Forestry Ranger Station
Address: The Eastern Hills
Coordinates: H,1 - 1
Owner: Oregon Forestry Department
Type: Government - Forestry Department




Resting in a clearing at the beginning of a portion of the woods that takes up most of the east side of the town, the small cabin is welcoming in all respects. The slight scoop in the front of the roof gives it a homey appearance and the large logs are sealed between with two white windows facing out over the walk and the lawn. A small porch standard with its own chairs gives a great view of the woods. An addition has been set to the right of the entrance where small classes can be held for the local class trips. Opposite the addition is a stone chimney that still remains functional. A wraparound porch affords a view of a ravine at the back of the cabin.


The main part of the cabin is really all one room with a living area including couches and wood burning fireplace. There is a clawfoot tub that is divided off of the main area by a curtain. A small kitchenette affords some civilized means of eating complete with a table and a set of four chairs. The vast majority of the right side of the room holds maps, a computer, and some printers, obviously the collective office of the rangers. A wide set of windows rings the back of the building allowing access to the porch and view of the ravine.


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Logs that take place at Forestry Ranger Station


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