401 Daisy St. - #1D - Weatherall Art Studio
Address: 401 Daisy St. #1d
Coordinates: D,4 - 1 - 1d
Owner: Pamela Weatherall
Type: Studio, 1 Bath Residential
Property Value
Resources ● (Poor)



A white painted door with a black vinyl sticker of "1D" is above the peephole in the center of the door just below eye level.


A studio apartment that is being used as an art space and workshop. The Daisy Apartments are one of the lower end apartment buildings in Mythic Wood and the residence reflects that to every nook and corner. Oak wood floors are covered or draped in places with linen and plastic tarps to protect them from artistic splatters. However the security deposit is long gone as the walls, originally painted a warm shade of beige with white baseboard and edging along the floor and doors and arches are all painted. Be it accidents from spills or splatters from a canvas on their easel or the resident using the walls to express themselves when the canvas was not available. The stringent scent of paint and paint thinner is strong and ever lingering. Each of the four corners of the studio is messily designated for certain requirements. The corner the exit is in is filled with several easels and one pottery wheel. The walls covered in shelves that are filled with painting supplies and hunks of clay. Close by is the kitchenette and dinette area which is merely a kitchen counter with enough space for a small sink and space for a prep area, a microwave, and a hot plate. A miniature kiln for melting down metals to mold into artistic pieces for jewelry takes up the place meant for the microwave. Instead the microwave is on top of the fridge. The only sort of sectioning off in the studio happens in the bathroom corner of the studio. The last corner which is usually quartered off for the bed area has a futon couch in it and piles and stacks of canvases mostly all facing away from public eye. The art on them protected and hidden.


Pamela Weatherall Pamela Weatherall
Resident Artist
Pamela has had an apartment here since she was 18. Her parents originally paid for it so that she could have her workspace and not mess up the Mayor's Mansion. There have been some noise complaints as Pam likes to listen to music when she works, which sometimes is at all hours of the night. But her being the Mayor's daughter has kept her from getting evicted.


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