403 Cedar St. - Health Food Grocery and Loft
Address: 403 Cedar Street
Coordinates: C,4 - 3
Owner: Owner
Type: Commercial & Residential
Property Value
Resources ●● (Comfortable)
Cost of Services
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This two-storied building has large plate glass windows on the bottom floor, with double paned windows on the upper. The walls are an off-white stucco that mixes with gray brick below and gray decorative sconces above. Between the two floors is a sign of green and yellow with Health Food written on it. Above the windows and doors of the lower floor is a dark gray awning protecting the things below. Signs in the windows showcase the various products available inside the store.

Store Interior

Tiled floors of green and white sit under low ceilings dotted with fluorescent lighting. Tall shelves hold food and drink of all kinds, but all of them appearing to be all-natural and GMO-free. Along the walls are refrigerated sections filled with meat, fish, fruits, and vegetables. All of these are raised naturally and free roaming. An old-fashioned cash register sits near the front door, always staffed when the store is open. Large windows allow bright light into the main of the store, complimenting the lights above.

Studio Loft

An empty residence. Bare tan carpeted floors and off-white walls with large double-paned windows have been renewed and cleaned as much as possible. The stringent scent of cleaning products and fresh paint is strong and ever lingering. This home is comprised of numerous rooms and a sprawling space. An entry area inside the front door has space for racks and storage for outside wear and poor weather accessories or just a place to put some surface for keys and mail. Like in every home there is a living room area with enough space for a sitting area and a center for a TV and other entertainment devices.

Occupants and Employees

Soenso Smith Soenso Smith
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