306 Grape St. - Valley Hospital
Address: 306 Grape Street
Coordinates: G,3 - 6
Owner: Town of Mythic Wood
Type: Public Service - Health
Cost of Services
Resources ●● (Comfortable)



Seemingly embedded in the hill, this modern styled hospital doesn't look as big from the street as it actually is. The front parking lot and entrance are on the lowest level of the hill, with the front entrance itself a huge three-story array of pane glass windows. Two layers, one near the street level and one much higher up, of overhang stick out from the glass, protecting people just outside the entrance from both rain and bright sunlight.

A walkway connecting both this front entrance and the street also goes up an artificial cliff to the upper level, with another entrance for outpatients and a rear parking lot. Both parking lots connect on a path behind the hospital, where the emergency entrance sits with a small helipad.


The front lobby of the hospital has a wide, open design, highlighting the open bay windows letting light in from outside. The lobby itself is mostly filled up with seating areas, each of which has a number of comfortable looking chairs for those waiting for appointments or for rides home. It also serves as an area for patients who are able to leave their rooms to sit with family members.

Immediately across the lobby from the entrance is the hallway leading further into the hospital. To the right of the entrance is a large office with open windows, where people can register as inpatients. Immediately to the right of the hallway on the other side of the lobby is the information desk, where a volunteer wearing a blue jacket can be found for most of the day to give directions and offer other assistance. Further down the hall past the information desk is a combination of a gift shop and coffee stall. It offers all of the standard hospital gifts — like those shiny plastic balloons, teddy bears, and magazines — as well as varieties of both hot and iced coffee and tea, and varieties of sandwiches and other healthy snacks.

Emergency Room (ER)

Immediately inside the emergency room is a small waiting area, with a little office where a triage nurse assesses every patient that comes in, and registers their arrival and gives them each a hospital band around the wrist to wait until they're called. This area is simple, with comfortable chairs and a TV to watch, and even some toys in the corner.

Once past the doors beside the triage nurse station, the emergency room is one large room with many stalls for beds, and a nursing station in the middle. Each stall has curtains that can go around it, with a bed ready to be rolled away, and vitals monitors and plugs for oxygen masks in the walls. In the corners of the room are small closed rooms, used for emergency patients who have a fever, to keep any possible infections from spreading.

Patient Floor

This is a pair of long hallways with beige walls and a tile floor, separated by a central line of offices, bathrooms, and at the center of the ward a nursing station. The station itself is quite large, big enough for a number of computer desks and a few other desks set aside for paperwork alone. Visible only inside the office is a large whiteboard, listing out the patients in each room and the nurses that are assigned to each of them. Along the outer walls of the floor are the patient rooms themselves, some of which hold multiple people and others holding single occupants.

Patient Room

This room has been designed to give occupants a sense of the comfort of home. Or, at least, a hotel room. The floor is made up of hardwood tiles, matching perfectly with the large set of wooden cabinets arcing over the head of the bed. A comfortable looking couch with wooden arms sits under the large window, giving lots of space for guests to sit. Across from the bed, high on the wall is a large screen TV. Thanks to Eos, patients have full access to cable TV and Wi-Fi in the rooms without having to pay extra.

Eos Medical Research and Application Center (EMRAC)

The entire north wing of the third floor is dedicated to the Eos Medical Research and Application Center or EMRAC. The Center begins with a small, but elegant waiting area staffed by a receptionist. Two pairs of doors lead further in, one marked "Lab", the other "Director". Everything beyond the reception area is highly secure, requiring passcodes and keycards which are, themselves, biometrically activated. Only EMRAC staff and high-level Eos officers may enter; not even the Chief of Medicine has access without authorization. The laboratory is highly sophisticated, full of advanced computer systems and scientific equipment. Several smaller test rooms offshoot from the central lab. The eastern wall is dominated by self-tinting glass, behind which is the Director's office, also accessible from the reception area. At the far end of the lab is a private cargo elevator that leads to the rear parking lot.

Director's Office

Exam Room 1


Dr. Bob Randall Dr. Bob Randall
Chief of Medicine
Dr. Eric Mason Dr. Eric Mason
Director of EMRAC
Formerly a practitioner for the hospital, Dr. Mason is now the head of the Eos research center on the third floor. He still sometimes helps out in the hospital when needed, but EMRAC consumes most of his time.
Annushka "Anna" Zima Annushka "Anna" Zima
Chief Nurse of EMRAC
Anna's bedside manner leaves something to be desired, but she is incredibly knowledgeable and runs a tight ship at EMRAC. In truth, she is not a "real" nurse at all, but a magical healer. As a witch, she is able to help Dr. Mason manage the magical aspects of what they do at EMRAC.


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