307 Daisy St. - Office Building
Address: 307 Daisy Street
Coordinates: D,3 - 7
Owner: Owner
Type: Mass Commercial - Services
Property Value
●● Comfortable ($$)
Cost of Services
●● Comfortable ($$)



Sitting inside a small parking lot is a grey brick and stone building. Grey and white brick sit at the bottom of the building, and large grey river stone is above it. High angled grey slate roof mixes with wooden lattice-work at the front entrance. Double glass doors sit at the front of the building which allows access to the to all the offices therein. Smaller doors sit on either side of the building as well for emergency exits. The windows are unique double pane sitting underneath a long rectangular one.


A small lobby with a grey tiled floor spreading out and down a long hallway. White walls hold scenic pictures of the area, as well as a letterboard showing the name of the offices inside as well as their location. Down the hall are wooden doors sitting next to tall windows looking into the various offices. Some of the windows have closed blinds on the other side of them, blocking the view inside. On each door is a plaque with the name of the business inside.



If you have an office in this building please add the co-ordinates of the office into the box below and click on the 'Create Location Page' button. Example d-3-7-1. or d-3-7-# where # is the office # found in the exit alias. When on the new page, change the title to be the name of the office, fill out the information in the edit box, save and enjoy!


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