Lot 4 - Whitefeather's Home
Address: Lot 4 - SOTA Reservation
Coordinates: D-1-8-4
Owner: Elias Whitefeather
Type: Residence
Property Value
Resources ● (Poor)
Cost of Services
Resources ● (Poor)



The cabin is newer construction with how pristine the fresh hewn wood looks and far more modern in appearance. It is on the smaller side with its base set in old field stone masonry. The front door has its own gabled portion of the roof with two large columns to support it. The side porch that looks down over the ravine and to the northwest has the loose limbed decorative railing and columns are structured to hold it up over the pitched earth. The roof itself is of a treated flat sheeted cedar.

The landscape outside is more natural but there is a purpose in the rocky outcropping plants that denote small gardens. They are naturally occurring plants for remedies such as mugwort and yarrow. The plants are well tending a few clippings taken here and there but nothing to harm the plant and yet encourage new flush growth during the growing seasons. In the winter months they are carefully mulched around to preserve the roots systems.

A path of limestone is carefully set and tamped into place leading from the main walks up to the front door.


The front door leads into a small foyer that is opposite the bathroom which closes with a sliding barn door. All in warm woods with a lacquered birch floor the place exudes warmth welcome. The ceiling arches up allowing for more light to enter. To the left is the bedroom with its couch facing opposite the bed set with deerskin comforter. A desk is right next to the door, some ancient hand me down chair. Two animal rugs rest on the floor to give the home some warmth and no matter how one might look there is no television, instead a small wood burning stove to one corner for warmth in the cooler times.

The bathroom has a large claw foot tub and a small sink, made to fit into a small place with a medicine cabinet. There is a higher window that allows for some light.

To the right is the kitchen which hugs the opposite wall from the front door. It’s a small set up but functional with its metal farmhouse sink and compact appliances. There is a small central table with for chairs and still, all that wood allows for the cold winter months to be driven away. Attached to the kitchn to the far right wall from the front door is the porch with its large sliding glass doors to allow for an open-air eating or an evening outside with the charcoal brazier to keep warm in the winter months. It’s a perfect perch.


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