109 Grape St. - #1 - Reed Cob Home
Address: 109 Grape St. #1
Coordinates: G,1 - 9 - 1
Owner: Grace Reed
Type: Residential
Property Value
Resources • (Poor)



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Grace's Room

Parker's Room

In the summer of 2016, when it was time to re-do and maintain the house, Grace allowed Parker to make his own room. It shows in the amateur design as opposed to the rest of the home. Claiming the back side of the attic area it looks like it belongs to a teenage boy at a moments glance. Recycled 3-paned windows are set into the exterior cob. One is horizontal and another is at a diagonal. Some green, yellow, and clear bottles are also set in random and lazy looking placement in the walls. Set into a nook right against this windowed wall is a platform with a full-sized bed. Layers and layers of different blankets and unzipped sleeping bags cover the bed in a messy way. Some water bottles are within reach of the bed as is a ledge for placing bits and bobs and trophies. There is not exactly a lot of walking space for a tall boy when the ceiling is only high enough for him down the middle of the room where the roof is gabled high enough. The sanded but untreated plank wooden floor shows this fact that down its center is a more worn area from years of shoes scuffing along it.


Grace Reed Grace Reed
Parker Reed Parker Reed


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