cave. Old-fashioned desk in perfect condition are lined up in two columns, eight rows to accommodate the long but somewhat narrow cave. At the far end of the cave at the front of the desks is a standing chalkboard and beside it a wooden podium for the teacher to use as a lectern. The wooden flip-top desks have wrought iron decorative legs and a built-in bench seat that is remarkably comfortable thanks to cushioning enchantments. A spot for an inkwell is available and several desks are equipped with quill in their inkwell too.

This cavern also acts as a library for magical books. Shelving has been carved into the tallest and longest of the walls and a few wooden bookshelves fill up the others.


In ancient times there was an underground city called, Baltiasa, in this city, lived some mean huge 'Underground People'. They were experts in levitation magic and they would bully and even torture the people that lived above every chance they could get. Finally, the people became so fed up with the Underground People that they devised a plan to trick them onto a pair of rafts and send them floating out to sea. Never to be seen again. Because the magical people lived there for so long the caves were thick with magical energy.

ACCEL Employees

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Logs that take place at Sacred Caves


   +----------+         +---------+          +----------+
   | Cauldron |         | Crystal |          | Creature |
   |  Cavern  |         |  Caves  |          |   Caves  |
   +----------+_______  +---------+   _______+----------+
            \________ \     | |      / ________/
                     \ \    | |     / /
 +----------------+   +--------------+   +---------------+
 | Lecture Cavern |===| Sacred Caves |===| Garden Grotto |
 +----------------+   +--------------+   +---------------+
              _______/ /    | |     \ \________
             / _______/     | |      \_______  \
       +-------+         +-------+          +--------+
       | Beach |         | Shell |          | Hearth |
       +-------+         | Hall  |          | Magic  |
                         +-------+          +--------+


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