301 Evergreen St. - River Valley Ranch
Address: 301 Evergreen Street
Coordinates: E,3 - 1
Owner: Owner
Type: Ranch/Farm - Residence
Property Value
Resources ●●● (Prosperous)



There's not much to mark River Valley Ranch nowadays. Beyond a small treeline of tall, towering woodland, an aged and weathered sign is set to one side of a single track dirt road, woefully lacking in vowels thanks to harsh weather and a lack of tending and the wild grass either side is long overgrown. The road itself, though, seems passable enough and the flat meadow flanking it is oddly peaceful. It's a straight shot, pretty much, into town from here or one can follow the winding trail onward to the buildings in the distance.

Driveway and Garage


The main yard of River Valley is dominated largely by a number of outbuildings, looming over the clear, graveled space. A single-storey shed serves as a well-populated garage, a graveyard of dusty pick-ups, broken down sedans, a couple of quad bikes and even a tractor that looks to be long into antiquity. Further on, a small, sturdily-fenced little paddock leads onward to the barn.

Opposite these, along a short pathwalk, a number of quaint little cabins can just be seen where they reside down by the river, beyond a shady copse. Most domineering of all, though, is the ranch house itself; encircled by a covered porch. While clearly an older building, it appears to have survived the worst of the cataclysm with little to no damage. There's something to be said for good ol'-fashioned craftsmanship.



This spacious outbuilding plays host to several things at once. Immediately inside the tall sliding doors, a small area has been cleared off to one side, down to soft, dry earth. A heavy, sand-filled punchbag is slung over a rafter and an array of weights and other such things are set neatly against a wall. Odd place to have a gym. Opposite, there's a neatly stacked selection of baled hay and straw, with pitchforks and a wheelbarrow leaning, waiting for use. Above, there's a modest hayloft, too.

The rear of the high-ceilinged barn is occupied with a few simple stables; little more than loose-boxes with water buckets and corner mangers, bedded down comfortably with shavings.



Desc of the area of trails that buffers between the ranch proper and the town.



Desc of the stretch of range that acts as buffer between the town to the west and the ranch. Used for the grazing of the horses.

River Dock


Desc of the dock for fishing off of and to tie up small river scale fishing boats.

River Marsh


Desc this section of land on the southeast part of the property that's more often than not flooded causing a marsh.



Overlooking the waterlogged marsh, the first of these half-dozen timber cabins are joined by a handrail wooden walkway, though then a couple of steps bring one down on to pleasantly short-cut grass, serving as a communal picnic area for the remainder. Each one of these quaint little dwellings is identical to the next. One door, one room, one springy cot bed, one teeny little stove to keep the worst of nighttime chill at bay. Blankets, pillows, even a small kettle and a modest cooking pot - everything is provided for, assuming one doesn't consider luxury and an overabundance of space a necessity.


Describe the main room of the location.

Ranch House


The River Valley Ranch House really is the quintessential epitome of such a residence. The main living space is decidedly open plan and crammed with timber and trinkets and comforts, led inward from the old screen door and rather redundant 'foyer' that adjoins a further hallway. High-ceilinged and adorned with little embellishments in the architecture, it's like taking a step back in time, honestly. Largely dominated by the initial communal area, there's a wide choice of places to find a little R & R as one passes through a doorless archway; plush couches of soft, aged leather are scattered with old-fashioned throws and embroidered cushions, a massive stone hearth occupies one outer wall, an impressive cast-iron stove serving as its centerpiece with a neatly-stacked basket of kindling set beside. There's an old antique of a card table, surrounded by chairs, generous bookshelves set into alcoves and inviting, enormous armchairs scattered about the well-worn rugs underfoot.

Deeper within, there's the kitchen and dining area. The former is spacious, well-equipped to deal with large numbers of hungry, weary folk, yet oddly homely in feel, down to the matching wooden utensils and old clay pottery occupying the surfaces. A breakfast bar, which has a number of tall stools set along its length and usually either a bowl of fruit or some seasonal flowers decorating it, divides one area from the other. The dining table is obviously quite ancient, the surface pocked and scarred throughout decades of use, but the large number of chairs encircling it are comfortable and it's a popular place for scouts to gather; whether for meals or more formal meetings.

A few doors lead off to other places inside the ranch.. that simple one there probably goes to a pantry of some sort, while another guides one into the hallway again, closer to the bedrooms this time, and to the only other entrance to the house; the door out to the back porch.


Desc of the basement/cellar/shelter under the house.

Back Porch


Desc of the porch that connects the house with the River Dock to the south.


Desc of the hallway that extends from the communal area going west to the bedrooms.

Guest Room

Desc of the guest room. Can also be an office/study. Please change the title above to represent what sort of room this is desired to be.

Small Bedroom

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Large Bedroom

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Master Bedroom

Desc of the master bedroom.

Layout of Ranch Grid

Trails Hay Barn Garage & Driveway
Range Ranch House Cabins
Range River Dock River Marsh
Guest Room Living Room Entry
Small Bedroom Hallway Kitchen/Dining Pantry/Root/Shelter
Large Bedroom Master Bed Back Porch



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