307 Grape St. - 1 Bed, 1 Bath Residence
Address: 307 Grape Street
Coordinates: G,3 - 7
Owner: For Sale
Type: 1 Bed, 1 Bath Residential
Property Value
Resources ●● (Comfortable)



307 Grape is a small, quaint house painted periwinkle blue. It is surrounded on one side by a fenceless lawn, a driveway, and carport on the other. A number of potted plants, both hanging and grounded, decorate the front of the house.


An ideal starter home for a single person or couple. Smooth stucco walls are painted a rather soothing taupe. White stucco ceiling and wooden molding at the base of the walls add a brightness to the oak hardwood in all of the communal living areas.

A little-used backdoor in the living room hides behind a large chocolate brown suede couch with a recliner next to it. Across from the seating is an impressively large flat panel TV on a wooden entertainment center. The dining room area is simple, with a small table that can comfortably seat four, and an antique desk with a fold-down writing surface. The kitchen was recently remodeled and is equipped with stainless steel appliances, gray granite counters, and oak cabinetry


Being the only bedroom in the house it is quite spacious. It fits a queen sized bed with plenty of room for an armoire that doubles as a stand for a flat-panel TV. In the corner beside the armoire is an office space, containing a small desk with a laptop computer, often serving as a paperweight for various medical case files. The single window in the room has black curtains that do a fine job of cutting off nearly all external light when closed. The entrance to the room is set into an alcove that also contains doors to the walk-in closet and the master bathroom.


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