301 Daisy St. - City Hall
Address: 301 Daisy Street
Coordinates: D,3 - 1
Owner: City of Mythic Wood
Type: Government - Civic Center & DMV
Cost of Services
Resources X (Destitute)



This white and ruddy brownstone building is older than most in the city. This is attested to by the date above the door which reads "1919" and "City Hall" underneath it. Only a single floor, the top, and bottom of the building are bordered by the off-white stone with a sturdy molding to it. The middle of the building is red stone brick, dotted in even spaces with tall and narrow windows with white wooden frames. The door inside has been inset into the building, with several stairs leading up and inside. A single dome light provides lumination to this inset at night or during dark days. On the far side of the sidewalk are many diagonal parking spots. Some spots have reservation signs for city councilmen and the mayor. A flagpole is set on top of the building with the American Flag flapping in the breeze over the State of Oregon flag.


The lobby is a small and open room, the old cast iron lights hanging down from the ceiling fill the area with a warm, natural light. Well-worn wooden floors creak underfoot, and the wooden walls have a nice sheen from many years of polish and cleaning. An old, wooden desk fills one corner of the room, a sign reading "Information" and "Sign-in Here" attached to the front. A green shade lamp sits on the desk next to an old computer and older stack of books. There are several high-top desks across from the information area, and stacks of paperwork along with pens are contained in racks at the back. The racks are labeled with the paperwork it contains. A set of glass and wood doors lead to offices and council chamber. There are several benches against the walls closest to the D.M.V. offices. Even in such a tiny town, there's always a wait.


George Weatherall George Weatherall
Mayor of Mythic Wood
In 1998 he won a seat on the Mythic Wood town council, and two years later he ran for mayor and was elected in a landslide. He has served as mayor ever since.


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