Walker Creek
Address: Mythic Wood Valley
Coordinates: Creek
Owner: Mother Nature
Type: Grid - Terrain


A slow, meandering, creek emerges from a small lake in the tree line to the east. Walker Creek makes its lazy way trough a series of wavy turns as it makes its way towards Morningstar River. In some places, it gets almost skinny enough to jump across where it gets deeper while other places could provide a nice place to swim although a little shallow. A small walking path follows the general course of the creek on the south side, pressing through the grasses and occasional young tree. The north side leads to land that has been tamed for farming. Through some tree cover on the north side is the occasional house.

The water itself is fairly smooth, despite being shallow, with sporadic indentations from large rocks. In one place, it appears people have even set a few in a row to allow people to cross without getting wet. Most of the creek seems a little sunken from the landscape about it, the foliage growing up on either side often providing a bit of cover from the rest of the world. The foliage intensifies as the creek reaches the overpass of the highway, the structure rising like ancient architecture from out of nature. Further down to the west, the creek widens just before joining itself to the larger Morningstar River.


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