Eastern Hills
Address: East of Town
Coordinates: Eastern Hills
Owner: Various
Type: Parks and Recreation


The Eastern Hills is a large tract of land between the town and the mountains. A few ranches and farms dot the landscape closer to town before they fade into denser trees and brush, with many hunting trails and camps spread throughout the woods.

Many, especially non-wizard folk, do not venture very deep into the hills and mountains to the East of Town that is not doing regulated logging. This has a lot to do with two things; charms and wards preserving the natural beauty laid out and maintained by the Shamans of the area. The other thing is fear of the crazy and dangerous hill folk.

Locations in the Eastern Hills


If you have property up in the hills please add the co-ordinates of the residence into the box below and click on the 'Create Location Page' button. Example h-1-1. or h-1-# where # is the # found in the exit alias. On the new page, change the title to be the name of the location, fill out the information in the edit box, save and enjoy!

Environs Lay-Out

 +-------------+  +--------+       +-------+
 | SOTA        |  | Raven  |       | Folk**|
 | Reservation |  | Lake** |       | Hills |
 +-------------+  +--------+       +-------+

 +--------+       +---------+     +--------+
 | Grape  |       | Eastern |     | Hiking |
 | Street |       | Hills   |     | Trails |
 +--------+       +---------+     +--------+

 +---------+      +--------+      +---------+
 | Ranger  |      | Lumber |      | Quodpot |
 | Station |      | Camp   |      | Field   |
 +---------+      +--------+      +---------+

** = Working Title


Logs that take place at Eastern Hills


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