Eastern Hills - Rocklin Lumber Camp
Address: The East Hills
Coordinates: H,1 - 2
Owner: Rocklin Lumber Company
Type: Commercial - Lumber Camp


Up in the East Hills is a massive area of the wood that is being harvested for its trees to truck down to the Rocklin Lumber Mill do they can be hewn into lumber. As per Oregon laws, there is no completely cleared area, For every tree that is cut a sapling is put down in its place. An aerial view of the are looks a bit like a quilt with square-ish sections of wood at different stages of growth. Of course, the area being harvested is the least green area, with dirt roads wide enough for the big machines to get up to the trees marked for harvest.

Occupants and Employees

Jon Booth Jon Booth
Logger: Jon has worked for Rocklin Lumber since he was 16 years old. That is about 51 years of logging experience under his belt. He works the Delimber and is the kind of logger that likes to sass the younger guys with 'back in my day' stories about how they didn't have fancy big machines to do most of the work for them.


Logs that take place at Rocklin Lumber Camp


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