309 Grape St. - Hospital Housing
Address: 309 Grape Street
Coordinates: G,3 - 9
Owner: Mythic Wood Hospital
Type: Hospital Housing
Cost of Services
Resources X (Destitute)



Describe the exit that goes into the location. Notes: MWH's Patient Family Housing Program works to ensure affordable housing is available for patients, families, and caregivers while receiving medical care at the hospital. It was built when the hospital was remodeled. It also is a crash space for employees that need to stay close to the hospital for a case but would like more privacy than one of the crash rooms at the hospital.


Describe the main room of the location.

Occupants and Employees

Soenso Smith Soenso Smith
Relationship Explaination.


Logs that take place at 309 Grape St. - Hospital Housing


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