401 Daisy St. - Dogwood Apartments
Address: 401 Daisy Street
Coordinates: D,4 - 1
Owner: Rocklin Property Management
Type: Mass Residential
Cost of Services
Resources ● (Poor)



Describe Exterior of the building

Along the street, lamps that are hung with baskets of flowers and seasonal banners that all have Mythic Wood and Daisy Street on them illuminating the area quite well after dusk.


The apartment building shares some space with a shop on the Fourth Street Side of the corner. On the Daisy side of the building, there is an unassuming door that leads into a hallway. Next to the entrance is a wall mounted mailbox four rows of four brass doors each engraved with a number. Small white insertable tabs below each number give space for the name of the inhabitant. Four apartments, two on either side of the hall are marked 1a, 1b, 1c, and 1d. At the far end of the hallway is a stairwell that leads up to the second floor. Similarly, there are four apartments (2a - 2d) to this level as well and another flight leading up to the top, third floor. Because the third floor is above the shop space there is more room for apartments (3a - 3h). Eight doors line a T-shaped corridor. The public places of the building are on the narrow side. Eggshell white walls and scuffed oak hardwood floors have seen better days.



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