301 Grouseberry St. - The Rocklin Estate
Address: 301 Grouseberry Street
Coordinates: G,3 - 1
Owner: The Rocklin Family
Type: Residential



The 62-room 44,000 square feet (4,100 m2) (26,402 square feet (2,452.8 m2) of living space) Second Empire Architecture Mansion is one of the older buildings in the cove town.


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The Rocklin Estate was built when Mythic Wood gained its official town status. The Rocklin Family was drawn to Oregon because they wanted the pioneer feel without all the pioneering; They desired something akin to what is today known as glamping (glamor camping). The Rocklins got in early and bought up a lot of the land that the government offered.

When the Rocklins arrived at Mythic Wood, deeds in hand, they were quite put out to discover that much of the land that they paid for had already been claimed by several other settlers. Well, that simply would not do! The family took these "squatters" to court to enforce their legally binding deeds. The evictions were rather unforgiving and did not make the Rocklins a lot of friends in town. Over a century later, the sting has faded…mostly.

While the Rocklins are now just "that rich family" in town, to the Walker Family they are the enemy. The Walkers were the biggest landholders before the Rocklins arrived. For a hundred years, the two families have sniped at one another. Usually, this is little more than unkind words and social snubs, but at times things have turned into legal battles, and even the occasional act of violence. The Rocklin-Walker feud is legendary in Mythic Wood — the valley's own (thankfully far less bloody) Hatfields & McCoys.



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